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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 340 - Wait

Chapter 340: Wait

She was wearing a slim red overcoat, that revealed her slender calves. On her legs were a pair of black stiletto boots, a pair of sunglasses over her face, and a plum-colored lipstick on her lips. Her long chestnut curls fell over her shoulders, and she looked beautiful.

Several bodyguards shielded her as she stood in the middle, as a horde of fans surrounded them while holding light sticks and banners, as they shouted Xu Yini’s name.


“Happy New Year!”

“Woo… You’re so beautiful!”

Xu Yini’s lips curved very lightly. She waved her hand gently to the left and right respectively. Then she walked towards the gate of G&S under the guidance of her manager.

Suddenly, she seemed to notice something and turned to look in Ning Li’s direction.

The earlier girl had taken half a step forward, blocking half of Ning Li’s figure.

“What are you looking at? Do you think that you are Xu Yini and that you can enter and exit G&S as you please?”

Ning Li retracted her gaze.

Xu Yini frowned slightly.

Mei Li saw that she had paused for a moment and immediately asked, “Yini, what’s wrong?”

Xu Yini came back to her senses and said, “Nothing.”

She must have been mistaken in what she had seen. Why would Ning Li come here?

As she spoke, she did not linger outside and quickly stepped through the door.

Fans were not allowed to enter, so the noise was quickly cut off.

After taking a few steps, Xu Yini asked, “Are all those girls outside here for the audition to participate in the Spring and Summer Series’ press conference?”

Mei Li nodded.

“Yes. G&S is placing a lot of importance on this show. From the design team to the models, all of them are being carefully selected, especially the models. This time, Ning will be the only featured designer in this show. In order to meet its design philosophy to the highest degree, G&S specially organized this audition. The competition is very fierce.”

G&S was a luxury brand. There were countless models who would struggle their whole lives and still not be able to get the chance to walk for a G&S show.

Not to mention, the main designer this time would be Ning.

The previous success of the “Flower and the Moon” series had also made this unknown designer famous.

Now, not only in the fashion industry but also in the modeling industry and even in the entertainment industry, there were countless people who wanted to associate themselves with Ning.

Hadn’t they witnessed Tang Wei’s meteoric success after she had finished that big show?

Nowadays, all kinds of fashion and business opportunities were pouring in, which made many people envious.

Therefore, this model audition had attracted many people to compete.

“Other than these models, there are several female actresses in the industry who are interested in going on the runway as well.’

Mei Li lowered her voice.

“As far as I know, these are B-list celebrities.”

As A-list female celebrities were already currently popular, they were too embarrassed to take part in G&S’s show because G&S already had a brand ambassador which was Tang Wei.

If they were to come and share the stage with Tang Wei, it would be as if they were demoting themselves.

Moreover, most of them were already endorsing other luxury brands anyway, so it would be even more inconvenient for them to collaborate with G&S.

However, it was different for the B-listers.

For them, it was worth the try, even if they had to go on stage to partner up with Tang Wei.

After all, this was G&S.

Just to be able to align with them would mean a complete win.

Moreover, if they could share the limelight on stage and overshadow Tang Wei, they would then be able to publicize themselves and hype up their own popularity.

Who would not want to be involved in such a business that was guaranteed to be profitable?

Xu Yini sneered when she heard that.

With her current status, she did not need to compete for a runway opportunity like these people.

She had come today for another matter.

Mei Li glanced at her and gave her a gentle reminder.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already asked around. The Crown Prince of G&S has been in the Capital recently. In addition, Ning will be coming today to discuss the G&S Spring & Summer Series press conference. Edmund said that if there’s an opportunity, he will introduce us.”

Upon hearing this, Xu Yini pursed her lips into a straight line.

Yes, the reason she had come here today was for George and Ning.

After the incident at LaTuie Winery the other day, all of HG’s stores across the country had removed all of her endorsements overnight.

Including Esya’s high-end jewelry series, all seven of the endorsements that she carried had been removed.

She had an extraordinary family background and a very high starting point, so the endorsements that she had signed on to had also very impressive.

For example, Esya jewelry, as well as a few famous brands’ sunglasses, makeup series, and so on.

Now that HG had withdrawn their endorsement, these brands had also been greatly affected.

In addition, Lu Huaiyu had already ordered the entire Lu Group to stop all cooperation with Huanxing Entertainment and adopt a half-ban policy on all of its artistes. Thus, the news that Xu Yini had offended the Second Master of the Lu family had spread like wildfire.

The Xu family and the Lu family had been friends for many years, but in the end, the Lu family still had the upper hand over the Xu family.

In the past, there had been rumors that Xu Yini would very likely marry the Second Master of the Lu family, so everyone had treated her with some respect.

Who would have thought that such a thing would suddenly happen?

Everyone knew that the Second Master of the Lu family was the true person in charge of the Lu family.

It was clear to all that this big action on the Lu family’s part was due to him alone.

Xu Yini had to have truly angered him. Why else would he not show any mercy?

If not for the backing of the Xu family, Xu Yini would probably have disappeared from the entertainment industry by now.

Even so, this incident had still greatly damaged Xu Yini’s shine.

She still had several endorsement partners, but they had already made it clear that when their contracts expired, they would not renew them with her.

Therefore, she was feeling very anxious and needed to find an endorsement of the same level or even higher to replace it as soon as possible.

G&S was the best choice.

Tang Wei was their company’s brand ambassador. However, it was only limited to the high-order ready-to-wear series.

Their company’s line of jewelry, bags, and so on, were still unrepresented.

Xu Yini had come today to try to discuss with them about a possible collaboration in this aspect.

In addition, she also hoped to be able to connect with Ning.

If she could somehow form a relationship with that person and even form a partnership, at least she could salvage her fashion resources.

A few staff members came out to welcome her.

The one who walked in front was a young woman who looked to be in her twenties.

“Miss Xu, I’m sorry. Mr. Edmund is still busy at the moment and can’t get away for the time being, so he asked me to escort you to the lounge first.”

Xu Yini frowned slightly.

If he was so busy, would it mean that she would not even have the time to come out and meet with her?

Mei Li sensed her displeasure and immediately smiled.

“It’s okay, we can wait. Please lead the way.”

The young woman nodded.

“This way, please.”

Outside, at the side door.

Ning Li glanced in the direction of the main door again and saw that Xu Yini’s figure had already disappeared.

She had come to G&S…

“What are you still looking at? She’s Xu Yini, after all. If you have the same qualifications as her, you can enter directly. If you don’t, then you should go to the back of the line now, understand?”

Ning Li looked calmly at the girl in front of her.

“I already said that I’m not here for the audition.”

However, the other girl obviously did not believe her. She looked Ning Li up and down and sneered.

“If you’re not here for the audition, then you can’t go in at all.”

“Next!” The staff inside shouted.

The girl’s eyes lit up. “Coming!”

As she spoke, she walked past Ning Li and intentionally bumped into her shoulder.

Ning Li frowned slightly, but she did not want to cause any trouble. She took half a step back and made way.

After all, she had not come here to fight with them over this.

Seeing this, the girl sneered and was about to push the door open.

A hurried sound of footsteps came from inside.