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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 375 - Comparison

Chapter 375: Comparison

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Each grade form had the same name at the top.

–Ning Li.

First in grade in the monthly examinations of Yunzhou Second High School.

First at city-level of the Yunzhou City mid-term examinations.

First in the National Physics Competition Winter Camp Quiz.

Except for language, she had scored perfect marks for all her other exam subjects.

Then, with her results in sharp contrast was Ye Ci’s continuous decline in scores and rankings.

From the Top 20 of the Senior Year of Yunzhou Second High, she had fallen out of the Top 50, Top 100, and by the end of the last semester, she was already close to 300th place in the entire grade.

As for the summary of the results of the Winter Camp, her name was even more clearly ranked last.

Everyone was stunned when they saw this Weibo post.

[ My god… full marks, full marks, full marks… except for language, this ‘big boss’ actually got full marks!? ]

[ What is this? Is this some kind of god of learning? With this kind of result, how could anyone suspect that there is something wrong with the ‘big boss’ first placing? Anyone who is still in doubt, please come out and show yourself, okay? ]

[ Ye Ci’s decline is so obvious. Were there actually people who bragged before? With this kind of result, if they did not rely on the competition, they would not even have a chance to get into Xijing University in their lifetime, right? ]

[ Then… Can anyone explain why on the last Winter Camp result sheet, everyone else had three grades, but Ye Ci only had two? ]

[ Person above, according to insider information, that was the first official exam of the Winter Camp. Ye Ci did not finish the exam that day because she said that she had a stomachache and went to the hospital. Ning Li was the one who had accompanied her! Thus, Ye Ci’s results from that time were not included in the summary. ]

[ No, if she had been accompanied by Ning Li, how come Ye Ci did not get any results but Ning Li got full marks? ]

[ To the person above, that was because Ning Li handed in her exam an hour early, and she got full marks for it… ]

[ ??? ]

[ Don’t you think that Ye Ci’s results at the Winter Camp are very strange? I heard that she entered the camp with the fifth-highest score in the province. Even if she couldn’t compare to the others, she still shouldn’t have gotten such a low score, right? 43? Is this serious? ]

This comment quickly attracted the attention of many people.


There had only been 52 people in the Winter Camp, and Ye Ci’s results in the two tests seemed to be out of place with other people.

There was actually still a big gap between her score and the score of the person in the second to last position.

Anyone could see that there was a problem.

People from Yunzhou Second High School said that Ye Ci’s previous results were indeed good, but her level in Physics was far from the level of competition. Many people who were better at Physics than her had not even done well in the preliminary exam. I went to ask her about a Physics question, but she could not write down the answer at all. Maybe she was just lucky and performed exceptionally in the preliminary round. Laughing.jpg ]

[ With such a gap, it’s hard to say how she even got into the National Finals! It’s no wonder that she had to bring a cheat sheet! If the final results were announced and still did so badly, her image as an exceptionally intelligent person would be ruined! ]

[ It’s no wonder that her results in the preliminary round were revoked. ]

[ Tsk, if I were her, I would have withdrawn from the competition a long time ago! That would have been better than letting everyone know that I cheated, right? ]

[ That’s it? That’s it? Do you still want to pour dirty water on Ning Li? Please take a look at yourself in the mirror, Ye Ci! Not only is your standard bad, but you want to drag others down with you? Isn’t that interesting? ]

[ Pity Ning Li, the ‘god of learning’ for a second. Even her first placing has also been smeared. However, it’s true that Ye Ci is the Ye family’s ‘true daughter’. It wouldn’t be easy to deal with a ‘fake missy’, right? ]

This was the implication of the Weibo post that the blogger Gossip Duck had said was why Ning Li was framing Ye Ci.

It was also at that time that many Internet trolls had appeared, as if they had confirmed this matter and were criticizing Ning Li.

Now it seemed that someone was clearly just adding fuel to the fire behind the scenes, by trying to trample Ning Li down to save Ye Ci’s reputation.

Unfortunately, when these pictures had been published, all the speculations and excuses seemed extremely weak.

If she had done well once or twice, there might have been a problem.

However, what about three or four times? What about each time?

Did Ning Li have the ability to copy from first place in the whole school to first place in the whole country?

The eyes of the onlookers were all bright.

No matter what kind of speculations had been made before, the evidence was now clearly displayed here. This was enough to explain everything!

At the hotel.

After Ye Ci saw the summary of the results, she was completely dumbfounded.

She had never thought that Ning Li and her would actually be compared in such a manner.

This was completely embarrassing and humiliating!

Previously at school, she had not been able to beat Ning Li in the tests. Other than the initial shock, everyone had gradually not bothered too much about it.

This was because she had not been the only one who could not beat Ning Li’s results. Everyone in school had not been able to beat her either!

Even if her results had continued to slide, using the excuse of the Physics competition, at most, those people would just whisper a few words in private.

But now…

The matter between her and Ning Li had already been causing a ruckus online for two days.

With this summary of the results, everyone was sure to compare the two of them.

Thus, the gap between the two of them, which was already gradually widening, was quickly magnified!

Just then, Ye Yiming called.

Ye Ci answered, her face already pale.

As soon as the call was connected, Ye Yiming was the first to speak before she could say anything.

“Lil Ci! What’s going on with the summary of results that were exposed online?!”

Ye Ci opened her mouth, but she did not know what to say.

What happened?

What else could it have been?

These results sheets were public, to begin with. As long as someone decided to make a thorough search, they could easily get their hands on them.

As for the Winter Camp’s internal test results sheet…

All the emotions in Ye Ci’s heart that had piled up in her chest, were on the verge of exploding.

She burst into tears at once, her voice shrill.

“Cousin! Someone is trying to harm me! It must be Ning Li! It must be her! The results of the Winter Camp are not to be released to the public, so it must be her doing!”

Ye Yiming’s temples were throbbing.

“Lil Ci, now is not the time to pursue this matter! The important thing is that it has already been released!”

Up til now, neither the organizing committee nor the others had come out to express their views on this matter.

To a certain extent, this was already a tacit agreement.

The Internet was making a big fuss about Ye Ci cheating and Ning Li framing Ye Ci. These public opinions had already affected the national organizing committee and the M province’s Ministry of Education.

The netizens wanted a fair competition and a fair examination.

So, these things had been released to prove this point!

Ye Ci was stunned. Tears kept pouring out of her eyes, and her face was ice-cold.

“Then… then what should I do now?”

Since things had gotten to this point, her future was completely ruined!

Ye Yiming was silent for a long while before he said, “How about this, don’t worry about it first–”


Before he could finish his words, the door of Ye Ci’s room was suddenly pushed open violently!