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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 346 - Two Notebooks

Chapter 346: Two Notebooks

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next morning, Lu Huaiyu sent Ning Li to the airport.

Ning Li said goodbye to him and boarded the plane back to Yunzhou.

At noon, Ning Li returned to the Ye family.

Ye Ming had gone to the company, Su Yuan had taken Ye Cheng out to play, so only Ye Ci was at home.

Recently, there had been a sense of low pressure in the household.

Su Yuan had only thought that it was because Ye Ci had not done well in the final exam. She did not know about the physics competition.

She had privately tried to give Ye Ci advice a few times. However, she found that it had little effect, so she did not continue to nag her.

After all, things like grades could not be improved just by saying a few more words.

In addition, she was also afraid that if she mentioned it too many times, it would put more pressure on Ye Ci.

So recently, she had begun to secretly look for a tutor.

She did not know that Ye Ci was this way not because of the final grades, but more because of the competition.

Aunt Zhao was cleaning the dishes in the kitchen when she heard a noise and looked over.

When she saw that it was Ning Li, she immediately spoke in a strange tone.

“Oh, so it’s Miss Ning who is back? Why didn’t you tell me in advance? I didn’t leave you any food.”

There was no need to ingratiate herself with an outsider who had not even come back for the New Year.

Who knew where she had gone to be wild again?

Although Aunt Zhao was smiling, she did not hide the contempt in her eyes. When she saw Ning Li pushing her suitcase in, she did not make a move to help.

Ning Li ignored her and carried the suitcase upstairs.

Aunt Zhao was very humiliated to be ignored like this.

It was not until Ning Li had gone upstairs that she could not help but snort coldly.

“Do you really think you are the eldest miss here? You don’t follow any rules at all! What is there to be proud of? Sooner or later, you will be kicked out!”

Ye Ci was waiting in her room. When she heard the noise outside, she guessed that Ning Li had come back. She covered her phone and said, “Jingxuan, Sister Ning Li is back. I have to hang up now.”

Cao Jingxuan was a little surprised.

“Did she just return from the Capital?”


Cao Jingxuan seemed to smile.

“I’m so envious. My parents are very strict with me during the Chinese New Year. One day, if only I can go out just like Ning Li, I could stay as long as I want.”

Ye Ci pursed her lips slightly and said softly, “Sister Ning Li’s grades are good, and her personality is independent. My parents have never needed to worry much about her.

“That’s true. Her grades are indeed good. If only I could do as well as her, I would be so happy.”

Cao Jingxuan laughed as she spoke cheekily.

“Then I’ll hang up first.”

“Okay, bye.”

Ye Ci hung up the phone and her gaze fell on the open paper on her desk.

She had been looking at this circuit diagram for a long time, yet she still had not been able to figure it out.

If it was Ning Li… She should be able to write it out easily, right?

She thought of Cao Jingxuan’s words again, gritted her teeth, and got up to open the door.

Ning Li had already walked to the door of her room.

Ye Ci called out to her, “Sister Ning Li, you’re back?”

As Ning Li opened the door, she looked back at her.

“What’s the matter?”

Her expression was as calm and cold as ever, with a layer of invisible estrangement.

For some reason, when she encountered those clear peach blossom-shaped eyes of black and white, the words in her throat suddenly could not come out.

“Nothing, nothing…” Ye Ci muttered.

“You haven’t been back for a long time. Father, Mother, and Xiao Cheng miss you very much.”

After she had finished speaking, she saw that Ning Li seemed to be smiling.

However, upon closer inspection, that smile disappeared again, as if it had only been an illusion.

“Is that so?” Ning Li asked faintly.

At the same time, she pushed the door open and pushed her luggage in. It seemed that she did not have any intention of listening to Ye Ci’s reply.

It was merely a perfunctory sentence.


The room door closed.

Ye Ci stared at the door for quite a while, her motions surging within her eyes.

In the end, she did not say anything and turned back to her room.

She sent a message to Ye Ming and Su Yuan, saying that Ning Li was back.

Ning Li took a nap and went out at three in the afternoon. She took a taxi to the rented house.

She did not return to the Ye family until seven in the evening.

The food on the table was very sumptuous. Ye Ming and the others were all there but were not eating yet.

They seemed to be waiting for her.

As expected, the moment he saw her, Ye Ming waved his hand.

“Ning Li, so you’re back? Come and eat.”

Ye Cheng rolled his eyes.

He really did not know why the whole family was waiting for Ning Li here!

However, the atmosphere at home these few days had not been good, so he did not dare to make a scene.

Ning Li raised her eyebrows slightly.

Such a big scene was really rare.

She walked over with a normal expression.

Ye Ming said, “We’re all family. We weren’t able to have a meal together this New year’s Eve, so this meal will be your welcome home.”


The corners of Ning Li’s lips curled up into an extremely faint smile.

“Thank you, Uncle Ye.”

There was a subtle atmosphere during the meal.

Ye Ming spoke a little more and asked Ning Li several questions, most of which were about her spending the New Year in Beijing.

Ning Li picked her answers carefully, purposely evading some of his questions.

After a meal was, there was nothing more Ye Ming could ask.

Only then did he realize that Ning Li was more difficult to deal with than he had thought.

However, that was not the point.

After dinner, Ye Ming called Ning Li and Ye Ci to the study.

Su Yuan did not understand. However, this was Ye Ming’s decision, so of course, she would not object.

Ning Li put down her chopsticks and got up to go upstairs.

Ye Ci followed closely behind.

“Sister Ning Li, please wait for me.”

In the study.

Ye Ming sat on a chair, with his arms crossed.

“Ning Li, Lil Ci, please sit.”

Ning Li did not move.

“Uncle Ye, if you have something to say, just say it.”

Ye Ming choked for a moment, but he looked at Ye Ci next to her. After a long silence, he finally spoke.

“I already know about what happened at the Winter Camp.”

Ning Li’s expression was calm as she waited for his next sentence.

Ye Ming hesitated.

“Ning Li, I invited you here today because I have something to ask you.”

“Lil Ci said that you helped her write two notebooks. Is that right?”