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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 342 - : Invites You Out (5pm)

Chapter 342: Invites You Out (5pm)

Mi Shang was shocked and could not believe it.

“Ning? The designer from the Flower and Moon Series?”

“Yeah, who else could it be?”

The model lowered her voice.

“Those who came in earlier have already waited for half an hour. However, Ning didn’t come, which meant that the audition couldn’t start yet. Look, they’re all waiting!”

At first, they had not even known that Ning would be coming today.

They had only gotten the news after waiting for a while.

They were willing to wait for the G&S audition no matter how long it took, so half an hour was nothing.

What’s more, apparently Ning would be coming this time?

Mi Shang also felt nervous and excited at the same time.

“Didn’t Ning say that she doesn’t want to make her identity public? She didn’t show up at all at the last press conference. How come this time…”

As she asked, she looked around carefully to try and catch a glimpse of the rumored designer.

The model beside her could not help but laugh when she saw her reaction.

“You can stop looking. She’s here, but she won’t be making an appearance here.”


“See that camera over there? Everything on our side will be broadcast live. On the surface, it looks like Edmund and the others are in charge of the interview. However, in the end, the person behind the camera will be making the final decision.”

Hearing this, Mi Shang finally understood.

It was also at this moment that she realized that the models who had been waiting here for a long time, including the one next to her, had been constantly maintaining their best posture.

It was no wonder they were on their best behavior. It was because they were being observed through the camera.

She immediately shut up and straightened her back, afraid that if she did not perform well, that person would see her and eliminate her.

Just then, Edmund, who was sitting in the middle, touched the Bluetooth earpiece on his ear and nodded in response.

In the quiet room, his reply was exceptionally clear.

Everyone focused their attention.

Edmund raised his head and looked up.

“Let’s begin.”

In the lounge.

Xu Yini sat down on the sofa and took off her sunglasses.

She was wearing a lot of makeup today, but upon closer inspection, she could still see that her eyes were a little red and swollen, and she did not look very well. She looked very haggard.

After she had returned from the Lu family the other day, she had not slept well for several days.

Whether it was Lu Huaiyu’s swift and decisive actions or Old Master Lu’s attitude, all of it was hard for her to accept.

In addition to the pressure from the Lu Corporation, she had recently failed to negotiate with many of her collaboration partners, and she was under a lot of pressure.

Today, when she had come to G&S, she had deliberately worn a red coat and lipstick to make her complexion look better.

However, the effect was limited.

She looked fine while she was wearing sunglasses. However, once they were removed, the signs of her stress were very obvious at a close distance.

Mei Li poured her a cup of hot water.

“Yini, did you not sleep well again yesterday?”

Xu Yini nodded listlessly, and a hint of tiredness and impatience appeared between her brows.

Mei Li looked hesitant.

Although she did not know much about the situation between the Lu and Xu families, she was a gold-medal agent in the circle with a lot of connections. Therefore, she had also heard about what had happened that night at the LaTuie Winery.

Initially, she had thought that it was strange. Although Second Master Lu was not interested in Xu Yini, he had never used such a method before.

Now, he had even half-banned her…

It was not until she had enquired about the situation that she had understood.

That matter had caused a stir. It was no wonder that the Second Master Lu had been so merciless.

Moreover, it was because of this matter that Xu Yini had been in a very bad state during this period of time.

This had indeed been Xu Yini’s fault.

However, she was still Xu Yini’s manager, so of course, she still had to stand on Xu Yini’s side.

“Yini, don’t think too much. The public relations department has already tried its best to suppress the news. As long as it’s handled well, there won’t be too much of an impact in the future. If today’s negotiation with G&S is successful, it will completely make up for the endorsements that you lost previously.

“As time goes on, if you produce more work, everyone will naturally forget about what happened during this period of time.”

Xu Yini nodded her head weakly.

Of course, she understood the logic. It was just that she still felt uncomfortable and unable to cross that threshold yet.

She looked at the time and her mood became more and more agitated.

“It’s already been so long. Why isn’t Edmund here yet?”

Merry said, “I just heard from their people that Edmund will be conducting the audition today, so he might come over later.”

If that was the case, then there really was no other way.

All she could do was wait.

Xu Yini could only be patient and continue to wait.

After another half an hour had passed, Xu Yini felt that she could not bear to wait any longer.

“Where are they conducting the audition? I think I’ll go over and take a look.”

Mei Li felt that it was not very appropriate.

“Yini, you’re different from them. Why do you have to go over? We can just wait here.”

However, Xu Yini had been in a constant bad mood lately. She was so upset that she did not want to wait any longer.

She put on her sunglasses.

“It’s just an audition. So what if I go and take a look?”

As she said that, she opened the door.

The sound of high heels on the ground could be heard from the corridor outside. There were also a few young girls discussing something.

“What a pity. I thought I would be able to see Ning today! Even though I was not selected, at least I would have been able to see Ning in person. Then this trip wouldn’t be a loss!”

“Sigh, not only did we not see her, we didn’t even hear a sound.”

“I’m really envious of those two who have already been selected. To be able to catch Ning’s eye and participate in this G&S show, their net worth would undoubtedly be different in the future…”

As they spoke, they walked away.

Xu Yini pulled open the door and walked towards the audition room on the ninth floor.

Mei Li hurriedly followed behind.

There was a gap in the door of the audition venue.

The models who had been selected stayed behind, while the ones who had been eliminated gradually left one after another.

Xu Yini knocked on the door and pushed it open without waiting for an answer before walking in.

Everyone looked over at her.

Xu Yini looked at Edmund and smiled.

“Hi, Edmund, are you still busy?”

She was walking in as she spoke.

Edmund’s hand touched the Bluetooth earpiece and said, “I’m sorry, Miss Xu. This is an audition venue. Only interviewees are allowed in.

“So, I need to ask you to please leave.”