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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 353 - Was Dragged Into the Water

Chapter 353: Was Dragged Into the Water

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At the moment, most of the examinees had not left yet. So, when they heard the sound, they looked over in shock.

The examination had already ended. Why had Ning Li still been called over?

On the other hand, Ning Li’s expression was calm as usual. She only nodded slightly.


After saying that, she followed the teacher and left.

After a while, someone muttered softly, “D*mn, Ning Li can’t be involved in this matter, right? Could it be that she–”

“Tsk, what are you thinking? There’s no need for Ning Li to do that, right? She’s capable of getting first place even with her eyes closed. Why would she need to do all that kind of nonsense?”

“…That’s true… Maybe it’s because she is more closely related to Ye Ci. I heard that they’re sharing a room this time as well…”

Pei Song looked over with narrowed eyes.

When Ning Li arrived at the office, many people had already arrived.

Other than Shu Hua, there were also a few middle-aged men who looked like men of authority, all of them looking very serious.

On the table in front of them was Ye Ci’s admission card, identity card, and the slip of paper.

On the computer screen at the side, it showed the monitoring of the examination venue.

They must have finished watching the replay.

Besides, Zhou Fei was also there.

He did not have any expression on his face.

Ye Ci stood there, her face devoid of any color.

“Team Leader Zhang, Ning Li has arrived.”

Hearing the voice, everyone in the office looked over.

The middle-aged man sitting in the middle was obviously Team Leader Zhang.

“Student Ning Li, don’t be nervous. I asked you to come here today to cooperate with the investigation.”

Ning Li nodded.

Ye Ci’s eyes were red and swollen, apparently having already cried for some time.

She went directly to Ning Li’s side and grabbed her down jacket sleeve tightly.

“Sister Ning Li, please can you help me tell the teachers? I really didn’t cheat!

“I’ve never seen that note before. I don’t even know how it appeared in my clothes either! Sister Ning Li, we were together the entire time since we came to the Capital. You can prove it for me, right?”

Team Leader Zhang and the others all turned to look at Ning Li.

Ning Li’s gaze swept over the hand that was clutching at her sleeve.

Ye Ci’s knuckles had turned white due to the force.

She looked at Ning Li with an extremely aggrieved expression, as if she had really been wronged.

Only the deep hatred and threat in the depths of her eyes revealed her true thoughts at this moment.

“Sister Ning Li, you will help me, right?”

Ning Li’s expression was calm as she peeled away her fingers one by one.

Ye Ci’s heart dropped bit by bit.

Ning Li said lightly, “I personally didn’t see her stuffing a cheat sheet into her clothes. I don’t know anything else about it.”

A teacher suddenly spoke up, “Of course, the more private it is, the better it would be for this kind of thing. Who would deliberately let other people witness it?”

The remaining people shared looks with each other, obviously thinking the same thing.

Ye Ci’s chest felt like it was about to explode as she almost screamed, “I really didn’t!”

Shu Hua knocked on the table.

“Ye Ci, calm down. Now, the witnesses and evidence are all here. We even have the surveillance cameras which you watched yourself just now. It’s clear that the note had been pulled out from your sleeve. “Whether Ning Li saw it or not, your actions in the examination venue all point to cheating. Do you understand?”

The reason they had called Ning Li over was purely because Ye Ci had refused to admit her wrongdoing, and continued to insist that she was innocent.

In order to carry out the investigation smoothly and to appease her emotions, they had agreed to call Ning Li.

However, Ning Li’s testimony had turned out to be meaningless here.

Everything was right in front of her eyes. The evidence was conclusive. Ye Ci had no room to argue.

Ye Ci had a splitting headache and her vision went black.

It was as if someone was holding a hammer and smashing it crazily at her head.

She heard each of Shu Hua’s words clearly.

She knew what that meant.

“I didn’t… I really didn’t…”

She mumbled as tears kept pouring out of her eyes. She was on the verge of breaking down.

However, at this moment, all of her words of denial seemed extremely pale.

Team Leader Zhang looked at Zhou Fei.

“Zhou Fei, this is your student from Yunzhou Second High School. Look, this matter…”

Zhou Fei was expressionless as he replied.

“We will handle it the way it should be handled. We respect and accept all the final results from the inspection team and the competition committee.”

Team Leader Zhang sighed.

Actually, the circle of the competition was only so big. They were all more or less on good terms with Zhou Fei.

Once this matter came out, it would definitely implicate Zhou Fei and the reputation of Yunzhou Second High School.

No one wanted to make this matter so ugly.

However, there was really no other way now.

The evidence was too strong.

He nodded.

“Alright. We’ll discuss the matter as soon as possible. By tomorrow at the latest, the results will be sent back to your province and school.”

Zhou Fei hummed in reply and stood up.

“It was me who brought the student who caused this problem. I apologize for causing all this trouble.”

Team Leader Zhang shook his head.

“Take them back first.”

Zhou Fei could not be blamed for this.

Who knew that Ye Ci would be so crazy?

Not only had Ye Ci cheated and sullied his reputation, but she was also troubling him now to keep an eye on her to prevent her from doing anything irrational with her impulsive behavior.

It could only be said that his luck was very bad to have such a student.

Zhou Fei agreed and took back Ye Ci’s ID card.

As for the admission card and the note, both were left behind.

He stood in front of the two girls, his gaze falling on Ye Ci. His voice remained calm, without any fluctuations.

“Let’s go.”

Ning Li turned around and walked out.

Ye Ci’s legs were so tight that they had become weak and she could barely stand.

She knew that she was really done for this time!

She suddenly cried out, “No! I didn’t cheat! It was Ning Li who cheated! It was her!”

Shu Hua felt that she seemed to have been provoked. In her desperation, was she trying to drag someone else down with her?

“Ye Ci, what nonsense are you talking about!?”

Throughout the entire exam process, Ning Li had answered the questions in her own assigned place. After she had finished writing, she had even slept for a while.

Moreover, he had more or less heard about the situation at the Winter Camp. Ning Li had publicly been acknowledged to be number one.

Why did she need to cheat?

If Ye Ci still had any sense at this moment, she would not have said such things.

However, she was already ruined.

She knew what would be waiting for her after today.

Since she could not get anything better, then Ning Li could not get anything better either!

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of the red color. Without thinking, she suddenly raised her hand to grab it!

She gripped Ning Li’s sleeve tightly and pulled it hard!


Ning Li’s sleeve was suddenly torn open, and a few pieces of white goose down fell out.

The office instantly went dead silent, and everyone looked over.

Ning Li frowned.

“Ye Ci, what are you doing?”

Ye Ci ignored her and focused on staring at her sleeve, as if she looking for something.

However, there was nothing.


On the ground, other than the scattered goose down, there was nothing else!

Zhou Fei’s voice also turned cold.

“Ye Ci, what are you looking for?”


Ye CI suddenly woke up!