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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 343 - : Elimination

Chapter 343: Elimination

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The hall was very quiet, so Edmund’s words were extremely clear.

He had spoken in German, which most people did not understand, but Xu Yini did.

The smile on her lips suddenly froze, and for a moment, she almost thought that she had heard wrong.

All this time, her relationship with Edmund had always been very good, and he had expressed his appreciation for her more than once.

She had not expected Edmund to say such words to her in front of so many people on this occasion.

He had not given her any face at all.

Many of the surrounding models secretly exchanged glances.

“Isn’t that Xu Yini? Why is she here? Could it be that she wants to take part in G&S’s big show as well?”

“How is that possible? Currently, she is already popular. Why would she come to fight for such a small opportunity?”

“That might not be the case. I heard that she had competed with Tang Wei for the position of G&S’s brand ambassador before, but it didn’t work out in the end. She came here in such an ostentatious manner today. She must be here for the collaboration with G&S! However, she’s a first-tier celebrity with a good family background. We can’t possibly compare to her!”

“What did Edmund say to her just now? Did any of you understand? I thought that they had a pretty good relationship–”

All sorts of discussions rang out. Xu Yini heard most of them and her expression became even more unsightly.

“Miss Xu?”

Seeing that she had not given any reaction, a female member of the panel sitting next to Edmund called out again.

She thought that Xu Yini had not understood Edmund, so she translated his words.

“Mr. Edmund said that this is the audition venue and no one is allowed to enter unless they are involved in the audition process. So, please leave first.”

As soon as these words were said, all the voices in the venue instantly went silent.

The air froze.

Everyone looked at Xu Yini with different expressions.

Some were surprised, some were mocking, and some gloated over her misfortune.

They had thought that she was so amazing. She had just casually strolled in and acted as if she was very close to Edmund. However, in the end… she was being chased out in public, just like that?

Xu Yini gritted her teeth, but Edmund did not look like he had any intention of speaking up for her.

In the meeting room on the sixteenth floor, Ning Li watched this scene calmly.

George leaned against the chair with a smile on his handsome and exquisite face.

“Edmund, it seems that Miss Xu doesn’t know you well enough.”

Edmund was a very talented person. He was passionately creative, but at the same time, he was very clear about the distinction between love and hate. He was also exceptionally stubborn.

Thus, his likes and dislikes were usually very obvious.

Whether it was for a piece of fabric, a button, a manuscript, or a person.

Edmund did have a good impression of Xu Yini.

After all, she was pure and beautiful, and she was good at talking.

That was why he had agreed to help Xu Yili.

However, he had a bottom line: when he was working, he would never allow anyone to disturb him.

Xu Yini had not followed the rules. She had crossed the line by coming in without an invitation.

In Xu Yini’s eyes, she and Edmund had a good relationship. All she had done was just to come and say hello. She did not think it was a big deal.

For Edmund, however, this was not the case.

George’s words had a deeper meaning. Xu Yini had been in frequent contact with Edmund for some time. To be able to make him like her so much, it was obvious that she had done intentionally done something.

George had turned a blind eye to it so far. He knew that Edmund had a clear distinction between public and private affairs, so he did not care.

But now, Xu Yini actually thought that with this little bit of friendship, she could enter and leave the G&S audition venue as she pleased. She really thought too highly of herself.

Edmund frowned even more and repeated his second sentence.

This time, everyone knew what he meant.

Xu Yini came to her senses and forced a smile.

“I’m sorry to have disturbed you, please continue.”

As she said that, she turned around and left, holding back straight and her chin slightly raised.

Her high heels made a pattering sound as she walked across the floor.

Her attitude was just as arrogant when she entered the room.

However, to everyone present, no matter how she acted now, it only emphasized her bad behavior.

Ever since Xu Yini had made her debut, her journey had always been smooth sailing. With the support of various resources, wherever she had gone, it had been a glorious experience.

Who would have thought that she would actually receive a slap in the face in the G&S Headquarters building today?

The female interviewer next to Edmund shouted, “Number 57, Mi Shang.”

Hearing her name, Mi Shang’s heart tightened. She immediately took a deep breath, adjusted her posture and expression, and walked forward.

There were two parts to the interview.

One was a runway show, and the other was a random question-and-answer session.

Mi Shang stopped in the middle position after she had finished walking.

A few interviewers raised three questions one after another.

Ning Li’s gaze swept across the surveillance screen.

She could see her nervousness through the screen.

A model with such a bad mentality would not be selected.

Sure enough, in the next moment, the female interviewer was the first to give her opinion.


A trace of disappointment and panic flashed across Mi Shang’s face.

The remaining few also gave their opinions one after another.

All five interviewers had chosen to eliminate her.

“I’m sorry, Miss Mi Shang, you and G&S are not a good match,” said the female interviewer.

Mi Shang’s eyes were red, and she felt extremely uncomfortable.

So many had come to be auditioned and most of them had been eliminated. However, she was the first one to be eliminated by all five interviewers.

There was nothing more shameful and humiliating than this.

Her voice had already taken on a crying tone as she said, “Thank you, I understand.”

After saying that, she hurriedly turned around and left the meeting room with her head lowered.

Ning Li sat in the conference room with a calm expression, without saying anything.

This audition was divided into two rounds.

The first round was for Edmund and the other five interviewers. They were the representatives of G&S and were also the absolute authority in the fashion industry.

To begin with, their requirements for models were already extremely strict.

Only those who received more than half of the passes would automatically be selected for the second round, which would be for George and Ning Li.

However, it was clear that Mi Shang was not even qualified to enter the second round.

The auditions continued.

Xu Yini returned to the lounge.

As soon as she closed the door, she took off her sunglasses and tossed them aside. The anger that she had suppressed finally erupted now.

“It’s just an audition. Was there a need to be like this? What a drag!”


The sunglasses had hit the wall and fallen onto the sofa. A crack had appeared on the left lens.

Mei Li saw this and immediately walked over to pick the sunglasses up. She felt a headache coming on, as she helplessly tried to persuade her.

“Alright, Yini, don’t forget that this is G&S! Can we just leave just because you are angry?”

Xu Yini gritted her teeth, grabbed her bag from the table, and moved to leave.

Mei Li quickly pulled her back.

“Hey, Yini! Where are you going?!”

Xu Yili sneered.

“Where are am I going? Didn’t you hear what they said? They chased me out! Why am I still here then?!”

She had been completely humiliated today!

If she continued to stay, she would be a laughingstock!

Mei Li held onto her tightly, feeling extremely anxious:

“My dear, can you calm down, please? Have you forgotten why we’re here today?”