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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 349 - Tactics

Chapter 349: Tactics

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Ci’s lips turned pale. She pulled Cheng Xiangxiang hard.

“Xiangxiang, forget it. I really didn’t do well in the exams.”

The girls were quiet for a while before someone mumbled softly, “Who knows if she’s even capable of getting a free pass?”

Many students were still suspicious of Ye Ci’s Physics results.

Ye Ci’s heart was burning with anger because this person had hit the nail on the head.

However, she could not lose her temper in front of everyone. She could only ask Cheng Xiangxiang to sit down and stop arguing with them.

The bigger the commotion, the uglier the situation would be.

Cheng Xiangxiang could see that she was unhappy, so she had to let it go. After sitting down, she still felt unconvinced, so she turned her head and retorted, “It doesn’t matter if Lil Ci can deliver or not, it’s nothing to do with you anyway!”

The few girls secretly exchanged glances and smiled meaningfully.

It didn’t matter if she could deliver or not, Ye Ci’s test results this time were really bad.

Because of this farce, the atmosphere in the whole class became a little strange.

Ye Ci pretended not to know and merely lowered her head to read as she sat in her seat.

Knock knock.

Zhou Fei came to the door of the classroom.

Everyone quickly quieted down.

Zhou Fei looked around.

“Ning Li, Ye Ci, please come to the office.”

Ning Li guessed that it was about the finals, so she got up and walked over.

Ye Ci was one step behind as she followed her.

Without a word, Zhou Fei led the two to the office.

As they went downstairs, they bumped into Pei Song, who had just arrived, so Zhou Fei called him over as well.

Zhou Fei was the only teacher in the Physics department’s office.

He sat behind the desk and swept his gaze across the three of them. There were a few pieces of paper beneath his hand.

He tapped on them with his finger.

“The school has received the feedback on your results from the Winter Camp.”

Ye Ci instantly tensed up.

Zhou Fei’s gaze lingered on her for an additional moment.

“You all know how well you performed over there, so I won’t say much more. The most important thing will be the finals in three days.”

“The venue of the competition is still at Capital First High School. I’ll be leading the team there a day earlier. After the morning exams, the results and rankings will be released the following afternoon. Teachers from several universities will also start contacting you one by one, but ultimately, it will still depend on you.”

“For the next three days, the three of you will follow me for the final surprise training. Is that okay?”

Ning Li and Pei Song both said, “No problem.”

Ye Ci did not say anything. Her head was lowered as if she was deep in thought.

Zhou Fei called out to her.

Ye Ci raised her head in a daze and quickly said, “No problem. I will follow Teacher Zhou’s arrangements.”

Zhou Fei looked at her as if he wanted to say something, but he stopped himself.

In the beginning, he had already felt that there was something wrong with Ye Ci’s results, and it had turned out to be true.

The most important thing was that the situation was even more troubling now.

With Ye Ci’s standard, if she insisted on participating in the finals, no one could anticipate what kind of results she would get.

However, there were only a few days left before the competition, so it was useless to say anything more.

He handed over the papers that were face down on his desk.

“Alright, it’s settled then.”

The senior year students started their classes normally.

As for Ning Li and the other two, they followed Zhou Fei to another empty classroom for the final training.

Two days passed in the blink of an eye.

The class ended in the afternoon. Zhou Fei let them go home to pack their things in preparation to take the next day’s noon flight to the Capital.

This time, they would not be staying long. Ning Li would only be bringing a twenty-inch suitcase and a few pieces of change of clothes.

Ye Ci knocked on her door.

“Sister Ning Li?”

Ning Li folded a sweater and placed it in the luggage. She got up and went to open the door.

She leaned against the door frame without any intention of inviting Ye Ci in.

Ye Ci looked inside and quickly withdrew her gaze. She handed over the clothes in her hand.

“Sister Ning Li, this is your down jacket that Aunt Zhao sent for dry-cleaning previously. I brought it up for you.”

Ning Li looked down.

It was a short red down jacket.

She took it.


Ye Ci smiled.

“Sister Ning Li, this red is auspicious. Mom said that if you wear this, you’ll definitely do well in the exam.”

Ning Li looked at her as the corners of her lips curled up.

“Is that so? That would be great if that’s really the case.”


Ye Cheng ran upstairs and called out to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci responded and turned to leave.

Ning Li closed the door.

She came to the bedside and casually tore off the dry cleaning label on the down jacket, before touching the right sleeve.

Then, she took out a small pair of scissors and cut open the seam on the sleeve.

The thread here had obviously been cut by someone, and the re-sewn seam was of inferior quality. There was almost no need for scissors, as it would come apart with a slight pull.

A piece of paper fell out.

She picked up the piece of paper, examined it for a while, and smiled.

This was so familiar.

In her previous life, it was this piece of paper that had been used as proof that she had cheated.

Once again, Ye Ci was using the same method.

She put away the piece of paper, folded the down jacket, and put it in the box.

At noon the next day, Zhou Fei and Ning Li boarded a flight to Beijing.

It was already afternoon when they arrived at Capital First High School.

The school had booked a hotel for them near Capital First High School.

Zhou Fei and Pei Song were in the same room, while Ning Li and Ye Ci were in the same room.


At night, the room was very quiet.

Ning Li was lying on the bed playing with her phone. Her luggage was casually placed aside and opened.

Ye Ci took a look and saw the red down jacket at the top. She was slightly relieved.

“Sister Ning Li, shall I go wash up first?”

Ning Li did not even raise her head.