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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 374 - First Place in Nation’s Overall Score! Ning Li at the Top

Chapter 374: First Place in Nation’s Overall Score! Ning Li at the Top

[ Yunzhou Second High School V: We warmly celebrate the students from our school, Ning Li and Pei Song, for obtaining first place in the national overall score and second place in the national overall score respectively in this year’s National Physics Competition Finals! ]

There was a huge red happy article below, which was extremely eye-catching.

Apart from that, there were also two pictures attached to it.

Those were two electronic versions of the National Physics Competition comprehensive results report.

The name on the first one was Ning Li.

Clicking open and zooming in, the admission ticket number and ID card number had already been coded, but the last line of words was extremely clear.

National overall score ranking: 1.

Next to it was her score… which was the same score as the standard total score.

All the people who had rushed to join in the fun were dumbfounded.

The passionate insults that they had prepared were all stuck in their throats at this moment.

[ F*ck! ]

[ Am I blind? This report card is showing a perfect score! ]

[ How could someone get a perfect score? This comprehensive score isn’t just about the final exam! I heard that a high proportion of the results include the national team’s Winter Camp training scores as well. So, how could she get a perfect score? ]

[ Well, as for the one above, just because you haven’t seen it yourself doesn’t prove that it didn’t happen, right? My colleague’s sister’s child’s classmate also participated in the Winter Camp. He said that Ning Li got a full score in all her exams during the Winter Camp. With a full score in the final, wouldn’t she naturally achieve this result? ]

[ This is f*cking ridiculous! She’s the top scorer in the whole country! With this kind of result, why would she have needed to frame Ye Ci? She could have just crushed her! ]

[ Hahahaha! This is the first time I’ve heard that the top scorer in the whole country had to squeeze out their competitors by giving them cheat sheets to steal their results! ]

[ Same as above, I’m really laughing. Who doesn’t know that after Ning Li transferred to Yunzhou Second High School, she had consistently been the top scorer in the whole school for the past six months? She even got first place in Yunzhou for the midterm and final exams! As for Ye Ci, tsk, she had already slipped to the Top 200 in the grade, but she was still guaranteed a place in Xijing University? I did even better in the final exam than her. @Xijing University, can you send me an acceptance letter? ]

In the reply from this floor, someone sent a report card of the overall ranking of the grade for Yunzhou Second’s mid-term final exam.

[ Come, come, come, everyone, take a look! Ye Ci, who was ranked in the Top 10 of the grade, is guaranteed to get into Xijing University’s final exam. Look at the picture.jpg ]

This comment with a picture was quickly pushed to the top.

[ F*ck, you want to enter Xijing University with just this score? Did Xijing University agree with it? ]

[ To be honest, I scored 50 points higher than her in last year’s college entrance exam, so I only entered the top 5 in the country. Somehow, she’s still able to enter Xijing University, so that’s pretty awesome. ]

[ … Oh, drag this humble-bragger out of here. ]

It was unclear whether it was because the good news was too eye-catching, or because the report card with full marks was too shocking, but the comments on this Weibo post were increasing at an alarming rate.

The IDs that had been clamoring for Yunzhou Second High School to investigate Ning Li’s framing of Ye Ci had all disappeared without a trace.

However, how could they let it go so easily? Not only did they return to the Weibo post where Ye Ci’s disciplinary action had been reported. They also replied to the happy IDs that had been jumping around earlier, even going to their homepage. They queued up and asked them to look at the top Weibo post of Yunzhou Second High School.

[ Didn’t you want the results of the investigation? Yunzhou Second High School has sent out a good news report. Did you see it? ]

[ Hey, open your eyes and see who the top student is! ]

[ How much money did Ye Ci give you? Cleaning up after her is terrible! ]

These two Weibo posts of Yunzhou Second High School had only been posted for half an hour, yet they were all trending.

This matter had become a very big deal. With just a slight push, a huge storm could potentially be set off.

Countless spectators were fine when they had seen the disciplinary notice, but then they were stuck on the happy news Weibo post.

[ I don’t want to gossip. I just want to worship the god of learning! ]

[ Yunzhou Second High School is really awesome. Three students entered the National Competition Finals, one was punished for cheating, and two directly dominated the first and second place in the country? How are the students from other provinces and cities going to live? ]

[ I haven’t gotten a perfect score since the first grade of primary school. How could such a big shot get a perfect score in the national competition? The gap between humans is sometimes bigger than the gap between humans and dogs! ]

[ … The person above doesn’t have to be so hard on himself… And as for me, is there anyone who can help? My knees hurt after kneeling for such a long time. ]

However, there were still a few eye-piercing comments mixed in.

[ I remember that Ning Li’s results were very bad in the past. Why is she doing so well now? Is there really nothing fishy about this? ]

[ I used to be in the same primary and secondary school as her. Her grades were always in the middle and lower grades. In the end, when she went to Yunzhou, she became a straight-A student. How interesting. ]

[ This is the National Physics Competition. In all these years, she has never gotten a perfect score. Ning Li’s result… ]

This result was too shocking and unbelievable.

Therefore, the moment someone started to doubt it, it quickly attracted many people to agree.

Some people even went directly to the official blog of the National Physics Competition Organizing Committee and asked them to explain.

#Ning Li ranked first in the national physics competition

#Ning Li got full marks

#Yunzhou Second High School

#Ye Ci’s cheating discipline notification

#Ye Ci’s real results

A few entries connected to the top searches, directly occupying the Top Five on the list.

Even Pei Song’s name rushed to ninth place.

Ning Li’s report card quickly exploded on the Internet.

Countless people were amazed and envious, but at the same time, countless people also doubted and questioned it.

At 4:30 pm, the Big V account that had first exposed Ye Ci’s cheating, “Two or Three Incidents on Campus,” once again made another Weibo post.

This Weibo post did not have any text, only a few pictures.

In order-

The first one contained the report card of the Senior Grade of Yunzhou Second High School, which included the midterm exams and the final exams.


The summary of the results of the three internal tests from the National Competition Winter Camp..