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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 385 - Call the Police

Chapter 385: Call the Police

A thought came to Lu Huaiyu’s mind, and his thin lips twitched slightly.

“There’s no need for others to be concerned.”

Ye family home.

As soon as Ning Li had entered the house, Aunt Zhao heard the sound and walked out.

When she saw Ning Li, her brows quickly furrowed.

“Miss Ning Li, are you… back on your own?”

Su Yuan had already called yesterday and said that she would temporarily be staying in the Capital and would not be coming back.

She had also been looking at her phone in the past two days and had also learned about the matter of Ye Ci’s cheating and the leaked questions in the physics competition. Of course, she understood why they were like this.

However, she had not expected Ning Li to come back on her own.

Ning Li hummed lightly and did not look at her as she walked upstairs.

Aunt Zhao stared at her back as she went upstairs and pursed her lips.

The Ye family was facing such a big crisis, yet Ning Li did not seem to have any reaction to it at all.

Although she was not a member of the Ye family, she had been living and eating in the Ye family for the past few months. Even if she was a dog, surely she would know how to be grateful. On the other hand, Ning Li had always been extremely indifferent from beginning to end. She was truly an ingrate!

Aunt Zhao could not be bothered to deal with Ning Li and turned around to leave.

Ning Li came to the door of her room. Her gaze was fixed on the lock for a moment, and her eyes narrowed slightly.

Then, she opened the door.

The whole bedroom looked as if it had been ransacked and was in a complete mess.

The blankets and pillows on the bed were in a messy pile. The wardrobe door was left open as clothes and hangers were scattered on the floor.

She went in and walked around. Finally, she opened a box that had been placed in the innermost drawer.

The packaging was intact, but it was empty.

She calmly took out her phone and took a photo.

Then, she exited the room and turned around to go downstairs.

Aunt Zhao was sitting on the sofa playing with her phone.

These past few days, Ye Ming and the rest of the family had not been at home, so she felt much more laidback.

“You broke into my room.”

A cold and calm voice came from behind, which gave Aunt Zhao a fright.

She patted her chest and frowned as she looked back at Ning Li.

“What trespassing? I just went in to look for something.”

This was an admission.

Ning Li said, “Go upstairs immediately and restore everything to its original state.”

Aunt Zhao said indifferently, “It’s only a few things. You can clean it up yourself.”

Ning Li asked in a light voice, “Are you not willing?”

It was as if her tone had made Aunt Zhao angry. She put away her phone, sneered, and spoke in a sarcastic tone.

“Miss Ning Li, you seem to have forgotten that this is the Ye family home. I’m here to serve the Ye family, not you.”

That room belonged to the Ye family in the first place. As an outsider, she was merely borrowing it to stay here. What right did she have to ask her to do this and that?

Besides, it had been Miss Ye Ci’s idea to ransack Ning Li’s room.

That was the true daughter of the Ye family.

She knew very well who she should listen to.

Ning Li nodded.

“You’re right.”

Aunt Zhao snorted silently and lowered her head to play with her phone again.

In her heart, she had never taken Ning Li seriously.

Now that the Ye family was facing a crisis, she was even less bothered to say anything to Ning Li.

“This is the Ye family home. I’m staying here. Of course, I have to find out what happened and what was lost.”

Aunt Zhao was stunned by Ning Li’s words.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing much. It’s just that I lost something. I’m afraid I’ll have to call the police to look for it.”

As Ning Li spoke, she took out her phone and started dialing.

Aunt Zhao immediately stood up and her tone became more shrill.

“What nonsense are you talking about! ? What lost thing?”

Ning Li said, “The diamond-encrusted bracelet that was placed in the desk drawer in the room is missing. Speaking of which, that bracelet was given by Uncle Ye after he won the Qinghe Bridge project. It cost more than 30,000 yuan. No matter what, it’s considered a valuable item. Now that it’s missing, of course, we’ll have to call the police.”

Aunt Zhao’s heart skipped a beat.

“So you suspect that I took it?!”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows.

“Didn’t you admit to entering my room just now? If it wasn’t you, then there must have been a burglar in the house. So it’s even more reason for us to call the police.”

“Don’t slander me!”

Aunt Zhao’s face tensed up and her voice was sharp.

“I’ve been with the Ye family for so many years, but I’ve never done anything like this! You said you lost it, so you lost it. Who knows if it’s even true or not!”

Ning Li smiled.

“Whether it’s true or not, the police will find out when they come to investigate.”

Aunt Zhao had indeed worked in the Ye family for many years.

If she had not done well, she would not have stayed until now.

The Ye family had treated her well. Logically speaking, there was no reason for her to steal a bracelet that cost more than 30,000 yuan.

However, this did not mean that other people would not steal it.

In her previous life, after Ning Li had been framed for cheating, someone had come to her room to search for evidence.

After that, a necklace that she had kept in the drawer had mysteriously disappeared.

It had been given to her by Ye Ci as a gesture of goodwill after she had been brought to the Ye family.

However, at that time, she had been shrouded in the shadow of cheating and did not have the time and energy to think about a necklace.

Later, she had mentioned it to Su Yuan once, but Su Yuan had not taken it to heart and only thought that she had lost it.

It was not until a long time later that she had seen the necklace on Aunt Zhao’s daughter’s neck.

Aunt Zhao had a ten-year-old daughter, who she would occasionally bring over.

After all, the Ye family was one of the top wealthy families in Yunzhou, and the family had excellent food and clothing.

The little girl was already at an age where she began to love beautiful things. She had taken advantage of the chaos and run to her room. When she had seen the necklace, she could not help but secretly take it away.

Aunt Zhao might not have known about this at first, but she had definitely known about it later on.

However, they had never returned the necklace.

After all, the one who had lost the necklace was Ning Li, a nobody in the Ye family.

Moreover, she was already in a very difficult situation at that time. No one was on her side.

Half of her life had been destroyed. Who would still think about this?

Now, because of her cold attitude towards Ye Ci, Ye Ci had been unable to give her the necklace.

However, because of the Qinghe Bridge project, she now had the bracelet that Ye Ming had given her.

The timing was the same, and so was the loss.

However, this time, it would not be so easy to get over it.

Seeing Ning Li’s resolute attitude, Aunt Zhao was also annoyed.

“Fine! Call the police! I think it’s fine, how can something be lost by itself?”

What she meant was that Ning Li had probably hidden it and framed her for stealing.

Ning Li dialed the number for the police.

The Capital, hotel.

Su Yuan took the express delivery that she had received from Yunzhou, upstairs.

Ye Ci saw the express delivery box in her hand and immediately walked over.

“The item has arrived?”

As she spoke, she took the box and was suddenly stunned.

“Why is it so light? Inside–”

She did not have a good feeling about this, so she quickly opened the box.

Inside was a white laptop.

It was hers.

Other than that, there was nothing else.

Ye Ci frowned.

“Where’s Ning Li’s laptop? Why didn’t they send it over?”

She had asked Auntie Zhao to go through Ning Li’s room, so how could it not be there?

How was she supposed to check?

She immediately called Auntie Zhao.

All she received was a busy tone.