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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 382 - Blatantly Liking

Chapter 382: Blatantly Liking

When Ning Li walked over, she saw the noble beauty turn around and leave, her face unable to hide her disappointment.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was the same as usual, as if he had not been affected in any way.

It was true that this kind of thing was extremely common for Lu Huaiyu.

She came to the seat beside Lu Huaiyu and just as she sat down, she felt a gaze fall on her.

She turned around and saw the beauty who had been trying to strike up a conversation with Lu Huaiyu looking in her direction.

By now, she had already walked to another boarding gate.

She was obviously not on the same flight as Ning Li, but she had come here for Lu Huaiyu.

They were a little far from each other, so Ning Li could not see her expression clearly. She saw her stomp her foot, clutch her bag tightly, and turn around to leave.

Ning Li was baffled.

This… Why was she staring at her?

She looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, what did you say to her just now?”

Earlier, she had been standing far away, and the beauty had been standing in front of Lu Huaiyu, blocking most of her view.

She had not heard what the two of them had been talking about.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“What do you think it was?”

Ning Li could guess it without even thinking. It had been nothing more than a rejection.

The Second Master of the Lu family, the flower of the highest mountains, was sought after by countless socialites in the Capital.

Over the years, the number of women that Lu Huaiyu had rejected was probably countless.

She was not really interested in knowing about it.

She kicked the ground with her heel and said nonchalantly, “I guess someone was eyeing my seat?”

She had seen the beauty point at her seat just now and could guess what she had been talking about.

Lu Huaiyu laughed.

“Don’t worry, it’s yours. No one could take it.”

The announcement to board the plane sounded.

Ning Li went to get her suitcase.

Lu Huaiyu was in first class, not with them.

However, just as her hand landed on the suitcase, Lu Huaiyu stood up and pulled it over again.

His warm and powerful hand landed on the side of her hand, touching it slightly.

Ning Li was stunned. Then, she heard Lu Huaiyu say, “I’ll accompany you there first.”

She kept feeling the heat from his hand.

Ning Li let go of his hand. Her gaze subconsciously swept across his hand before quickly moving away.


Pei Song seemed to be on the phone with his family. He only came over after the boarding announcement had been made.

When he turned around and saw Lu Huaiyu accompanying Ning Li, his expression was indifferent and calm. He quickly retracted his gaze and checked in.

Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu followed.


Ning Li took the boarding pass and came to her seat.

Looking up, she noticed that Pei Song was to the left in front of her, with an aisle between.

Lu Huaiyu opened the luggage compartment and helped her put the luggage in.

He was so tall that it was a piece of cake for him.

Ning Li turned around.

Lu Huaiyu was not wearing a jacket. When he raised his arms to place the luggage, his thin shirt outlined his slender but strong waist.

Further up, one could vaguely see the pale blue veins on the back of his hand, as well as the sharp and smooth line of his jaw.

Ning Li suddenly remembered what she had heard in the bathroom earlier.

–for a man of this level, isn’t he the most valuable? That face, those legs, those hands… ! Tsk, he’s amazing!

She held her breath slightly, retracted her gaze, took a step inside, and sat down at her seat.

She raised her head and said to Lu Huaiyu, “Second Brother, you can go back now.”

Lu Huaiyu glanced at her. Before he could say anything, the people behind him were urging him to go inside.

Lu Huaiyu simply sat down on the seat next to Ning Li and waited for them to pass.

After a while, everyone had sat down. A middle-aged man walked over.

He looked at his boarding pass and then looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“Sir, you seem to be sitting in the wrong seat?”

Lu Huaiyu took out his boarding pass and smiled faintly.

“I know. But I have to accompany the child, so please change seats with me.”

The middle-aged man saw that he was in first class, so he immediately agreed.

Ning Li was stunned.

“Second Brother, there was no need for that.”

The flight was only two hours long, not to mention that they were on the same flight.

Exchanging first class for economy class was really quite a loss.

Lu Huaiyu turned to look at her.

“Do you want to sleep for a while?”

It seemed that he really did not care about this matter.

Seeing him like this, Ning Li knew that she would not be able to persuade him anymore, so she simply did not bring it up again.

“Let’s wait for a while.”

She fastened her seatbelt, adjusted the back of her seat, and turned her head to look out of the window.

The side profile of the man beside her could be vaguely seen reflected from the porthole.

She looked at him quietly for a while.

He was very tall. Sitting here, the seat looked a little cramped.

Second Master Lu had always been noble and proud, and he always had the best in food and clothes.

However, he was sitting next to her now. On his handsome face, his expression was the same as usual, as if he did not feel anything.

A child…

Ning Li let out a gentle breath.

Lu Huaiyu had not married in his previous life, so naturally, he did not have children.

His family did not seem to have any descendants or nephews that were close to him.

So, she did not know what kind of behavior Lu Huaiyu would have if he really had children?

Would he go to such great lengths?

Would they use a first-class ticket to exchange for an economy class ticket and accompany them home?


She closed her eyes and suppressed the surging thoughts in her heart.

The plane took off.

Ning Li leaned her head against the back of the chair.

She was not sleepy at first, but probably due to the cool cedar smell, she started to feel at ease.

She had indeed fallen asleep at some point in time.

Lu Huaiyu was casually flipping through a magazine when he suddenly felt a weight on his shoulder.

He turned his head and saw Ning Li’s head resting on his shoulder as she slept.

He put down the magazine and held her head with one hand while crossing her with the other. He bent over slightly and closed the sunshade.

After doing all this, he felt a gaze fall upon him.

He looked up and saw Pei Song looking back at him coldly.