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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 348 - Guaranteed Delivery?

Chapter 348: Guaranteed Delivery?

Ye Ming’s face turned pale.

Ning Li’s meaning was very clear… She just didn’t want to help!

The atmosphere in the study room was cold.

Ye Ci looked at Ye Ming in a panic.

What should she do?

On the day the final results had been released, she had had a long talk with Ye Ming. She had told him about the preliminary competition and the events that had happened at the Winter Camp.

Ye Ming had been furious, but Ye Ci was his biological daughter, so of course, he had to protect her.

Moreover, this matter involved the Ye family’s reputation.

Therefore, he had been waiting for Ning Li’s return, intending on asking her for the second notebook.

If Ye Ci had been able to rely on the first notebook to get fifth place in the province, then maybe borrowing the second notebook would help her get a good result as well.

Ye Ci knew that if she asked to borrow it, Ning Li would definitely not give it to her. However, Ye Ming might be able to do it.

However, Ning Li still bluntly refused.

If she was really determined not to help, then… What should she do in the finals!?

The closer it got to the exams, the more panicked Ye Ci became.

She did not dare to imagine what awaited her once the results were out.

Ning Li did not seem to see the dilemma between father and daughter. She said lightly,

“Uncle Ye, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave first. After all, there are only a few days left before the finals, and I’m quite pressed for time.”

What she meant was that she did not want to waste even a second more with them.

After saying that, she did not wait for Ye Ming to express his position. She simply turned around and left.

The study room fell silent for a long time.

Looking at the door that was closed again, it took Ye Ci a long while to compose herself. She looked at Ye Ming with red eyes.

“Dad, what should we do now?”

If she really went to the finals, her reputation would be completely ruined!

Ye Ming lit a cigarette and frowned.

Tears were falling from Ye Ci’s eyes. The panic, unwillingness, and anger in her heart gradually turned into hatred for Ning Li.

The questions in the competition were not difficult for Ning Li at all. As long as she was willing to help tutor her during this last period of time, it was definitely not too late.

She could have helped her, but she refused!

Wasn’t it obvious that she was doing this on purpose!?

Ye Ming finished his cigarette and finally said,

“Alright, you can go back first. I’ll help you to think of a way.”

Ning Li went back to her room and did a science paper. She then memorized two large English essays.

While in the middle of that, she even discussed a math problem with He Xiaochen.

After doing all this, she took out a blank A4 paper.

Then, she calmly and seriously wrote a question on it.

This was a calculation problem of movement and speed.

It was also the first question of this year’s physics competition final.

Ning Li stared at the question for a while, then moved the tip of the pen down, and began to write the second question.

An hour and a half later, the complete exam paper for the physics competition final appeared in Ning Li’s hand.

Moreover, the whole exam paper had been fully answered.

The answers were clear, the steps were simple and smooth.

Ning Li checked it twice and turned on the computer after confirming that there were no problems.

For the next few days, Ning Li left early and returned late every day.

Ye Ci seemed to have given up on seeking her help and spent most of her time studying in her own room.

In the blink of an eye, it was the day that the senior year of high school in Yunzhou Second High started school early.

The winter holidays of the first and second years of high school were based on the school calendar. The third year of high school was a special case. Classes were to start not long after the Chinese New Year.

Perhaps it was because they had only just finished their holidays that many people had yet to start concentrating. The whole senior year of the high school building was particularly lively.

Even the First Class of the senior year of high school was no exception. The class was in an uproar.

“Hey, how much New Year’s money did you receive this year?”

“You still get New Year’s money? Dad stopped doing this three years ago, okay? Did you finish your final homework? Lend it to me to copy!”

“Hey hey! Isn’t this the final exam results? When my grandpa saw it, my New Year’s money doubled! Doubled, I tell you!”

“Oh, just stop mentioning the final results! I don’t know what the school was thinking, releasing the results on New Year’s Eve. My house was almost destroyed by my parents! If it wasn’t for my endurance–”

“Please add me to the victim list! I almost didn’t get to see the sun on the first day of Chinese New Year!”

“It’s alright. I paid my respects to the school beauty Ning and the class monitor before the exam, so I narrowly passed the test! Hahahaha! They are forever gods!”

“I’m really impressed. I don’t even know how they got that score…”

As everyone was talking, Ning Li and Ye Ci walked into the classroom one after another.

The class suddenly went silent for a moment.

As soon as Ye Ci entered, she felt the gazes of practically everyone on her.

Unlike the adoring, admiring, and even jealous gazes of the past, this time, she clearly felt that the gazes of these people were now filled with surprise, ridicule, and gloating.

First Class was the best in the entire senior year of high school, with most of the outstanding students in the entire grade gathered here.

Even if their grades were at the bottom of class one, under normal circumstances, they could still be ranked at the top of the grade.

It was also because of this that once someone’s grades dropped, everyone would quickly know.

Not to mention, that person was Ye Ci.

Her final results ranked at the 280th place of the entire grade, and she was also at the bottom of First Class.

Throughout the entire holiday, especially after the final grade had been announced, Ye Ci had not said a single word in the group.

However, now that school was starting again, and everyone had to meet.

On the way here, Ye Ci had actually taken a long time to prepare herself mentally.

However, when the moment came for her to actually stand in the classroom, her face went stiff, and her limbs turned cold.

Even without them saying anything, she still felt the endless ridicule and contempt aimed her way!

“Lil Ci.”

Cheng Xiangxiang walked over, took her arm, and carefully observed her expression.

After Ye Ci had gone to Beijing to participate in the Winter Camp, the two of them had not had much contact.

Later, when Ye Ci had finally come back, she had wanted to ask her out but was caught off guard by the final results.

Cheng Xiangxiang had not expected Ye Ci to be worse than her this time.

Later, she had called Ye Ci a few times to ask her out to relax, but she had been rejected by Ye Ci.

Today, she was finally able to see her.

Ye Ci forced a smile and returned to her seat.

Just as she sat down, a very soft voice came from the side.

“Compared to Ning Li, I’m very curious. How did Ye Ci score?”

The person who had spoken was a girl. It was probably because she did not like Ye Ci that she did not want to miss this opportunity, now that she had it.

She laughed and said, “Could it be that after being a good student for such a long time, she now wants to experience the feeling of being a bad student?”

The girls who were surrounding her laughed along with her.

Every class had its cliques, especially the girls.

Cheng Xiangxiang immediately exploded.

“What are you guys talking about?”

The girls looked over and one of them shrugged.

“To be honest, the exam has already been taken. Are you not allowing people to talk about it now?”

They weren’t the ones who had made Ye Ci fail the exam, so why was she coming after them now?


Cheng Xiang was furious.

“Lil Ci just didn’t perform well this time! Besides, she’s still busy with the physics competition, and she might be able to get a free pass very soon. Can you guys do the same?”