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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 368 - Is About My Thoughts

Chapter 368: Is About My Thoughts

‘So, you saw everything just now.

‘So, you keep recalling the scene.

‘So, in your heart and mind, you are thinking about Lu Huaiyu.’

This casual sentence of Lu Huaiyu’s instantly formed several layers of meaning in Ning Li’s mind.

His voice and expression had always been low and pleasant to the ear. When he spoke in such a low and gentle tone, he appeared especially gentle.

Ning Li felt that his words were no different from saying that she had been thinking about him all this time.

She hurriedly took half a step back and reflexively replied, “I didn’t!”

Lu Huaiyu straightened up and looked at her with a faint smile.

Her ears and cheeks had flushed red, making her look like a jumpy little rabbit.

Those who did not know better would think that he had somehow stepped on her tail.

“Okay, so you didn’t think about it.”

He said casually, his eyes and brows full of indulgence, “I was thinking about it, okay?”

Ning Li, “…”

It was not as bad as her thinking about it!

All she had wanted was to ask him about that scar–

“Ning Li?”

Zhou Fei’s voice came from behind.

Ning Li turned her head to look and saw Zhou Fei walking over from the direction of the school entrance.

Pei Song was with him. He had obviously come to see the overall results.

Ye Ci was not with them.

“Teacher Zhou.”

Ning Li greeted the two of them.

Zhou Fei looked a little tired. There were shadows under his bloodshot eyes.

It was obvious that he had not slept well yesterday.

Zhou Fei was also sizing her up. Seeing that there was nothing wrong with her, she was relieved.

It had already been troublesome enough when Ye Ci had been exposed as cheating yesterday afternoon.

No one could have known that by evening time, someone would come out and make another accusation, by saying that it was very likely that Ning Li deliberately framed Ye Ci.

For a time, the Internet had been in chaos, causing him to not be able to close his eyes the whole night.

Before he had come, he had still been a little worried that Ning Li would be affected by these things, but fortunately, she looked okay.

“It’s good that you’re here. You should have received a call from the enrollment office of Xijing University and Haicheng Hua University, right?”

Ning Li nodded.

Zhou Fei heaved a sigh of relief.

“That’s good.”

Although he had not gotten his grades yet, Ning Li and Pei Song had both received a call from the headhunting recruiters from the universities. Clearly, they had done well in the exams.

As long as they performed normally, there would be absolutely no problem.

The small group entered the administrative building together and arrived at an office on the second floor.

The final grades would be announced here.

Before them, they saw a number of students and leading teachers who had arrived in advance and waiting there.

When they saw Ning Li, everyone kept a subtle expression on their faces.

The matter on the Internet had caused a big commotion, so they all had known about it.

Ye Ci had been caught cheating redhanded, and she had been punished. All of that had been within their expectations.

However, no one had expected that Ning Li would be implicated in this matter as well/

Moreover, the rumors were getting more and more intense, and the public opinion was very unfriendly to Ning Li.

Yet, she still looked very relaxed…

Some people were watching Lu Huaiyu.

When the Winter Camp had ended, he had come to pick Ning Li up personally, and many people had known about it.

However, not many people had witnessed it with their own eyes that day.

Seeing him here today, they realized that this man was even more outstanding than what the rumors said.

The office door was opened from the inside, and a teacher walked out.

“The final results will be announced according to the order of the rankings. Students whose names have been called, please come in and receive your certificate and file.”

All the students and teachers who were waiting in the corridor quieted down.

The atmosphere was tense.

The teacher’s gaze scanned the surroundings before finally landing on Ning Li. A smile appeared on his face.

“Ning Li, you may come in.”

The crowd became even quieter.

With this sound, it was almost certain that Ning Li had won first place in this year’s Physics competition!

Even though there had already been some speculation, it was impossible to say that they did not feel any envy at this moment.

That was… the number one overall score in the country!

Ning Li responded to the person and subconsciously glanced at Lu Huaiyu before walking over.

Ning Li was inside for quite a while.

The people in the corridor were anxious, but they had no other choice but to wait.

How had Ning Li become number one?

There seemed to be several teachers from Xijing University and a few other universities in the same office.

Who did not want to compete with her?

It was normal for her to take a longer time.

After a long time, Ning Li finally came out.

There was a file bag in her hand.

Everyone looked at it eagerly.

“I wonder if she signed with Xijing University or Haicheng Hua University…”

Someone murmured.

Zhou Fei went up to her.

“How was it?”

Ning Li nodded, opened the file bag, and handed the comprehensive report card to Zhou Fei.

Zhou Fei’s eyelids twitched when he saw the score.

After a while, he carefully put away the report card and returned it to Ning Li.

“Who did you sign with?”

Ning Li shook her head.

Zhou Fei immediately understood.

“You didn’t sign with any of them?”


Ning Li’s voice was light and her expression was calm.

Pei Song heard her and looked over.

The color of his eyes behind the lenses could not be seen clearly.

Zhou Fei’s tongue touched his cheek and he smiled.

Previously, Geng Haifan had told him before that Ning Li wanted to participate in the competition and also the college entrance examination.

He had not expected that the opportunity that other people only dreamed of would be here, yet she had given it up just like that.

It was her…

“Alright! Since you have already thought it through, then let’s do it your way.”

The office continued to call for people.

“Pei Song.”

The corridor fell into silence once again.

Ning Li had taken first place, but Pei Song had… taken second place?

In addition to Ye Ci, who had been disqualified for cheating, the three people from Yunzhou Second High were really…

Pei Song entered the office..