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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 376 - Leaked Questions

Chapter 376: Leaked Questions

Ye Ci was shocked. Subconsciously, she looked up and saw Ye Ming walking in with a gloomy face. There was a storm brewing on his face, and his eyes were filled with fury.

His expression this time was even scarier than when he had found out that Ye Ci had been caught cheating and rushed to the Capital from Yunzhou.

Ye Ci felt uneasy and fear rose in her heart.

“Dad… Why are you–”

Ye Ming walked over and took her phone without saying a word.

Ye Yiming also heard the commotion and asked repeatedly, “Uncle Ming? What’s wrong?”

Ye Ming did not speak and immediately cut off the phone call with a sullen face.

The unease in Ye Ci’s heart grew stronger.


Ye Ming suddenly threw the phone away!


He had used so much force that the phone fell to the ground and the screen completely shattered!

Ye Ci’s entire body shrank.

If Ye Ming’s slap had landed on her…

Her tears kept flowing.

It was due to fear, but also due to a feeling of grievance.

Ye Ming’s anger towards her in these past two days had been more than it had been in the past ten years!

The slap earlier had already broken her heart.

However, that had been because she had been caught cheating. He had been so angry that it had caused him to act impulsively.

But now, what was the reason??

Ye Ming’s voice was filled with uncontrollable anger.

“Ye Ci! I think you’re crazy! How could I, Ye Ming, have a daughter like you?!”

Ye Ci was stunned by his harsh reprimand.

Hurried footsteps were heard.

“What’s wrong?”

Su Yuan had been resting in the cubicle because Ye Ci had said that she wanted to be alone. Hence, she had stayed there.

When she heard the sound of the phone hitting the ground, she had realized that something was wrong and quickly come over.

When she saw how furious Ye Ming was, and the badly smashed phone on the ground, Su Yuan’s eyebrows raised.

“What’s wrong? Hubby, Xiao Ci is suffering right now. Don’t be so angry at her–”

“You don’t know what she has done!”

Ye Ming interrupted Su Yuan’s words abruptly. He was obviously extremely angry!

He raised his hand and pointed at Ye Ci, enunciating each word clearly.

“Not only has your own future and reputation been ruined, are you going to implicate the Ye family now?”

Ye Ci was completely dumbfounded.

“Dad, what… what are you talking about?”

What did he mean by implicating the Ye family?

Could it be because of the disciplinary notice and the summary of the results that had just been revealed?

However, in the end, it was still her who would be affected the most!

The Ye family’s reputation might suffer somewhat because of this, but from what Ye Ming had said, it was clearly about more than that–

Ye Ming looked at her with a livid expression.

He suppressed the anger in his heart and said to Su Yuan, “You go out first.”

How could Su Yuan feel at ease enough to leave this situation?

She took a step forward, intending on pulling Ye Ming with her, but she met his extremely cold gaze.

“I said, go out! Didn’t you hear me?!”

Su Yuan immediately stopped in her tracks. Her face had become flushed due to her extreme embarrassment.

She had married Ye Ming to raise her social status. Therefore, throughout all these years, she had always behaved in a gentle and careful manner.

Not to say that she was completely obedient to Ye Ming, but she could be considered more or less so.

At the very least, when Ye Ming was angry, she definitely did not dare to talk back.

All she could say was, “Alright, then why don’t you talk things over with Xiao Ci now… I’ll wait for you outside.”

With that, she left.

Only Ye Ci and Ye Ming were left in the room.

Seeing this, Ye Ci could feel that something was wrong. It was as if something was grabbing her heart and was slowly sinking.

Ye Ming stared at her.

“Are you still saying that you don’t know? Don’t you know what happened to the cheat sheet that you brought into the examination room?”

Ye Ci felt uncomfortable being scolded, and her voice became shrill.

“Dad! I told you, that cheat sheet was given to me by Ning Li–”

Ye Ming suddenly sneered.

“How can you still say that at a time like this? That cheat sheet contained the actual questions of this year’s National Physics Competition’s final exam! Are you still insisting that it was Ning Li who harmed you? Are you still saying that she was the one who gave you that cheat sheet?”

Ye Ci was stunned.

She had heard every word of Ye Ming’s words, but how could she not understand it when they were connected?

The actual questions…

The actual questions!?


Ye Ci seemed to have been greatly stimulated, and her first reaction was to deny it.

“How could the questions on it be the actual questions!?”

Ye Ming pointed at her.

“You should ask yourself this!”

Ye Ci’s mind was in a jumble.

“How could it be… How could it be!?”

The note that she had secretly stuffed into Ning Li’s clothes had been questions that she had casually copied from the Winter Camp’s course work.

In fact, it had not mattered what it was. As long as there was something written on it, it could have proven that Ning Li had cheated.

She knew that the note that she had been caught in the exam with, was not the one that she had prepared for Ning Li.

Both cheat sheets had been different.

However, she had always thought that the one that Ning Li had given her would be similar to hers.

But… how could it have contained the actual questions?

Ye Ming gritted his teeth.

“Back then, I even asked you if everything had been deleted. What did you say!?”

After Ye Ci had been caught cheating, this was actually what he had been the most worried about.

However, at that time, Ye Ci had repeatedly promised that she had deleted everything, so he had believed her.

At that time, all he could think about was that Ye Ci was being punished for cheating, which would definitely affect the Ye family’s reputation, and he had only wanted to suppress the matter as soon as possible.

Who would have known that even until now, it would result in an explosion!

On the cheat sheet that Ye Ci had been caught with, in the examination room, were the original questions of the final exam paper with a miniature seal!

Ye Ming’s questioning stunned Ye Ci completely.

After a long while, she finally found her voice.

“Dad, where did you hear this news from?”

Ye Ming sneered.

“The National Organizing Committee has already sent out an investigation notice on the official website! Tell me how I found out!”

The blood drained from Ye Ci’s lips, and her legs went limp as she collapsed onto the sofa.

At 5 pm, just as the scores were posted together which caused a huge public discussion, a piece of news was quietly and quickly uploaded.

[ School incident 2-3: Shocking News! ] According to the rumors, the cheat sheet that Ye CI had brought in on the day of the cheating contained the original questions of the physics competition test paper! This cheating incident might also involve the competition examinees and internal personnel leaking the question! Attached is a screenshot of the investigation notice posted by the National Competition Organizing Committee on the official website. ]

Under the text, there was a picture attached.

It was an investigation notice that clearly stated that there had been an incident of leaking the questions in the competition.

Although there was no name in it, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that it was referring to Ye Ci and her cheat sheet.

The organizing committee said that the incident of leaking the questions was already under investigation. After the results were out, they would immediately announce it to the public and deal with it strictly.

Once this matter had come out, the entire Internet was in an uproar!

It turned out that Ye Ci had not just cheated!

She had also participated in this leak incident!

Very soon–

The entry for the #National Physics Competition Leak Problem Ye Ci# rushed to the top of the hot searches.

Within just 20 minutes, the search volume had exceeded 10 million, and the black and red word “Explosive” was affixed at the end!