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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 362 - Shameless!

Chapter 362: Shameless!

Other than He Xiaochen, several other people also sent messages to Ning Li, asking about this matter.

Ning Li swiped through all the messages but did not reply.

She put away her phone, tore off the candy wrapper, and put the candy into her mouth.

A strong peach smell spread between her lips and teeth, and her beautiful and clean peach-shaped eyes narrowed slightly.

Lu Huaiyu turned his head to look at her.

The two of them were about to walk out of the shooting range.

He had also vaguely heard the phone call from He Xiaochen.

Ning Li’s phone rang again.

Ye Ci was the one who was calling.

Ning Li rejected the call, and then simply blocked Ye Ci.

After walking a few steps, Su Yuan also called.

As usual, Ning Li rejected the call and blocked it.

There was nothing from Ye Ming, but after a while, Zhou Fei called.

Only then did Ning Li pick up.

“Teacher Zhou.”

“Ning Li, where are you now?”

Zhou Fei’s voice carried a hint of fatigue.

Ning Li turned her head to look at Lu Huaiyu.

“I’m with Second Brother.”

Only then did Zhou Fei feel relieved.

“That’s good. The situation here is a little chaotic at the moment. It might not be convenient for you to come back. I’ve booked a hotel room for you. You can stay there for the night.”

Ning Li paused.

“What’s wrong?”

Zhou Fei was silent for a moment, as he felt a little helpless.

“You know about what’s happening on the Internet, right?”

“Yes, I’ve read some.”

“Ye Ci now feels that you’re the one who leaked the news, so she’s become quite agitated. Mr. and Mrs. Ye are trying to calm her down now. For the sake of convenience, it would be better if you don’t encounter her for the time being.”

Zhou Fei had not wanted to do this initially, but the development of the matter had already gone out of his control.

This was all he could do.

Seemingly worried that doing so would make Ning Li feel uncomfortable, he added, “Don’t worry, I trust you. When the results are out tomorrow, I’ll go pick up–”

Lu Huaiyu took Ning Li’s phone from her.

“It’s not safe for her to live outside on her own, so I’ll take her home with me. Also, I’ll send her over tomorrow.”

Zhou Fei was stunned. He considered it carefully and decided that Lu Huaiyu’s suggestion was more appropriate.

After all, when they were had been in Yunzhou, Ning Li had also gone to stay at Yunding Fenghua’s place.

Moreover, this was the Capital. It was indeed the safest option to hand her over to Lu Huaiyu.

“Okay, then please keep an eye on her.”

Zhou Fei quickly hung up the phone.

He had to deal with several parties now, so he really did not have any extra energy left.

Lu Huaiyu returned the phone to Ning Li and raised his chin.

“Let’s go.”

Ning Li, “…”

Why was she suddenly going back with Lu Huaiyu?

She hesitated for a moment.

“Second Brother, actually, I could go back to Shuiyuan Shijia…”

“Oh right, I forgot about that. I thought you had already returned the key to Elder Yu when you left previously.”

Lu Huaiyu suddenly had a realization.

“However, I’ve already made an agreement with Zhou Fei–”

Ning Li, “…”

One side of her cheek was slightly puffy from the candy, and the smell of peach seemed to be even stronger.

She nodded.

In the hotel room, Ye Ci stared at the cell phone in front of her with bloodshot eyes.

She called Ning Li, but Ning Li had not picked up. When she called again, Ning Li had blocked her.

It was the same on Su Yuan’s side.

Zhou Fei walked over with a complicated expression on his face.

“Ning Li is going to meet a friend so she won’t be coming back tonight.”

Ye Ci sneered.

“What? Is she feeling guilty? Is it because she doesn’t dare to come back?!”

Zhou Fei frowned.

“Ye Ci, there is no evidence to prove that she did it. It’s not appropriate for you to say that.”

Normally, Ye Ci would not say such words in front of outsiders.

But now, she had already been reduced to this situation. How could she care about anything else!?

If it was not Ning Li, who else could it have been!?

Ning Li had disliked her for a long time. That slip of paper had been planted by Ning Li. Of course, she had to have been responsible for this leak!

Ning Li was clearly planning to completely destroy her!

Seeing that Ye Ci was still certain of Ning Li’s guilt, Zhou Fei also had a headache.

Just as he was about to try and persuade her otherwise, his cell phone rang again. The call was from Second High.

He could only tell Su Yuan to give her some good advice before turning around to answer the call.

Ye Ming was not present either.

Only Ye Ci and Su Yuan were left in the room.

Su Yuan looked at Ye Ci, knowing that she was on the verge of exploding. Thus, she advised, “Lil Ci, why don’t you stop looking at the phone for now? Why don’t you have a good rest and get some sleep?”

Ye Ci remained silent and continued to stare at the phone.

She mechanically opened the class group chat and saw the long list where people had tagged her. She felt as if there were a heap of stones pressing on her chest, making it difficult for her to breathe.

Then, she went to the forum and saw all kinds of comments.

Some people were scolding her for cheating and tarnishing Second High School’s reputation. Some people implied that she had cheated to get her provincial grade five. There were others who said that they wanted to ask the school to expel her. Second High School was a well-known school that was a hundred years old and they could not afford to have their reputation be tarnished!

At first, there had still been some people who had spoken up for her. However, as time had passed, no one had come out to clarify or explain. So, even those people became skeptical and kept their mouths shut.

As for Weibo, the situation was even more chaotic.

Under the Weibo post that had exposed the news, there were already tens of thousands of reprimands, and the popularity of the topic was still high.

Then, Ye Ci discovered that her name had become a hot search.

[ Ye Ci, who cheated in the national competition ]

Her heart jumped and she subconsciously clicked on it.

The first Weibo post on the feed was still the original post that had exposed the news.

She scrolled down and saw that many people were still commenting on this matter.

Suddenly, she saw that someone had posted a photo of her.

[ Everyone, look carefully. This is what that cheater, Ye Ci, looks like! Since she’s so shameless, I’ll just help her out a little! ]

In the photo, a huge bright red cross had been drawn across her face with a red pen! That red color was terrifying!


Ye Ci screamed and tossed her phone away!