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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 384 - Younger Sister Ning Li Is So Fierce

Chapter 384: Younger Sister Ning Li Is So Fierce

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li tightened her grip slightly.


“Not a single one?”


Hearing her say this, Cheng Xiyue laughed.

“Younger Sister Ning Li’s standards are so high, did not even one person catch her eye?”

Lu Huaiyu finally opened his mouth lazily.

“What kind of relationship would a child have?”

Cheng Xiyue grunted.

“Other families don’t allow puppy love because they’re afraid of their studies being affected. Sister Ning Li has already taken the top overall score at the national level, so why are you still worried about this? So, Sister Ning Li, did you sign with Xijing University?”

Ning Li said honestly, “I didn’t sign.”

Cheng Xiyue was stunned for quite a while.

“Oh, so you didn’t sign… I thought that you would have been liberated after taking this round of exams. But that’s fine too. With your results, you can take any exams you want. You’ll be able to make your choice from the various departments of Xijing University! Besides–”

He glanced at Lu Huaiyu.

“You’re still young. It’d be normal if you did like someone.”

Ning Li did not say anything. She looked down at her phone.

Lu Huaiyu glanced in the rearview mirror.

She lowered her head slightly. A few strands of her hair feel around her face. No emotion could be seen on her fair and pretty face.

“Li, where are you going back to later?” He asked.

It was actually not suitable for her to return to the Ye family home now.

Ye Ming and the others were still in the capital. The matter of Ye Ci cheating and leaking the questions was a very big issue, and it would probably take a long time to resolve.

Most importantly, the Ye family’s attitude towards Ning Li was definitely not friendly.

To go back now in Ning Li’s situation…

“Let’s go back to the Ye family home.” Ning Li said.

Lu Huaiyu paused.

Others might not know, but he knew.

Ye Ci had insisted that the cheat sheet had been given to her by Ning Li. Otherwise, Su Yuan would not have said such things to Ning Li in the corridor.

Based on their reactions, Ning Li would definitely not be treated kindly.

If she continued to stay with the Ye family after that…

“Are you sure?”

Ning Li sensed something and looked up at him.

She nodded.


Of course, Ye Ci would not admit that she had been the one who had brought the cheat sheet in, let alone admit that she had something to do with the leak.

It was obvious that she must have pushed all the blame onto her.


So what?

Any verbal explanation would be useless. Only evidence would be the most powerful testimony.

Right now, there were not many people in the Ye family home, so there would not be much of an impact if she went back.

Moreover, if she went to live somewhere else, she would appear to be guilty instead, which would confirm for Ye Ci that these matters were related to her.

She wanted to stay in the Ye family home and wait for this good show to begin.

After a long time, Lu Huaiyu responded.

“Alright, then let’s go back to the Ye family home.”

Cheng Xiyue drove Ning Li back to the Ye family home and watched her push the luggage through the main door of the Ye family’s villa before leaving.

After driving for some distance, Cheng Xiyue turned to Lu Huaiyu.

“Do you want sister Ning Li to move out?”

Previously, he had mentioned this matter before, but Lu Huaiyu had never expressed his stance. Basically, everything was according to Ning Li’s wishes.

However, this time, Lu Huaiyu’s attitude was quite obvious.

It was just that Ning Li was not in agreement.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was indifferent.

“The Ye family is now in a mess. It’s not suitable for her to stay.”

“That’s true.”

Cheng Xiyue clicked his tongue.

“I really don’t know what the Ye family was thinking. For the sake of a physics competition, they were willing to do something like leaking the questions.”

Ye Ci cheating was nothing when compared to this matter.

The nature of the two matters were completely different.

If she had cheated herself, at most, she herself would have been punished. With the Ye family’s resources, it was not like Ye Ci had no other way out in the future.

However, if the leak was confirmed, it would be different.

The entire Ye family would be dragged into this.

“Now that this matter has spread throughout Yunzhou, any negotiations for collaborations that the Ye family will be affected. They will either be postponed or canceled, pending the results of the investigation.”

Businessmen valued profits and were the sharpest in such matters.

If this matter had only involved Ye Ci herself, it would still be fine. But for a matter like leaking exam questions, who would believe that she had not accepted other people’s help behind her back?

“Jinsheng was exposed this morning as having failed the hygiene sampling test. It’s estimated that it will soon be ordered to be closed for rectification.”

Cheng Xiyue sneered.

“Truly unfortunate things have all happened together. Isn’t this too much of a coincidence?”

Jinsheng was the Ye family’s high-end chain hotel and accounted for a considerable weight within the Ye family’s industry.

Logically speaking, this matter was neither too big nor too small. However, it was just unfortunate that it had been exposed at this time.

To the Ye family, this was simply adding insult to injury.

Lu Huaiyu raised his brows slightly.

“It wasn’t me.”

Cheng Xiyue was slightly stunned.

“It wasn’t you?”

Looking at the past few days, he had seen that the Ye family’s troubles had come one after another, without giving the Ye family the slightest chance to catch their breath. He had thought that it was Lu Huaiyu’s doing and–

He suddenly thought of a possibility, and a flash of shock flashed across his eyes.


If it had not been Lu Huaiyu, then was the only other person who could step so precisely on the Ye family’s lifeline, Ning Li?

The corners of Lu Huaiyu and’s lips curved extremely lightly.

He tacitly admitted it.

Cheng Xiyue took a deep breath and only regained his senses after a long while.

He repeatedly pondered over the things that had happened in the past few days, and finally couldn’t resist muttering softly, “Sister Ning Li is really fierce when she shows her temper…”

The Ye family had not been honest with her and had caused a lot of trouble to her, yet Ning Li had almost never retaliated in all this time.

There had even been two times when he had clearly checked the evidence and handed it over to her, but she still had not done anything.

At that time, he had still been worried that she was too soft-hearted and indecisive. How could she avoid being bullied?

Who knew that she had been biding her time all this while?

Previously, he had not thought so. Now that he thought back, he realized that this series of troubles had happened too coincidentally and too ferociously.

This was really pushing the Ye family into the ground and trampling them like crazy!

He could not help but take a look at Lu Huaiyu. He saw this man leaning against the back of the chair with one hand propped up diagonally. He tilted his head slightly, and on his usually cold and noble face, there was a hint of a smile.

It was as if he felt that the matter was very interesting and also very satisfied.

Cheng Xiyue could not help but say, “Alright, I know that Younger Sister Ning Li is smart, and I’m not worried that she will be bullied in the future, but can you restrain yourself a little?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“You don’t understand.”

If you’ve been beaten up, you should hit back fiercely.

If you’ve been bullied, you should fight back with all your strength.

She had not been taught in vain.

Cheng Xiyue was silent for a moment before he wound down the car window.


This sour smell was too strong.

After a while, he suddenly thought of something and let out a cold laugh.

“I think you shouldn’t be too proud. Younger sister Ning Li just said that there isn’t a single person that she likes. Why are you so happy?”

Lu Huaiyu said indifferently, “That’s just in school.”

“That’s Yunzhou Second High School.” Cheng Xiyue shrugged his shoulders and laughed gloatingly. “Younger Sister Ning Li is about to enter university soon. Do you think that there won’t at least be a bunch of young guys who will notice her?”

With Sister Ning Li’s appearance, she would attract a lot of people the moment she entered.

He looked Lu Huaiyu up and down.

“I have to remind you, Second Master Lu, whether you still have hope at your old age is still uncertain!”