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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 371 - Bad Tactics

Chapter 371: Bad Tactics

Old Master Lu was stunned.

“You didn’t sign? None of them? Xijing University– Didn’t sign?”

Ning Li nodded.

“I didn’t sign with any of them.”

Old Master Lu was completely stunned.

Ah Li was the top scorer in the whole country!

Whichever school she wanted to attend, and which major she wanted, didn’t she have the freedom to choose now?

Why had she not signed in the end?

“Wouldn’t you be able to skip the college entrance examination if you signed up for guaranteed admission?”

Elder Lu had recently learned a lot about this.

If she could get enough outstanding results in the national competition, she could completely bypass the college entrance examination. She would be able to save a lot of time and energy compared to other students.

Yet, in the end, Ah Li did not choose any of them?

Ning Li smiled.

“Grandpa Lu, I just feel that I would regret it if I didn’t participate in the college entrance examination. So…”

Old Master Lu suddenly understood.

What she said made sense, but… it was indeed a pity!

He thought about it, still feeling a little worried.

“Then, then if you participate in the College Entrance Examination, which school do you plan to apply for?”

She should not be going abroad…

“Xijing University,” Ning Li said.

Old Master Lu’s worried heart finally settled in his stomach.

“That’s good, that’s good! Xijing University is good! Haha!”

It was right in front of his house!

In the future, Ah Li would be able to come over frequently when she went to university!


Old Master Lu was happy again.

“Oh right, Chun Lan has already gone shopping, so you’ll eat at home here tonight, okay?”

Ning Li, who had suddenly been booked for dinner, said,

“Okay. Thank you, Grandpa Lu.”

Capital First High School.

The students were receiving their results files, one after another.

Cao Jingxuan was waiting in the corridor, but she was getting more and more anxious.

Sixth place had already been called, yet it was still not her turn yet.

The university she wanted to attend the most was Xijing University.

However, if she did not get a good result in the exam, her situation might be a little dicey.

A teacher came out of the office.

Cao Jingxuan immediately looked over, her heart feeling as if it was suspended in the air.

“Song Mengtang.”

The teacher shouted.

Song Mengtang walked in under everyone’s envious gazes.

Cao Jingxuan’s heart slowly sank.

She was already in seventh place.

Although the Top 20 could all qualify for guaranteed admission, the schools that would make an offer to them would be different.

Only the top few students would be able to win the favor of Xijing University.

If she was stuck in eighth place, there might still be a glimmer of hope.

However, if she was ranked any lower, Xijing University would probably not consider her.

Apart from Ning Li and Pei Song, the negotiations with the other students had all gone smoothly.

All of them had already chosen a school of their own. With their good grades and great choices, their discussions were naturally very quick.

Song Mengtang was the same.

When she came out, someone beside her immediately asked where she had signed to.

Cao Jingxuan clearly heard her mention Xijing University.

She felt even more uneasy.

Xijing University’s quota was probably quite limited…

The teacher came out again.

However this time, Cao Jingxuan was still not called.

After a long while, Cao Jingxuan finally heard her name.

Eleventh place.

This ranking might be considered good for others, but in Cao Jingxuan’s eyes, it was abnormal.

She thought that she should have been in the Top 10, no matter what.

Who would have known that she would actually be stuck in eleventh place?

She took a deep breath and entered the office.

In the room sat the teachers from the admissions offices of several universities, including Xijing University.

After Cao Jingxuan had sat down, they also briefed her about the conditions of signing the contract and asked her to consider it.

However, the teacher from Xijing University did not speak from the beginning to the end.

“Student Cao Jingxuan, have you considered it?”

The teacher sitting in the middle asked.

Cao Jingxuan held her report card and hesitated for a long time before she finally spoke.

“Teacher Lin, Xijing University…”

Teacher Lin from Xi Jing University smiled apologetically.

“Dear student, I’m really sorry. Our quota is already full. Therefore, I’m afraid we can’t sign with you anymore.”

Cao Jingxuan was very embarrassed.

This was equivalent to a clear rejection.

However, she still did not give up.

Since she had already opened her mouth, she just had to make sure.

“… But, didn’t Ning Li and Pei Song not sign?”

If that was the case, she should still be able to get a spot, right?

Teacher Lin smiled and shook his head. He said concisely, “They are them, and you are you.”

Cao Jingxuan’s face instantly turned red. She felt extremely embarrassed and wished that she could find a hole to hide in!

The teacher’s words had been tactful and straightforward, implying that Xijing University was not interested in her, the eleventh-ranked student!

She forced herself to remain calm and managed to maintain the expression on her face with much difficulty.

“Thank you, teacher. I understand.”

The teacher sitting in the middle smiled and tried to help her out of her predicament.

“It’s alright, Student Cao Jingxuan. Haicheng Hua University welcomes you very much! Look–”

Cao Jingxuan took a deep breath, stood up, and bowed to the teachers.

“Thank you, teachers, but… I won’t be signing today.”

Cao Jingxuan walked out of the office.

The other students from Capital First High School immediately surrounded her.

“Jingxuan, how was it? Did you sign up?”

Cao Jingxuan was ranked the best among them, so of course, they were curious.

Cao Jingxuan shook her head:

“No, I rejected it.”

The others were stunned, and quite a few people looked over.

“You didn’t sign it? Why didn’t you sign it?”

“Yeah, didn’t you always want to enter Xijing University? Don’t you want such a good opportunity?”

Cao Jingxuan said softly, “Actually, my first choice is not the Institute of Physics. Didn’t Pei Song reject it as well just now? I thought about it for a long time, and I feel that I should apply for the major that I like so that I won’t regret it in the future.”

The others were full of envy.

“So, this is a straight-A student? She really is not afraid of anything with her grades in hand… If it were me, I’d be willing to go to any department, as long as I could get into Xijing University!”

“Me too!”

“Sigh, don’t think about it. Jingxuan will definitely be able to get into Xijing University easily in the college entrance examination. We can’t be envious of her!”

Cao Jingxuan tightened her grip on the file bag, but her expression remained the same.

“It’s university, after all. It’s better to choose the school and major you like the most.”

At the Lu residence.

Ning Li stayed in the same guest bedroom that she had stayed in previously and was sitting casually on the rattan chair on the balcony.

The file bag had been placed on the small table next to her.

She was holding her phone.

After one night and one morning, the Internet had completely shifted its direction in favor of Ye Ci.

The blogger who had initially posted the Weibo post which brought forward the suspicion that Ning Li had framed Ye Ci, retweeted his own Weibo post an hour ago.

[ Gossip Duck: It’s been so long.. Isn’t Ning Li going to come out and give an explanation? Is she feeling guilty? We can’t tolerate someone who openly cheated in the national competition, but we also can’t accept someone using dirty methods to sabotage their competitors and obtain results that don’t belong to them! This kind of behavior is even worse! We urge the competition team to thoroughly investigate this matter! ]