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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 369 - Did You Guys Agree on This?

Chapter 369: Did You Guys Agree on This?

A few more people went upstairs.

“Jingxuan, you don’t look too good. Did you not sleep well yesterday?”

“Yes, a little. Is it obvious?”

“It’s not that bad! Anyway, you’re pretty, so it doesn’t affect you much! But I rarely see you like this. Is it because you’ve been too nervous about the results today?”

“Don’t just talk about me. Aren’t you guys nervous?”

They were the examinees from Capital First High School.

Ning Li raised her eyes and looked in that direction. The person walking in the middle was Cao Jingxuan.

As if sensing her gaze, Cao Jingxuan suddenly raised her eyes and looked over.

The two of them looked at each other.

The smile on Cao Jingxuan’s face inexplicably froze.

The students around her seemed to have sensed the tension in the atmosphere and kept quiet.

Seeing that the office door was closed, one of the students could not help but ask, “Have the results been announced?”

Cao Jingxuan spotted the file bag in Ning Li’s hand and her expression changed slightly.

–Ning Li was the only one here who had taken this thing.

“It has begun. The first place has already been called in for discussion.”

Someone beside her added.

First place.

Cao Jingxuan and the others immediately realized something. Ning Li, who had gotten first place in every test at the Winter Camp, had undoubtedly won first place!

“In second place is Pei Song. He’s already been called in.”

“Yunzhou Second High School… is really awesome!”

“It’s a pity that Ye Ci didn’t finish the test that day. I would really have liked to know what kind of test results she could get.”

“Haha, I won’t be able to see how much she got, but I can wait to see what her punishment is!”

The crowd began to discuss in low voices again.

Without a doubt, the biggest commotion in the past two days had been the matter of Ye Ci cheating.

Of course, this matter also involved Ning Li.

But no matter what, Ning Li had already taken first place in the exam. She did not need to care about any mess on the Internet anymore.

Cao Jingxuan thought for a moment and walked towards Ning Li and the others.

She first looked at Lu Huaiyu and Zhou Fei.

“Senior Lu, Senior Zhou.”

These two people were famous figures from Capital First High School. Even though they had graduated a few years ago, they were still very famous among their juniors.

With Cao Jingxuan leading the way, the people following behind also came over to greet them.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was as aloof as ever.

Zhou Fei, on the other hand, was fine.

Although he had been tormented by Ye Ci’s matter, Ning Li had won first place today, which had finally given him something to be happy about.

He responded to them one by one.

Cao Jingxuan looked at the scene in front of her, and a subtle bitterness rose in her heart.

It was clear that Lu Huaiyu and Zhou Fei took great care of Ning Li.

She had gone to bed very late last night and read a lot of content related to Ye Ci and Ning Li on the Internet.

She really did not understand why a person like Ning Li would have any connection with Lu Huaiyu?

It went without saying that since Zhou Fei was Ning Li’s teacher, it was normal for him to take care of her.

But… what about Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li?

She could not figure it out.

Why was this noble and cold Second Master of the Lu family so close and concerned about Ning Li?

But of course, these questions could not be asked out loud.

She looked at Ning Li with her usual standard smile.

“Ning Li, I heard that you got first place. I haven’t congratulated you yet!”

She let out a sigh of relief.

“I really envy you! After this, you’ll be completely liberated! Unlike us, if we don’t do well this time, we will still have to go back and take the college entrance exam.”

Ning Li raised her eyebrows, and the corners of her lips curled up into an extremely faint smile.

“Speaking of which, I also have to thank you. Previously, when Ye Ci told me about red being auspicious, I didn’t take it to heart. But now, the facts have proven that it’s true.”

The smile on Cao Jingxuan’s face suddenly froze.

Ning Li continued to speak slowly.

“If you hadn’t accidentally spilled that banana milkshake on me that morning, I wouldn’t have gone back to change into that red down jacket. I might not have been able to get this result.”

Cao Jingxuan’s palms were wet with sweat.

After a long while, she forced a smile and said,

“That was an accident. You were able to get first place because you have the ability.”

The corners of Ning Li’s lips curved, but she did not say anything more.

Cao Jingxuan felt that there was something hidden in her words, so she felt a little guilty. However, she did not say anything more and waited patiently for the results to be announced.

In the office, several teachers sat behind a huge oval-shaped conference table.

Pei Song was sitting opposite them, with a file bag on the table in front of him.

The teacher sitting in the middle looked at him with a complicated expression.

“Pei Song, let me ask you again. Have you really thought it through?”

Pei Song nodded slightly.

The teachers looked at each other helplessly.

“You have to know that once you miss this opportunity, it will be too late to regret it.”

Pei Song’s expression was calm, and his voice was as cold and distant as ever.

“Thank you for your reminder, teachers, but I have already made my decision. I will not regret it.”

The office fell into a brief silence.

Finally, a teacher shook his head with a bitter smile.

“I really don’t know how your school educates you. The two of you are refusing this opportunity?”

Ning Li had done the same earlier, and Pei Song had done the same thing now.

The first and second places in the country in this competition were the ones who were most qualified to select their preferred colleges or universities and be interviewed for instant admission.

In the end, both of them had given up the opportunities.

Other people might not even have gotten such an opportunity in their whole lives, but if they said they did not want it, then there was nothing more to be done. It was really…

However, both of them had excellent results.

Even if they did not participate in competitions and still chose to take the college entrance exam, the top universities in the country would still allow them to take the exam.

In short, they had results, but they were willful!

The teacher in the middle shook his head and smiled.

“That’s enough. You can go back and prepare for the college entrance exam. Any university here will still welcome you and Ning Li.”

Pei Song stood up and nodded slightly.

“Thank you, teachers.”

Just like Ning Li, Pei Song’s conversation had lasted a long time.

Finally, he pushed open the door and walked out.

Everyone looked over with undisguised curiosity in their eyes.

Zhou Fei asked, “Pei Song, you should have signed with Xijing University, right?”

Pei Song was considered half a citizen of the Capital. Between Xijing University and Haicheng Hua University, the possibility of choosing Xijing University was higher.

Pei Song paused.

“No, I didn’t sign with them.”

Zhou Fei was stunned.

“You didn’t sign either!?”

His words immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Everyone was stunned.

Ning Li did not sign with any university, and Pei Song did not sign with any university either?

What was he trying to do?!

Zhou Fei subconsciously looked at Ning Li, and his gaze swept back and forth between the two of them.

He said in disbelief, “Did you guys… discuss this?”

Ning Li looked at Pei Song in surprise.

She remembered that in her previous life, Pei Song had successfully signed with Xijing University. Why hadn’t he done it this time?

Lu Huaiyu and his gaze swept over Pei Song’s body, with his brows raised slightly.

Pei Song explained calmly, “No, I just didn’t want to enter the Institute..”