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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 373 - Sincerity and Love, Seeking Truth and Pragmatism

Chapter 373: Sincerity and Love, Seeking Truth and Pragmatism

One announcement, one good news.

Comparing the two, it was ironic and absurd.

Ye Ci stared at those two lines of words. Her heart almost stopped beating at that moment. Her ears buzzed non-stop, and the color drained from her face.

First place in the total national score…

Ning Li actually got first place!?

Two announcements had been posted one after the other.

How embarrassed was she, while Ning Li was so ostentatious!

In order to post these two messages, the members of the grade group were all banned.

Therefore, these two notifications occupied the entire screen on the phone.

No one answered below, making it seem empty. However, that made these two notifications even more eye-catching.

Ye Ci left the grade group with trembling hands.

However, the group chat of Senior Grade First Class was already exploding.

[ Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah! Ning Li and the class monitor took the national level first and second place respectively! That’s too awesome! Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah! ]

[ Amazing! The national level first and second places were taken by the two gods of our class! ]

[ School beauty Ning and brother Pei are forever gods! ]

[ Beaming with song ]

[ Beaming with joy! May the top students bless me to perform exceptionally in the college entrance examination! Ah Ah Ah! The national level first and second place, what kind of concept is that? Both XiJing University and Haicheng Hua University must be snatching people overnight! I just don’t know which one they signed a contract with? ]

Everyone was discussing this topic fervently, except for Ye Ci, who had been deliberately omitted.

It was as if she had never existed.

At the beginning of the incident, there were still people who had constantly asked Ye Ci to come out and give an explanation.

However, as time passed and all kinds of rumors appeared on the Internet, the matter became more and more complicated. Many people had wisely chosen to keep quiet and wait for the school to settle the matter.

Now, a disciplinary notice and a happy report made it all clear and conclusive.

Ye Ci had been cheating!

All the people who had previously spoken up for her now shut their mouths.

In front of this extremely strict official notice, all the explanations seemed so pale and ridiculous.

First Class was the class with the best grade in the entire senior year.

In fact, not only the grades, First Class had never lost in any other aspect.

It was definitely the class that had stood at the top of the entire senior year.

Naturally, the students of First Class had extremely strong pride and self-esteem.

Ye Ci had cheated in the national competition and the official notice had punished her. Not only had her own reputation been tarnished, but she had also sullied the reputation of the entire class!

This punishment would be recorded in her personal school record, and it would follow her for the rest of her life.

In other words, she would never be able to erase this huge stain!

Not only had her reputation been ruined, but First Class and even the whole of Yunzhou Second High School had also been dragged down because of this stupid matter.

Now, who would be willing to have much involvement with her?

People were even afraid to mention her name for fear of tarnishing the class group.

[ The school’s official Weibo has posted. The link is here. Everyone, go and support it! ]

Someone had posted a Weibo link.

Yunzhou Second High School had been badly criticized on the Internet in the past two days. Now, they finally had a chance to retaliate. A fire had been burning in their hearts so of course, they did not hesitate to attack now.

[ Received! ]

[ Coming right away! ]

[ Oh no! I just uninstalled it! Wait for me to come back! ]

[ My alma mater can only be criticized by me! Who else wants to try?! I will go up and argue with them! ]

Almost at the same time that these two notifications were sent to all the grade groups in the school, Yunzhou Second High School’s official Weibo also posted these two Weibo posts.

[ Yunzhou Second High School V:@National Physics Competition Organizing Provincial Ministry of Municipal Education Bureau. Notice about our school student Ye Ci cheating in the National Physics Competition Finals. Yunzhou Second High School was founded a hundred years ago and has always adhered to the school motto of sincerity, love, and pragmatism. This incident will be handled seriously and will be taken as a warning! ]

There was a punishment form attached below.

The content of the text was basically the same as the mass-posted notice.

Each and every one of them had been clearly listed and clearly understood.

Yunzhou Second High School only had a few hundred thousand official Weibo fans. However, because Ye CI’s cheating incident had become a hot topic on Weibo these two days, the number of comments quickly exceeded 1,000 within a short period of time after this Weibo post had been posted,

After a few Big V’s who had been paying attention to this matter had reposted about it, the number of comments rose even faster.

[ Whoa! The official announcement has come! This is the real deal, right? ]

[ Look at the blue V’s… This is a done deal, right? Right? ]

[ This cheating thing is really true! Hah! How shameless! ]

At first, the comment section was quite chaotic. Later, however, it was gradually flooded by the same comment.

[ Sincerity and love, seeking truth and pragmaticism! ]

[ Sincerity and love, seeking truth and pragmaticism! ]

[ Sincerity and love, seeking truth and pragmaticism! ]

More and more different IDs appeared, leaving such a sentence in the comment section in seriousness.

This was the school motto of Yunzhou Second High School, and it also represented the attitude of all the teachers and students of Yunzhou Second High School towards this matter.

The top hot comment positions were gradually replaced by the uniform school motto.

However, another one was soon pushed to the top.

[ Didn’t Ning Li frame Ye Ci for cheating? Why is only Ye Ci being punished now? Isn’t your school going to give an explanation for the rumor that Ning Li used improper means to frame her competitor and steal their results? ]

There was a heated argument under this one.

[ That’s right! Since one of them was punished, the other one should also be investigated! ]

[ Fair competition! Fair examination! Anger. jpg! ]

[ Hahaha! Don’t give them such a hard time. It has already been exposed that Ye Ci cheated. If Ning Li is also beaten up, wouldn’t the school suffer a huge loss? They should at least be able to protect one. Gossip. jpg ]

Soon, the official Weibo of Yunzhou Second High School replied to this hot comment.

[ Regarding this matter, please check the latest Weibo post. ]

When everyone saw this, they all went to the official Weibo homepage.

As soon as they entered, they saw the top Weibo post with a big red picture.

[ Good news! ]