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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 356 - Talking

Chapter 356: Talking

Ye Ming’s slap had come so suddenly that no one had expected it.

The strength of his hand was extremely strong and the force of his slap made Ye Ci turn her head, stumble, and almost fall to the ground.

Su Yuan was stunned.

She had been married to Ye Ming for so many years, and it was not as if she had never seen Ye Ming get angry before.

However, no matter how angry he was, Ye Ming had never made a made violent move.

Who would have known that he would actually hit Ye Ci now!

Ye Ci was his most beloved daughter!

It was Zhou Fei, who was next to him, who reacted first. He grabbed Ye Ming’s arm.

“Mr. Ye! Please, let’s discuss this properly!”

As he spoke, he stepped into the room first, standing between Ye Ming and Ye Ci, which prevented Ye Ming from making another move.

A quick glance at Ye Ci showed him that a clear palm print already covered half of her cheek, which was rapidly swelling up.

She was already wrecked from crying, and now with this slap, she looked even more pathetic.

He frowned.

Ye Ci had indeed made a big mistake by cheating in the exam, but Ye Ming had immediately slapped her, and he had hit her so hard. It was really…

Although he was also very annoyed, he was still Ye Ci’s lead teacher, after all. There was no reason for him to just stand by and watch Ye Ming attack her.

Half of Ye Ci’s face was numb from the slap, and only after a while did she start feeling the dull pain.

However, all of this was not as bad as the pain in her heart.

She had always been Ye Ming’s precious pearl. All these years, Ye Ming had never said a harsh word to her before.

However, this time, he himself had given her a slap. It was enough to indicate how angry he was.

There was a buzzing in Ye Ci’s head. She slowly raised her hand to cover half of her face, and her tears flowed uncontrollably.

Ye Ming, however, did not seem to be satisfied. He raised his hand and pointed angrily at Ye Ci.

“I don’t have a daughter like you!”

Zhou Fei frowned.

“Mr. Ye, I invited you here because I wanted to discuss how to resolve this matter properly. If you insist on continuing with this attitude, I will have to ask you to go outside and calm down.”

Su Yuan also quickly said, “Why did you hit the child?”

As she said this, she quickly walked to Ye Ci’s side and hugged her.

With her heart in pain, she said consolingly, “Okay, okay… Lil Ci, please do not be sad. Your father was just behaving impulsively… Let’s not cry, okay?”

Ye Ci did not say anything. Her tears fell even more fiercely and her body was trembling slightly, as she sobbed away.

Ye Ming’s face was livid.

A passerby in the corridor seemed to have heard the commotion and he looked over curiously.

Ye Ming suppressed the anger in his heart and entered the room. He closed the door, blocking the gazes of the people outside.

Taking into account that Zhou Fei was beside him, he took a deep breath and forcefully shifted his gaze away from Ye Ci.

He was afraid that if he continued to look at her, he would not be able to hold himself back from making another move again.

He asked Zhou Fei, “Teacher Zhou, what exactly is the current situation?”

Zhou Fei sighed, his head in unbearable pain.

“Mr. Ye, Mrs. Ye, please take a seat.”

Zhou Fei then recounted in detail what had happened earlier that day.

He had seen the surveillance footage and participated in the subsequent investigation, so he explained it in detail.

Ye Ci sat beside Su Yuan. From start to end, she kept her head down and did not say a word.

Su Yuan’s expression gradually changed from her initial suspicion to shock, and in the end, only nervousness and helplessness remained.

In the beginning, when she had received the call from Zhou Fei saying that Ye Ci had been caught cheating, she had thought that it was a mistake.

But now, she knew that this matter had already been firmly established!

However, she actually did not understand the seriousness of this matter very well.

Her heart broke as she looked at Ye Ci who was crying so badly that her entire person seemed to have collapsed.

“Then, Teacher Zhou, if this is the case, then what will the most likely outcome be?”

Zhou Fei paused for a moment.

“Cheating in the finals, with conclusive evidence. The nature of it is extremely vile. At the very least, her results in the Physics competition will be canceled. Even the certificate and trophy from the preliminary competition will be withdrawn.”


Su Yuan was shocked.

“How can her results in the preliminary competition be canceled as well? Wouldn’t that mean that all her efforts in the past half a year would be for nothing?”

Zhou Fei’s voice became a little stern as he reminded her.

“Madam Ye, this is already the best result. You should be glad that the Physics competition and the college entrance examination are two different systems. Otherwise, with her cheating this time, it is very likely that she would be deprived of the opportunity to take the college entrance examination.”

Su Yuan was speechless.

Ye Ming’s expression had become extremely unpleasant.

He clearly understood what this matter meant more than Su Yuan.

The results would be canceled, and the honor would be revoked.

How glorious it had been back then, and now after this, how shameful it would be!

“Teacher Zhou, I want to know, will this punishment be publicly announced?”

This was the question that he was most concerned about.

Zhou Fei looked at him with a complicated expression. He had a rough idea about why he was so angry.

He nodded affirmatively.

“Yes. After the results are released, they will be handed back to the province and the school.”

Ye Ming was silent for a long time. The pressure around him was extremely low.

He knew very well that since Zhou Fei had called them over, there would be no hope of turning the situation around.

This matter of Ye Ci cheating was already set in stone.

After a long time, he said, “Teacher Zhou, I want to talk to her alone.”

Zhou Fei hesitated. “This…”

“I won’t do it again.”

Ye Ming knew what he was worried about.

“I just want to have a good chat with her.”

Zhou Fei saw that he seemed to have calmed down a lot and looked at Ye Ci.

“Ye Ci, what do you think?”

Ye Ci nodded.

Only then did Zhou Fei agree.

“Then, I’ll wait outside first.”

Su Yuan also followed him out.

In the end, only Ye Ming and Ye Ci were left in the room.

Ye Ming looked at her coldly.

Ye Ci was the first to break down and shook her head as she cried.

“Dad, I didn’t bring the cheat sheet! It’s all Ning Li’s fault! She’s the one who framed me!