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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 331 - Lu Huaiyu’s Room

Chapter 331: Lu Huaiyu’s Room

Ning Li again.

Ning Li again!

She had already known that when these results came out, everyone would compare her and Ning Li again!


It was clear that Ning Li had nothing to do with the Ye family, and that she wasn’t a member of the Ye family either!

Why did everyone always lump their names together?

How was Ning Li even qualified to be mentioned in the same breath as her?!

This was the situation that she faced at Second High, and even at the winter camp, she still could not escape from it!

Ye Ci’s blood pressure rose, and she felt as if there was a flame burning in her chest. She felt as if all the intense emotions within her were colliding uncontrollably, almost breaking down the boundary to her sanity.

While she had been at Capital First High, she had been despised and ostracized by everyone. She did not even know how much injustice she had suffered, but she knew she had suffered greatly.

Then, as soon as she had returned, she found out that her final exam results were extremely poor.

The grade report card had been uploaded to the group, so everyone would know how badly she had done this time!

However, Ning Li had come in first place again.

Without even thinking about it, Ye Ci knew what the people at school would say.

She took a deep breath.

“Father, I admit that I did not do well this time. I admit that it is my mistake. However, Ning Li is Ning Li, and I am me. I hope you won’t always compare the two of us. After all, she is not your child and has nothing to do with the Ye family, right?”

Ye Ming looked at her.

He had been in the business world for many years and was extremely shrewd.

How could he not see through Ye Ci’s thoughts?

“Lil Ci, I know you don’t like this, but do you think that I want to compare the two of you?”

“She lives with the Ye family now. In the eyes of outsiders, she is a member of the Ye family! The two of you are in the same school and the same class. Of course, everyone will think the same way. Moreover, even if you don’t compete with Ning Li, you still have to compete with others. Don’t you understand this logic?”

Ye Ci lowered her head and did not speak because her results this time were terrible.

She did not even have the confidence to refute Ye Ming now.

“There are only three more months before the college entrance exam. If you still can’t improve your results…” Ye Ming said slowly,

“Lil Ci, don’t forget that you said that you wanted to go to Xijing University.”

In fact, everyone already thought that Ye Ci had one foot firmly in the door of Xijing University.

However, who would have thought that things would turn out like this?

Ye Ci pursed her lips.

“Yes, I know.”

Seeing her like this, Ye Ming stood up and paced back and forth in the room.

What was the use of knowing?

With the state that Ye Ci was in now, she might not even be able to do better in the next exam, let alone improve her grades again!

“In addition to this, there is one more thing.”

As if he had made up his mind, Ye Ming turned his gaze to her.

“The results of your comprehensive test at the Winter Camp have also been reported back to the school.”

Ye Ci was shocked and raised her head abruptly.

How could it have been so fast!?

“Dad, you… You know about that already?”

Ye Ming’s face darkened when he saw her reaction.

“So, the feedback is true?”

Of course it was true.

This was a national training, and all the processes and results were transparent.

“After seeing your final results, I called the Vice Principal of your school.”

The Ye family was one of the top families in Yunzhou, and Ye Ming had a lot of connections. It was not difficult for him to find out about these things.

After finding out about Ye Ci’s scores, his first thought was that she would probably have a hard time passing the college entrance exam and getting into Xijing University.

Not only would it be difficult to enter Xijing University, but to all the top universities in the country as well.

However, she was his daughter. Moreover, since young, Ye Ci had always been outstanding in the eyes of outsiders.

If such a result came out in the end…

Ye Ming was unwilling to accept it.

Therefore, he immediately thought of another way: guaranteed entry through the competition.

In the previous preliminary competition, Ye Ci had been ranked fifth in the province.

As long as she could maintain this standard, even if she could not enter Xijing University, she would not be too far off.

Therefore, he had called that number to ask about the situation first.

However, the result made him completely dumbfounded.

In all of the exams during the Winter Camp, Ye Ci had ranked last!

Even the gap between the results of the person who had placed second from the bottom and Ye Ci’s results was huge!

Of course, Ye Ming had not wanted to believe that this would be the result, but the feedback from the Winter Camp had to be handed over to all the major universities for reference. There could not be any mistakes.

The Vice Principal had not commented much while on the phone, but Ye Ming was very clear about what this feedback result represented.

He stared at Ye Ci.

“How did you get your results from the preliminary competition?”

The final results had been released on New Year’s Eve. The grade group and the class group were filled with wailing.

[ I thought that the results would only be released after the Chinese New Year! The school is deliberately not allowing me to celebrate this New Year! ]

[ It’s the New Year, let me cheer everyone up! ]

[ Wait a minute, Lin Zhouyang failed English again this time, let him do it first! Where is he? Why hasn’t he said anything yet? ]

[ Hehe, I don’t think he cares much about his results now. Isn’t he too busy comforting his goddess? ]

Since everyone in the group was speaking anonymously, they were much bolder and more impudent.

As soon as these words were said, the atmosphere suddenly became subtle.

Everyone had thought that Ye Ci’s last exam was bad enough, but no one would have guessed that she would now be ranked in 200th place.

She could be considered a popular figure at Second High. There were especially many people who paid attention to her, so this matter had naturally become a very big deal.

After a moment, someone came forward to refute this.

[ No matter how bad the other person’s exam results are, she still placed fifth in the whole province in the physics competition. There’s no need to talk about her like that her, right? ]

[ Lin Zhouyang, you can stop being anonymous now. ]

[ I’m not Lin Zhouyang, I’m just trying to be fair. Ye Ci didn’t do anything wrong, right? Do some people have to be so sour and mean? ]

Someone else sent a laughing emoji.

[ That’s funny. Don’t you know how ridiculous her fifth placing in the province is? Previously, I asked her about an electric field question, and she couldn’t solve it. Is this the level of a fifth placing in the province? ]

A few people echoed the sentiment, saying almost the same thing.

The person who had spoken up for Ye Ci remained silent for a while before replying.

[ When the final results are out, don’t cry out in pain when you’re slapped in the face. ]

The people below quickly followed up.

[ To be honest, at the moment, only Ning Li is the one who’s slapped anyone in the face. I’m completely convinced that she’s in first place again! I submit to her greatness. As for Ye Ci… She’s not even as good as me this time. I really want to see what position she can get in the whole country in the final exam. ]

Regarding Ye Ci’s fifth place in the entire province, many people had already been questioning her abilities.

So when these words were stated, they quickly received many people’s support.

The person who had spoken up for Ye Ci earlier did not speak up again.

Everyone quickly moved on to other topics.

The Lu family.

Ning Li glanced at the contents of the group chat and quickly exited.

After Old Master Lu had finished admiring her report card, he had finally restrained the impulse to post on WeChat under Lu Huaiyu’s persuasion.

Lu Huaiyu’s phone rang, and he stood up to take a call.

Old Master Lu suddenly thought of something.

“Ah Li, please help me get a seal from Huaiyu’s room. It should be on the bookshelf. You’ll be able to see it at a glance.”

Ning Li was stunned.

Go to Lu Huaiyu’s… room?