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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 334 - B*stard!

Chapter 334: B*stard!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ning Li, who had fallen into a deep sleep, did not hear this sentence.

She lay there quietly, her breathing shallow and calm.

Lu Huaiyu could not help but gently pinch her face, and cover her with the quilt before leaving.

The next day, Ning Li woke up very early.

She went to pay her respects to Old Master Lu first and ended up with an extremely thick red packet.

Looking at the red envelope in her hand that seemed to be bursting with “lucky money”, Ning Li hesitated and said, “Grandpa Lu, this… I think you gave me too much…”

“It’s not too much. Not too much at all!”

Old Master Lu waved his hand emphatically.

Sigh, what a pity. Huaiyu had informed him too late, so he had not had time to customize an etra-large red envelope.

“Grandpa gave it to you sincerely from his heart. Just take it.” Lu Huaiyu said with a smile.

Ning Li had no choice but to accept it.

“Thank you, Grandpa Lu.”

Old Master Lu chuckled.

“What’s there to thank? Ah Li did so well in the final exam. She deserves a reward!”

Sigh, what a pity that Ah Li was still in her senior year of high school. It was not easy to find an appropriate gift to give her as a welcome gift.

Ning Li’s cell phone rang. She took it out to take a look.

Old Master Lu asked casually, “It’s still so early. Who’s looking for you, Ah Li?”

Ning Li said, “It’s Teacher Yu.”

Oh, right. Ah Li was in Capital for the New Year, and she still had to give her New Year’s greetings to that unreliable person.

Old Master Lu was speechless when he thought of that person’s name. If it was not for Ning Li’s sake, he really would not be bothered with it.

“So, is Ah Li going over to give her New Year’s greetings?”

Ning Li nodded.

Old Master Lu was reluctant to part with her, but it was obvious that Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan were very close.

He had no reason to hold her back.

“Then, let Qingyun send you off. Huaiyu, you go with her.”

Ning Li wanted to decline politely, but she knew she could not win against Old Master Lu. In the end, she could only agree.

The Black Panamera drove away from the Lu residence.

Old Master Lu stood at the entrance of the courtyard and looked around with some reluctance. Only when the car exhaust had disappeared from his sight, did he turn around and leave with his hands behind his back.

Actually, there was another reason for his willingness to let her go.

Every year, there were many people who would come to the Lu family to give their New Year’s greetings. Old Master Lu thought that since Ning Li was still in her senior year of high school, he was afraid that too many people would disturb her.

The Xu family was the first to come.

Xu Rufeng and his wife had brought Xu Yini to visit the Lu family personally.

Old Master Lu was actually a little surprised.

The Lu family and the Xu family were family friends. Although they had had interactions with each other in the past few years, they were not as frequent as they used to be.

However, upon seeing Xu Yini, Old Master Lu could more or less guess their true intentions.

If this had happened in the past, Old Master Lu might not have cared too much.

Both Lu Huaiyu and Old Master Lu knew that Xu Yini was interested in Lu Huaiyu, but Old Master Lu had not really bothered about it much.

However, the situation was different now!

His grandson had already brought his granddaughter-in-law home, so what else could Xu Yini do?

Regardless, both families had been friends for many years, and he had watched Xu Yini grow up. He felt that it was better to clarify the matter as soon as possible so that Xu Yini could stop thinking about it.

As expected, the first thing they had done when they arrived was to look for Lu Huaiyu.

“Old Master Lu, is Huaiyu not at home today?”

Xu Rufeng looked around.

Didn’t people say that Lu Huaiyu would be spending the New Year in the Capital this year?

Yet, he wasn’t even home on the first day of the New Year?

“Oh, Huaiyu has gone to send… send a friend somewhere. He’ll be back in a while.”

Old Master Lu made his explanation as he secretly contemplated how to open his mouth.

Xu Rufeng and his wife looked at each other. Then, as if they had made up their minds together, they said nervously, “Old Master Lu, actually, we came here today mainly to apologize to you and Huaiyu.”

Old Master Lu was stunned.


It seemed that the matter had not reached Old Master Lu’s ears yet.

However, Xu Rufeng knew that even if he did not speak of it now, Old Master Lu would definitely hear about it in the future.

Rather than being passive, it was better for them to explain and apologize first. Perhaps they could salvage the situation a little.

Xu Rufeng clasped his hands and deliberated.

“This… This is what happened. A few days ago, Xi Lin held a cocktail party at LaTuie Winery. That day, both Huaiyu and Yini had been there. During the banquet, Yini had drunk too much wine and insisted on reading Huaiyu’s book. Being impulsive, she accidentally dropped the book on the ground.”


Old Master Lu frowned slightly.

He had a vague memory of this matter. That day, Lu Huaiyu had instructed Yi Bin to come back here to retrieve a book.

He knew his own grandson the best.

Lu Huaiyu was obviously very concerned about that book. Xu Yini’s actions had clearly crossed the line.

However, this matter did not seem to be worth needing Xu Rufeng and his family to come to make a personal apology, right?

Xu Rufeng braced himself and continued.

“More importantly, there was a hand-drawn picture in Huaiyu’s book. It seemed to be of a person that he holds in high regard…”

Old Master Lu was stunned.

Xu Yini bit her lip, looking apologetic.

“Grandpa Lu, I’m sorry. I really didn’t do it on purpose that day.”

Whether it had been on purpose or not, it was no longer important.

What was important was that because of this matter, she had completely offended Lu Huaiyu.

During this period of time, she thought about the matter and felt that the only thing she could do was to ask her parents to step in.

Their social circle was now abuzz with the rumors that Lu Huaiyu liked men, and that he was pining for a particular unattainable person.

However, Lu Huaiyu had still not come forward to clarify the matter.

Of course, what he had said that day had not helped matters either.

In the end, everyone only believed what they had seen.

Old Master Lu thought for a while and said, “It’s just a hand-drawn drawing, there’s no…”

“Grandpa Lu.”

Xu Qingrui could not help but speak.

“That hand-drawn drawing appeared to be of a young man.”

Old Master Lu’s eyes suddenly widened.

This b*stard!

Did he dare to bully Ah Li!?