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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 366 - What Did You See?

Chapter 366: What Did You See?

By the time Ning Li had finished washing up and gone to bed, it was already past midnight.

On the Internet, the news of her framing Ye Ci for cheating had also become increasingly popular.

In a short period of time, many bloggers posted that it was indeed unreasonable for Ye Ci to have cheated with a cheat sheet.

In addition, many classmates, friends, and even teachers who had any connection with Ye Ci, whether big or small, had also come out one after another, to vouch for Ye Ci as someone who had always been outstanding and would never cheat.

There were also some people who cited a lot of evidence to show that she and Ye Ci were on bad terms, as if this would prove even more that she was the one who had harmed Ye Ci.

Very soon, the direction of public opinion on the Internet changed.

From initially accusing Ye Ci of cheating and insulting her passionately, to gradually becoming suspicious, and then finally blaming everything on Ning Li by insinuating that she had used some underhanded means to frame Ye Ci.

Even if the person involved did not say a word from beginning to end, it did not prevent the Internet from setting off a wave of public opinion.

He Xiaochen was still sending messages to Ning Li, and feeling like she was about to explode from anger.

[ Ning Li! Those people are really too much! They don’t know anything and are just spouting nonsense! Ye Ci’s results were okay in the past, but she was still one step away from Xijing University, right? What did the person mean by not lacking the qualifications to be guaranteed in this competition? Who in the whole of Second High School did not know that her recent exam rankings had plummeted? That informant is either not from our school, or they are deliberately lying. ]

[ In addition to that, that person is insinuating a lot of negative things about you! If you can’t any produce evidence, then you’re just spouting nonsense! Also, these people on the Internet are really easily led astray! Ye Ci’s cheating should be confirmed. Why is it that it now comes across as if she has been wronged? ]

Ning Li looked at the string of exclamation marks that she had put. It was not difficult to imagine her furiously typing away on her phone.

She could not help but laugh.

[ It’s okay. Today’s exam results and punishment results will be out. When the time comes, everything will be clear. There’s no need to argue with them. ]

No matter how much she said, people would take it as a sign of her guilt.

The results of the finals and the punishment notice were the most important things.

Hearing her words, He Xiaochen finally calmed down.

“That’s true! No matter how much they argue, it won’t change the final result.”

However, she was actually still angry.

Ye Ci had done something wrong, yet she still wanted to throw dirt on others.

[ Don’t read any more of those online comments. Go to bed early! ]

Ning Li said good night to her, put her phone aside, and went to bed.

In her room, He Xiaochen had intended to go to bed as well.

However, after lying down for a while, she could not help but take out her phone and get on to Weibo to challenge those people again.

Unfortunately, she was too weak, so her comments quickly sank.

By the time Ning Li woke up in the morning, it was already past nine o’clock.

She took out her phone, thinking that she would have received a lot of strange calls and messages to harass her. However, everything was clean.

She blinked her eyes.

Based on Ye Ci’s hatred for her now, she should have been itching to release all her information to the public.


She opened Weibo.

[ Ning Li ]

[ Ning Li framed Ye Ci for cheating ]

[ Ye family of Yunzhou Second High School ]

After a night of fierce battle, these few entries were also trending.

But the strange thing was that when she clicked into the relevant topic square, she found that the popularity of the relevant Weibo posts was very low.

This was the hot search that the other party had bought, so it was normal that the data was not high.

However, this had obviously been filtered.

She scanned a few times and found that although these topics had been posted, she did not find any Weibo or comments that had leaked her personal information.

That included her cell phone number, photos, address, and so on. All of it was clean.

She saw a few marketing accounts with millions of fans posting pictures, probably with her related content, and pictures that had been posted.

She heard familiar footsteps coming from outside.

Ning Li took her cell phone and walked out, but she did not see Lu Huaiyu.

He seemed to have entered the master bedroom.

Ning Li walked over and saw that the door was ajar.

Without thinking too much of it and she pushed the door open and went in.

“Second brother, over on Weibo is–”

Before she could finish her sentence, a half-naked, tall, and straight back came into view.

The lines on the man’s shoulders were smooth and straight, and the muscles on his back were perfectly formed. It was not hard to imagine the vigorous and astonishing strength hidden underneath.

He had a slender waist, with perfect lines that could cause people to daydream, hidden under his trousers.

Ning Li’s voice suddenly stopped, and she was completely stunned.

Lu Huaiyu was changing his clothes!

And she had actually barged in just like that!?

She had suddenly pushed the door open and entered, which was surely not what Lu Huaiyu had been expecting.

He paused for a moment, before continuing to change into a black shirt, buttoning it up from the bottom up.

He always seemed to carry himself with a proud and noble air. Even in such a situation, he still carried his body with a casual languidness.

Such a simple action made him look unspeakably casual and seductive.

Ning Li’s mind went blank. Subconsciously, she tightened her grip on the door handrail, and her heart started beating rapidly.

Lu Huaiyu had cocked his head to the side and buttoned the top button with one hand which highlighted his sharp and smooth jawline, and made his protruding Adam’s apple clearer.

Ning Li suddenly remembered that she had kissed Lu Huaiyu and… his Adam’s apple on this bed that night.

She held her breath.

“I-I’m sorry, Second Brother. I didn’t know you were changing–”

As soon as she said that, she made a move to leave.

Lu Huaiyu slowly took the tie and coat that was beside him, then raised his eyebrows and asked, “What did you see?”