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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 344 - Self-Humiliation

Chapter 344: Self-Humiliation

Xu Yini paused.

Of course, she remembered that she had come here today to discuss a possible collaboration with G&S.

If not for this matter, she would not have waited so long!

However, the people from G&S had been too much!

“Did you see how they treated me at the audition venue, Sister Mei?”

Xu Yini’s face was practically blue with anger.

She had been pampered since she was young, and had always been surrounded by people who were obedient to her. That was why she had the temper of a pampered miss.

Over the years, other than Lu Huaiyu, she had almost never been refuted like this in front of other people.

“They chased me away. Do I have to swallow my pride and continue to stay here?!”

In her anger, Xu Yini was holding on to her bag tightly. Her beautifully manicured nails had left several marks on the leather, and her knuckles had turned white.

All Mei Li could do was to try her best to coax her.

“Alright, alright. Edmund said that for a reason, right? After all, it’s a G&S interview. It’s not appropriate for you to go in just like that…”

As she spoke, she saw Xu Yini’s expression become even worse, so she hurriedly stopped her.

“What I mean is, he wasn’t targeting you. He wasn’t targeting you. So, don’t think too much about it. All this time, he’s always had a good impression of you. Don’t you know that? Many people in the industry have tried to build a good relationship with him, but they haven’t succeeded, no matter how hard they’ve tried! Think about it, who else can compare to you?”

At this point, Xu Yini’s expression finally eased up a little.

Mei Li continued to persuade her.

“Also, whether or not we can get the collaboration from this company depends on him.”

Edmund was the Fashion Design Director of G&S, so he had a lot of influence.

Xu Yini would not have spent so much effort on him if it were otherwise.

Xu Yini’s voice still showed her annoyance.

“Even so, he did not show me any respect just now! There were so many people present, and they saw everything clearly!”

She could not afford to be so humiliated if word got out!

Mei Li did not seem to be overly concerned about this.

“Don’t worry about that. G&S’s audition screening process is very strict. No one is allowed to bring along any communication or video recording equipment, including cell phones. So today’s matter won’t be made public. Even if a few people don’t keep their mouths shut, at most, it will just be a small-scale matter. Without evidence, there’s no need to care about it at all.”

Seeing that Xu Yini’s attitude had finally relaxed a little, Mei Li tried to persuade her again.

“Also, there’s Ning.”

Ning had not attended the Autumn and Winter press conference previously, and Xu Yini had been thinking about this matter.

It had not been easy to bump into her today, and she could not afford to miss the opportunity again.

Xu Yini took a deep breath.

She would just wait!

As long as she could get what she wanted, everything else… She just had to wait!

The audition had lasted for a total of three hours.

Although it was an audition, most of the resumes had actually already been filtered out.

Only the best of the best had been allowed to enter the audition venue.

In the end, a total of nineteen people had been decided.

After the audition, Ning Li and George discussed several details, which included the materials, colors, and types of gemstones needed for the heavy industry section.

In another part of the building, Edmund finally came to the waiting room.

“Miss Xu, I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Xu Yini stood up.

She was still angry, but she could not lose her temper now.

An apologetic look appeared on her face.

“I should be the one apologizing. I should not have barged into the audition venue earlier.”

Her apology seemed to be very sincere.

Of course, it was only a front.

Edmund looked at her, as he frowned slightly.

Previously, he had always thought highly of Xu Yini, which was why he had repeatedly helped pull some strings for her.

However, what she had done today had really surprised and disappointed him.

Mei Li looked behind Edmund and found that no one else had come over. She could not help but feel uneasy.

Why was he the only one here?

Had they not said that they would be discussing a possible collaboration?

Xu Yini had also taken notice of this.

“Edmund, why are you the only one here?”

Edmund looked at her, paused for a moment, and said, “The Director of the Marketing Department and the Director of the Public Relations Department aren’t coming.”

“They’re not coming?

Xu Yini was stunned.


Hadn’t they said that everything was fine earlier?

They had been very interested in working with her for the brand promotion of the other product lines of G&S.

So how come now–

“Because those two have already seen you,” Edmund was expressionless. “At the interview venue just now.”

Xu Yini was stunned at first, but then she suddenly realized something.

Those two had also been interviewers!

So, they obviously knew about what had happened when she had suddenly barged in just now!

Edmund said faintly, “The female interviewer who translated for you was Amy, the Director of the Marketing Department, and the one next to her was Liu Fei, the Director of the Public Relations Department.”

Xu Yini’s heart quickly sank, and her whole body felt cold.

She had not had much contact with the people in the G&S headquarters before. Thus, she had not met those two people before. Now that she heard Edmund’s words, she started to put two and two together.

She had made a huge mistake! She had actually forced her way into the audition venue in front of these people!

“They asked me to inform you that since they’ve already met you on the ninth floor, there’s no need for a second meeting. Miss Xu, I’m sorry but you’re not the best candidate for our collaboration at this time.”

As Edmund looked at her, his eyes were no longer filled with admiration and praise.

“Unfortunately, I think so too.”

Xu Yini did not speak for a while.

Even a fool would be able to tell that Edmund himself had rejected her on behalf of G&S!

There would be no room for discussion anymore!

If she had known earlier that they would both be present at that time, she would not have…

However, it was too late to say this now.

Mei Li was beside her. Although she did not understand what was said, it was not difficult to figure out Edmund’s meaning from Xu Yini’s expression.

She was also feeling anxious.

“Yini, quickly ask about Ning!”

Even if she could not work with G&S, it would not hurt to try and make contact with Ning.

Xu Yini took a deep breath.

“I understand. I suppose working together also depends on fate. All I can say is that it’s a pity. By the way, Edmund, Ning should still be here, right? I wonder if you could…”

Edmund shrugged.

“Ning also witnessed the situation at the venue. If that’s the case, do you still want to insist on seeing her?”

Xu Yini suddenly felt something prick her heart.

Edmund’s meaning was very obvious. Ning definitely did not have a good impression of her based on her actions earlier. Under such circumstances, if she still insisted on meeting her, the other party would most likely reject her.

Xu Yini, why bother to humiliate yourself further?

However, the more she did so, the more unwilling Xu Yini became to let the matter rest.

She gripped her handbag tightly and nodded.

Edmund glanced at her.

“On account of our previous relationship, I’ll help you ask. But whether it can be done or not, will not be up to me anymore.”

Xu Yini’s face turned pale.

What Edmund meant was that after this phone call, he would not have any more dealings with her!

Edmund then dialed George’s number.