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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 359 - I’m Here, What’s There to Be Afraid Of

Chapter 359: I’m Here, What’s There to Be Afraid Of

The whole group went to a private shooting club located in the south of the city.

Compared to the one in Yunzhou that Lu Huaiyu often went to, this one was much larger in scale and had all kinds of top-notch facilities.

He had left the Capital for more than a year, and this was his first time coming back.

“Have you played this before?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li and asked.

Ning Li shook her head.


Hearing this, Ji Shu looked over.

Lu Huaiyu tapped her forehead lightly:

“Then, I’ll teach you later.”

Ning Li paused.

“It’s okay, I’ll just watch from the side.”

Hearing this, Gu Siyang immediately cried out, “Hey, Ning Li, this won’t do! Since we’re all already here, how boring would it be just to watch?”

If it had been any other young lady, she might not be interested in these things, and he would not have urged her to play.

However, Ning Li was different!

Her racing skills were obvious, and she was even more lethal on the track.

A little shooting game was nothing, right?

“Don’t worry! We won’t be competing with you. Since you’re still a newbie, just treat it as a casual game!” Gu Siyang continued to insist, “Besides, we came here today to celebrate you. You’re the main person! If you really only watch us play, then we won’t have any fun here!”

Ji Shu pressed between his brows and silently moved aside.

Some people really had a death wish and could not be stopped.

Forget it then. He just had to hope that the blood would not splash onto him.

Ning Li stood still.


Gu Siyang was very happy when she agreed to go on the field.

Lu Huaiyu looked at Ning Li.

“We’ll pair up. I’ll take her, and you can pick the rest.”

Gu Siyang had come here to compete with Lu Huaiyu.

Before he could take the initiative to bring it up, Lu Huaiyu had already spoken up first.

What great luck was that?

Especially when he was partnering up with Ning Li, a newbie. Wasn’t this going to be a guaranteed win?

If he won against Lu Huaiyu, then he, Young Master Gu, would be able to do whatever he wanted in the Capital in the future!

Thus, Gu Siyang immediately agreed without thinking.

“Alright, it’s a deal! Two people in a group, 100-meter shooting range, ten shots each. The scores from both partners will be added up to get the total result. The pair with the highest number of points will win!”

Lu Huaiyu nodded casually, indicating his agreement.

He took Ning Li to choose a gun.

Gu Siyang waved at Ji Shu.

“What do you think? This is a rare opportunity, so shall we do it together?”

Ji Shu smiled slightly. “My hands aren’t working well today, you should find someone else.”

Gu Siyang was stunned.

“Why aren’t they working? Are you injured?”

That could not be right. Ji Shu had been training well recently, and Gu Siyang had not heard of any problems with his hands.

Ji Shu patted his shoulder.

“Whether it’s injured or not, it will affect my performance. You said it yourself, this is a rare opportunity. Of course, you have to pick a reliable brother, right?”

“That’s true.”

Gu Siyang turned his head to look at Ron.

Ron seemed to be eager to give it a try as well, so he agreed immediately.

Ji Shu clicked his tongue and went to the side to sit down and rest.

Lu Huaiyu was teaching Ning Li.

“You have not had any experience before, so the recoil might be a little too strong. It’ll be better if you pull your elbow back a little. If you don’t think it’ll work, just call out to stop.”

Ning Li nodded.

He saw that her pretty little face seemed to be a little tense, so he thought she was nervous.

He chuckled and said, “Also, don’t worry about winning or losing. If you win, it’s on you. If you lose, it’s on me.”

Ning Li shook her head and said softly, “I won’t let you lose.”

Lu Huaiyu was stunned for a moment. Then, he raised his eyebrows and smiled.


As he spoke, he walked to the side.

“Let’s begin.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ron was the first to pull the trigger and fire the first shot.


9.0 points!

This was considered a pretty good result.

With such a good start, Ron and Gu Siyang were both very happy.

“Ning Li, it’s your turn!”

Ning Li raised her gun.

Her expression was as calm as ever. Only her hand, which was holding the gun, was slightly trembling.

After her rebirth, she had indeed not touched another gun.

And this time, her hand was still intact.

Then, her thumb slowly moved.


In the empty shooting gallery, the sound of the gunshot echoed.

Missed target.

Seeing this result, everyone was stunned.

Ji Shu, who had been lazily leaning back in his chair, could not help his expression from changing slightly when he saw this. He sat up straight.

Lu Huaiyu looked in Ning Li’s direction. His gaze paused on her hand momentarily, and his eyes darkened slightly.

After a moment, Gu Siyang scratched his head.

“Ning Li, you’re really a newbie among newbies!”

It made him feel embarrassed to continue competing. Wouldn’t it be considered bullying?

A few people sitting in the back laughed out of goodwill.

“Sister Ning Li already said that she hasn’t played before. Ron, don’t you guys know to go easy on her a little?”

Ron said faintly, “Did you guys see her go easy on us at the track?”

The rest of the group was rendered speechless.


It was a rare opportunity to regain some respect, so why not take it!

Gu Siyang looked at Lu Huaiyu and said, “Second Master Lu, are we still going to continue?”

Lu Huaiyu replied, “Hmm”.

Gu Siyang only regained his focus after receiving his affirmative answer.


9.1 points!

Compared to his racing skills, his shooting skills were still something to behold.

Gu Siyang saw that his results were pretty good, so he was very happy as well. He turned his head to urge Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Master, it’s your turn–”


Before he could finish his sentence, Lu Huaiyu had immediately fired a shot after him!

10.0 points!

The arena fell into dead silence once again.

The people sitting at the back stood up, one after another.

“Holy shit!”

“Full points?! What kind of superhuman is this?”

“No wonder Second Master Lu said that he would partner up with Ning Li. With this kind of standard, who could he not partner with?”

“I heard that he used to be in the army… However, if Ning Li continues to miss the target, Second Master Lu still won’t be able to win even if he has full points, right?”

Lu Huaiyu put down his gun and came to Ning Li’s side to help her adjust her posture again.

Ning Li’s hand was cold. He shook it very lightly.

He chuckled.

“I’m here. What is there to be afraid of?”

The two of them were very close to each other. His voice was also very soft, so only she could hear it.

Her heart suddenly calmed down.

She nodded lightly.

Only then did Lu Huaiyu step back.

Ron had already fired his second shot. This time, he got 9.1 points, which was even better than before.

Gu Siyang turned his head and smiled.

“Ning Li, don’t worry. It’s not a big deal even if you lose! After all, we didn’t place a bet. We’re just playing around–”


Ning Li fired her second shot.

9.8 points!