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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 372 - Announcement and Good News

Chapter 372: Announcement and Good News

This Weibo post quickly received a response from everyone.

[ Yes! This matter must be investigated clearly! The competition should have been fair and open! Even if you win using such underhanded methods to frame others, aren’t you afraid of ghosts knocking on the door in the middle of the night? ]

[ The physics competition team should quickly come out and respond! If you allow this kind of person with such a bad character to enter a top university, wouldn’t it be like a rat’s poop spoiling a pot of soup?! ]

[ Ning Li hasn’t come out to respond even after the incident. ]. At least, Ye Ci still had quite a number of classmates, friends, and teachers standing up for her. On Ning Li’s side, not even a single person has come out to defend her. Isn’t this enough proof? ]

[ A guilty conscience! She’s capable of framing someone, so why would she care about being reprimanded? Besides, this isn’t the first time. Dog Head. JPG. ]

All kinds of comments were being made in the comments section as if they had already determined that it was Ning Li who had harmed Ye Ci.

Someone had brought this issue up.

#the competition should be fair, fair, and open

Many people then started to follow the trend after seeing this.

The comments started coming in almost simultaneously.

This topic quickly became the tenth most searched topic.

In the hotel.

In the room, Ye Ci was looking at Weibo, continuously clicking on this entry.

The square had been completely occupied by related content. The top few posts were all directed at Ning Li.

Below, many constantly refreshed personal blogs brought up these topics as well.

The competition circle was small and belonged to a few top geniuses.

However, the fairness of the competition and the fairness of the exam were eternal themes that had remained unchanged for a long time, and could easily stir up people’s emotions.

The Internet trolls had started mixing in and stirred up public opinion. Even the spectators who did not know the truth began to go with popular opinion.

Ye Ci’s mood finally improved.

Now, the matter of her cheating could not be changed, no matter what.

That was because she could not produce any evidence to prove that Ning Li was the one who had done it to her.

Even so, she had to win even a small victory!

Since she was finished, she did not want Ning Li to have an easy time either!

As long as she could stir up public opinion and pour all this dirty water on Ning Li, then in the future, Ning Li’s situation would only be worse than hers!

She had already turned her phone off early because she could not bear the constant stream of people calling and harassing her.

The one she was using now was Su Yuan’s.

She called Ye Yiming.

“Cousin, thank you so much for your help this time. Otherwise, I really…”

Because she had been crying for a long time, her voice was still hoarse.

Ye Yiming felt his heart ache when he heard this and quickly said, “It’s alright, Lil Ci, don’t worry too much. Public opinion has basically changed now and most people are on your side. Don’t be afraid.

“All you need is a little more time, there’s not even any need for evidence, and everyone will only remember that Ning Li framed you, understand?”

The hot topics on the internet appeared and disappeared quickly.

Most of the time, people would not really investigate the truth of a matter.

They would only remember the situation when the news was at its hottest.

Even if someone came to refute the rumor, the netizens would not pay attention to it anymore. It would be useless.

In their hearts, they would only remember the first impression of the hot topic and the deepest impression.

Hearing his words, Ye Ci felt much more at ease.

“The progress of this matter is still very smooth. If you continue to remain silent, you will naturally be able to turn the tables later!”

Ye Yiming had initially been worried that there was someone behind Ning Li, but after waiting for a long time, the other party did not make any movements.

The hot searches for black articles had already been hung up for a day and a night.

As long as someone had the capital, they would not let it go so easily.

Only then did he gradually feel at ease. He was also confident of winning this public opinion battle.

He comforted Ye Ci for a while more before hanging up the phone.

Ye Ci went to wash her face.

Her cousin was right. Since the matter had already happened, the most important thing was to find a way to resolve it.

It was useless for her to cry here all the time.

Only by stepping on Ning Li could she turn over a new leaf!

She tidied up briefly before taking her phone again. She wanted to see how badly Ning Li had been scolded.

Suddenly, she noticed that a message had suddenly popped up on the screen of her phone.

–A notice was posted in the senior class group of Yunzhou Second High School.

Her heart skipped a beat, and she immediately clicked on it.

[ Notice: Ye Ci, from First Class of the first year of our high school, was caught cheating with a cheat sheet in the National Physics Competition Finals. The evidence is conclusive. The competition organizing committee and the Provincial Ministry of Education have jointly discussed and decided to punish Ye Ci as follows:

  1. Disqualify Ye Ci from participating in the National Physics Competition Finals.
  2. Revoke Ye Ci’s results in the Provincial Physics Competition Preliminaries and revoke the certificate and trophy.
  3. Prohibit Ye Ci from participating in any form of the provincial and national competitions.
  4. Ye Ci will be given a major demerit. and a severe warning. She will be placed under probation. If any further violations occur, the student will be expelled.

@ all teachers and students, the integrity in the exams is the bottom line! It is also a red line! Please take this as a warning, and resolutely stick it in your heart! Once a similar situation is discovered, the school will definitely punish severely! ]

Looking at the disciplinary notice, the blood in Ye Ci’s body instantly turned cold.

She had known that she would not be able to escape punishment, but she had never expected that the school would announce it so straightforwardly!

Now, everyone had seen it!

Just as her mind was in a state of chaos, another notification was posted in the group.

[ Good news! Congratulations to our Senior Grade First Class students, Ning Li and Pei Song, for obtaining the first and second place respectively in the National Physics Competition’s Finals! ]