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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 351 - A Note

Chapter 351: A Note

The invigilator picked up the sealed bag in his hand and showed it to the camera above the blackboard in the classroom to prove that the seal was intact.

Then, he took a knife out and carefully opened the sealed bag. He took out the question papers and answer cards from inside and handed them out one by one.

In the quiet classroom, only the sound of the paper flipping could be heard.

Another invigilator followed the same procedure and opened the second sealed bag.

The work papers were inside.

After the exam papers and work papers had been handed out separately, the invigilator took out the stationery that he had prepared from the sealed box and handed them out one by one.

A black neutral pen with two refills, a pencil eraser ruler, and so on.

Ning Li wrote her name and admission number down on the question papers, answer cards, and work papers one by one.

Then, she looked at the first question.

The multiple-choice question was exactly the same as the one she had written from memory.

She randomly marked a C on the test paper.

The time given for the test was three hours in total.

The paper had a large number of questions, and since no one was allowed to use a calculator, that made it more difficult to answer.

Not to mention, this was the final round of the national competition, so the difficulty of the test paper could only be imagined.

In the examination room, some people were writing rapidly, while others were thinking hard.

After Ye Ci accepted the paper, her first reaction had been to quickly scan through it from beginning to end.

When she saw the familiar questions, her worried heart finally relaxed.


Even if she only picked and chose which questions to answer, she would not be at the bottom.

She calmed down and started to write from the first question.

Time passed slowly, and yet half an hour still went by just like that.

In the quiet classroom, someone flipped through the papers.

Almost without looking, all the examinees present immediately guessed who this person was… Ning Li!

After all, they had experienced the same thing several times in the Winter Camp.

Other than helplessness and envy, there was nothing else they could say.

After a while, Pei Song flipped through the papers as well.

Tan Ruiqun, who was sitting in the first row behind him, flipped his paper as well.

The movements of these three people made the atmosphere in the classroom even tenser.

It was normal, but this was the finals.

Everyone’s emotions were stretched to their limits, and their spirits were extremely strained.

Any slight movement would stir the sensitive strings in their minds.

Ye Ci’s pen stopped. She resisted the urge to look back and continued to write.

Soon, the clock on the wall pointed to ten o’clock.

An hour had passed since the beginning of the exam.

With the heating in the classroom turned on combined with their nervousness, some students began to take their coats off.

Ye Ci listened for movements to the back and left of her, but there was nothing but the sound of writing questions.

Ning Li seemed to have not moved at all. She just continued doing the questions.

Ye Ci pursed her lips and suppressed her thoughts. She turned to perform the calculations on the paper.

When half of the exam time had passed, Ning Li finished the last question and covered her pen.

Tap. It was a very soft sound.

Then, she covered the work paper on top of the exam paper and the answer card.

She then lay down to rest.

Her movements were actually very light, but in this quiet classroom, all the movements seemed to be magnified greatly.

Almost half of the students in the examination room heard the sound on their side.

Cao Jingxuan sat against the wall with one hand on her cheek, as if she was thinking about how to solve the question.

Hearing the sound, she turned her head back slightly.

She was also very close to Ning Li.

When she saw that Ning Li was already sprawled on the table, as if she was about to sleep, her expression froze for a moment.

Even though the exam had already been going on for more than an hour, had Ning Li actually finished it?

It was true that she had always been the first to hand in her papers at the Winter Camp, but… This was the final round. How could she be so cavalier about this!?

She even suspected that Ning Li might not have even bothered to check.

She quickly turned her head and looked back at her own paper, feeling a little irritated.

After Ye Ci had finished writing out the answer to the third big question, her wrist felt a little sore, so she temporarily stopped to rest.

She scanned ahead and calculated her approximate score.

It did not seem to be enough…

She looked up at her watch.

There were only 40 minutes left until the end of the exam.

Ning Li had been sleeping for quite a while, but she did not seem to have woken up yet.

She could not possibly sleep like this until the end, right?

Ye Ci’s eyelids drooped slightly. After thinking for a moment, she raised her hand to take the pencil case, intending to change the pen refill.

However, her hand carelessly swept over it. With a loud crashing sound, the transparent pencil case fell to the ground.

This sound was quite loud, so many people were shocked and looked over.

Ye Ci hurriedly went to pick it up.

However, there was still no movement from Ning Li’s side. She was still lying over the table as if she was still sleeping.

Ye Ci became more and more anxious.

Ning Li had slept quite early last night. Why did she seem so sleep-deprived today?

She could not possibly sleep like this until the end of the exam, right?

After all her anxiousness, her body had started to sweat, so she unzipped her down jacket.

After writing for a while, she put down the pen and tried to stretch out her wrist.

She felt something prick her left wrist.

She felt that the jacket was a bit of a hindrance, so she decided to take it off.

The cuffs of the jacket were like Velcro, so she unzipped it.


Suddenly, a piece of paper lightly fell out.

At first, Ye Ci did not realize what had happened. It was not until she had unintentionally looked at it that she realized that it was not the toilet paper that she had been carrying in her pocket.

There were actually words on it!

Ye Ci’s brain instantly seemed to explode with a bang!

Almost subconsciously, she immediately bent down to pick it up!

However, at this time, the invigilator also walked over, his voice especially cold and stern.

“What is this?”