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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 361 - Let Her Explain

Chapter 361: Let Her Explain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He Xiaochen sent a Weibo link to Ning Li.

Ning Li clicked on it.

[ Happenings on campus: Explosive news! National Physics competition finals, examinees caught cheating on the spot! ]

The blogger was an account with more than two million fans. Usually, he would mainly post campus-related news.

The blog post was accompanied by a screenshot of a private message and a photo.

The screenshot of the private message had been mosaicked, and the content was only a few lines long. However, the amount of information contained was huge.

[ Blogger, I have a shocking piece of news! This morning, in the National Physics Competition Finals, Ye Ci from Yunzhou Second High School brought a cheat sheet into the exam room and was caught by the invigilator on the spot! ]

This private message had obviously shocked the blogger. His first reaction was to reply with a series of question marks.

[ ??? Really?! Did someone really dare to cheat during the national competition? ]

The other party then replied with a photo.

[ Of course, it’s true. She was taken away before the exam had ended. Everyone present saw it clearly. Also, the inspection team’s car then arrived at noon. ]

That photo was the only one that the blogger had released.

A black car was seen slowly driving away from the school gate of Capital First High School.

Capital First High School had been the exam venue for this year’s competition.

This Weibo post had been released half an hour ago but already several VIPs were involved. Within a short period of time, the comments had already exceeded 10,000 and were still increasing at an alarming rate.

Everyone was stunned by this news, and the comment section was in chaos.

[ Cheating in the National Physics Competition!? Holy sh*t! What kind of crazy thing is this??? ]

[ How was this possible? For such a level of exam, the invigilators are extremely strict. Isn’t carrying a cheat sheet a bit too low? ]

[ This post even mentioned the school and the person’s name. It’s 80% true, right? The national competition’s results and rankings are published. So, if it’s fake, then what’s the point of this rumor? ]

[ Emmm… A friend of a friend of mine was also in this examination hall. So the news is said to be true. ]

[ To the person above, the friend of the friend you mentioned… Were you talking about yourself? ]

[ You really are a master at studying! Enjoy the spotlight then! ]

The comments section quickly went askew, and there was a neat row of [ You really are a master at studying! Enjoy the spotlight then! ]

Another comment was quickly pushed up.

[ Without mentioning anything else, I just want to say one thing: those who can enter the national competition finals will get at least 20 points for the college entrance exam. If they can get better results in the finals, they could potentially sign a contract and be sent into the Top Three in the country without even having to participate in the college entrance exam. ]

This comment received the most replies.

[ F*ck! 20 points! ? Free admission? Is this world just for big shots? I’m jealous! ]

[ Be reasonable. There are only a few dozen people in the country who participate in this level of competition every year and they are all top geniuses. For them to be able to get this treatment, is because of their ability. But, what about cheating? So many of us have worked hard to study for decades. Why can’t we just bring cheat sheets too? ]

[ The person above is right! I agree! Cheating in the competition can not be tolerated! Isn’t Yunzhou Second High School very famous? How could there be such a student? ]

[ Doesn’t the person involved want to come forward and explain? What kind of powerful person is this Ye Ci? Does no one want to find out? ]

Very quickly, the blogger replied with a comment.

[ It is said that the results of the competition will be announced tomorrow. If there are any punishments, they should be announced at the same time. In any case, whether or not there was cheating, we will know tomorrow. ]

Although the circle of the competition was small, in the eyes of many people, those who could engage in the competition were all very powerful. Everyone naturally had some admiration and respect for these people.

Now that the matter of cheating had suddenly occurred, naturally, everyone’s emotions were easily stirred up.

Apart from shock and astonishment, there was also anger.

The comment section had already become a sea of curses.

Because the matter involved a top national competition and was also linked to the college entrance examination and the university, public opinion had developed extremely quickly.

Ning Li withdrew from Weibo, while the forum of Yunzhou Second High School had long exploded.

The post about Ye Ci having been caught cheating in the exam had been pushed to the top and continued to go viral.

[ Ye Ci cheated? Is it Ye Ci from Grade 12 First Class from our school? ]

[ Who else could it be? There were only three people in our school who participated in this final. Who else could it be other than her? Her name was even mentioned. This can’t be fake, right? ]

[ Are you kidding me? Ye Ci ranked fifth in the province in the preliminary exam! Why would she bring a cheat sheet into the exam room to cheat? What a rumormonger! I don’t believe it! ]

[ Hahahaha! The person just above is killing me! If this news is fake, why hasn’t Ye Ci come out to clarify it? Even without mentioning the finals, how did she get her fifth place in the preliminary exam? It’s hard to say! ]

[ It’s just a screenshot of a private message and a photo. What does it mean? Maybe Ye Ci is currently busy and has not looked at her phone at all. Up until now, there has not been a single solid evidence of this matter. Some people have been enthusiastically cursing here. I think you’re just feeling sour. Are you jealous of her? ]

[ No way, no way. Don’t tell me that people really think that Ye Ci doesn’t know anything about this matter? It has already been blown out of proportion now. Even if she didn’t know, Ning Li and Pei song also took the exam with her. Why haven’t the two of them stood up for Ye Ci? At the very least, what about Zhou Fei? ]

Ning Li and Pei Song could still speak up. It might have been because their relationship with Ye Ci was not that good, so they could not be bothered.

However, Zhou Fei was different.

He was the leader of the team. His own student had caused such a huge cheating scandal, so how could he not react at all?

Until now, all these people remained silent.

Was this not enough to explain the problem?

[ I’ve already said before that based on Ye Ci’s results, she couldn’t possibly be qualified enough for the national competition. Was it achieved using this kind of method? Amazing, amazing! ]

[ If this is true, our school’s reputation will be ruined by her. ]

[ Can anyone contact Ye Ci? Can you ask her to quickly come online and give an explanation? She may not care about her reputation, but we care about ours! ]

In fact, there were quite a number of posts on the Second High School forum about Ye Ci.

After all, she had previously been recognized as the school belle. She had a good family background, talent, and a gentle and generous personality.

Every time someone had posted a photo of her, or she participated in a competition and won an award, it had always become a hot topic of discussion.

After Ning Li had transferred over, these posts had sunk.

Every time someone mentioned her, the focus of the discussion would almost always be about Ning Li.

Now, finally, the whole page completely featured her name, but it was because she had cheated in the national competition.

Weibo and other forums were blowing up.

In the senior year overall group and senior First Class group, countless people were tagging Ye Ci one after another, in a neat row.

[ @yeci ]

[ @yeci ]


[@yeci ]

There were no other words, but the meaning was obvious.

Everyone was waiting for an explanation from Ye Ci!