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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 365 - Bite Back

Chapter 365: Bite Back

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li hung up the phone and clicked on Weibo.

The post related to Ye Ci’s cheating was already ranked sixth.

She clicked on it and saw that the Weibo post that had exposed Ye Ci’s cheating on the topic square had been blocked by another Weibo post.

[ Gossip Duck: I’m shocked! The national competition cheating case turns out to have another inside story? The real daughter was envied by the fake miss and was deliberately framed!? ]

There were a few pictures attached below.

The first one was the screenshot of a private message.

The name and profile picture of the person who had sent the private message had been cut off.

[ Hello, blogger, I’m a student of Yunzhou Second High School, and I’m in the same grade as Ye Ci. At the moment, the Internet is saying that she cheated, but as her classmate from the same school, I really can’t stand it anymore, so I have to say something. ]

[ First: Ye Ci has always been very outstanding. Her ranking has always been in the top ten of her grade. Even without participating in the competition, she is capable of getting into the Top Two of the national universities based only on the strength of her college entrance exam results. There was no need for her to deliberately cheat in the competition for a guaranteed spot in the university. ]

[ Second: Ye Ci has always been a good person. I accidentally got injured in PE class, and it was she who helped me get to the infirmary. She might not remember me anymore, but I’ll always remember her. It’s not just me. Most of the students in Second High School can testify that her character is absolutely fine.”

[ Third: Last but not least, everyone knows that the invigilation of the Physics competition finals is extremely strict. Wouldn’t Ye Ci would know that? Under such circumstances, why would she have chosen to carry a cheat sheet, a method that is extremely easy to be discovered? No one knew that she was staying with another classmate, Ning Li, for the duration of the exam in the Capital. In addition to this layer of competition with Ye Ci, there is a deeper contradiction between the two: Ning Li’s biological mother is Ye Ci’s stepmother. ]

[ Ning Li’s name may not ring a bell. But if you think back to the school violence incident where she choked a classmate and almost pushed that person down the stairs, you should have a bit of recollection, right? That person was her. ]

[ Her father is in prison, and her grandmother has passed away, so the Ye family took pity on her and brought her home. They’ve given her the best in food and clothing, and they even got her into Yunzhou Second High School. However, Ning Li has a problem with her personality. Ye Ci has always taken care of her, but Ning Li has never appreciated it. All the students in Second High School know that Ning Li has never even looked at Ye Ci in a nice way. ]

Ye Ci had always been fine. Why is it that the moment she went to take an exam with Ning Li, she was suddenly accused of cheating? Isn’t it strange? ]

[ Anyway, I believe that Ye Ci definitely did not cheat! Even if a cheat sheet was found on her, she definitely did not bring it herself! ]

After this picture, there was also a list of the many awards that Ye Ci had won in various competitions, both in and out of school.

Other than these, there was also a photo of her wearing a pure white gauze dress as she danced on stage.

That was her solo dance during one of the celebrations held at the Yunzhou Second High School.

She was delicate, gentle, and beautiful.

Anyone could see that she was an extremely outstanding young lady that had been carefully nurtured by an aristocratic family in all aspects.

The last photo, however, was a screenshot of a video with Ning Li.

Her face was half covered in the photo, but there was an aloof and ruthless air about her that could be felt even through the photo.

When the two photos were put together, the contrast was even more intense.

The comments on this Weibo were rapidly increasing.

Many people were discussing Ning Li in the comments section.

[ I knew that Yunzhou Second High School sounded very familiar. So, this is the school where the school violence incident happened? ]

[ Tsk, what this person said is not impossible. Why did this young lady who was originally doing fine, suddenly have all sorts of problems when she was with Ning Li? Looking at the photos, I can tell that Ning Li is not someone to be trifled with, right? ]

[ I have wondered before. Why would someone bring a cheat sheet to the Physics competition? That would be utterly stupid! However, it makes sense if they were framed. ]

[ How can there be such a disgusting person in this world? It’s not enough that they’ve taken advantage of others, yet they still want to frame them? Are they really that hard up to become a rich young lady? ]

[ This Ning Li is not a good person! We should investigate thoroughly! ]

[ The person above is right, but the difficulty lies in obtaining evidence. They eat and live together. Who knows when it was done? There aren’t even any surveillance cameras. ]

[ Ye Ci is so pitiful… ]

Ning Li casually swiped down.

There was obviously a troll army leading the way, and the hot comments were now all in favor of Ye Ci.

It was as if they had already determined that Ye Ci had been caught cheating because Ning Li had framed her, and Ye Ci herself had been completely unaware of it. She was completely innocent.

It was as if it had already been decided that she was a victim.

“What are you looking at?”

Without her realization, Lu Huaiyu had walked up to stand behind her. With one hand propped on the back of the sofa, he leaned over slightly.

The cool, cedar-like aura on his body instantly wafted over.

Ning Li turned off her phone and shook her head.

“Nothing, it’s only some small matters.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows.

“Small matters?”

At a glance, he had actually already caught sight of some harsh words.

Ning Li nodded slightly.

“It’s just some small problems. Don’t worry about it.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

It was as if she already expected Ye Ci’s side to bite back, so there was no surprise in her eyes.

Moreover, judging from her reaction, she seemed to already have a way to deal with it. She did not appear to be anxious at all.

He raised his eyebrows slightly.

“You really don’t care?”

Ning Li replied with an “hmm”, her eyes were frank and clear.

She had faced worse words and a storm of public opinion before.

To her, this was just a small issue.

Lu Huaiyu observed her quietly as if he was trying to see through the deepest part of her heart.

He had noticed a long time ago that Ning Li did not seem to bother about these things.

It was as if there was an invisible layer of armor in her heart that blocked out all the sharp blades.

However, he did not know where this layer of armor had come from.

He also did not know what kind of suffering his little girl had suffered.

Ning Li was a little embarrassed by his stare, so she stepped back quietly.

“Second Brother, shall I sleep in the guest bedroom?”

Lu Huaiyu stood up.


Ning Li returned to the guest bedroom.

Lu Huaiyu sat in the living room for a long time.. His eyes were deep, as his hands played with his phone.