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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 330 - Ning Li Again!

Chapter 330: Ning Li Again!

Ye Ci tightened her grip on her phone.

Everyone else looked surprised.

The living room quickly quieted down. Even Ye Cheng noticed that Ye Ming was not in a good mood. He stopped and nervously looked at Su Yuan in fear.

He was very familiar with his father’s mood when he looked that way.

Every time he got into trouble and his father wanted to teach him a lesson, his expression and the tone of his voice would get the same way.

However, his sister had always been the apple of his father’s eye. He had never seen his father say a single harsh word to her before.

So… what happened today?

Moreover, it seemed that his father’s anger was not at a normal level.

What was the matter that was so serious?

Su Yuan did not have a good feeling either.

“Hubby, we just came back. Lil Ci is still tired…”

Ye Ming did not bother to look at her. He only turned around and went upstairs.

Su Yuan was instantly embarrassed.

She walked to Ye Ci’s side and gently pulled on her arm.

“Lil Ci, what’s wrong?”

Ye Ci did not say anything. Instead, she silently followed Ye Ming upstairs.

The two figures disappeared behind the study door, leaving Su Yuan and the others in the living room. The atmosphere in the room had gone cold.

Ye Cheng asked in a low voice:

“Mom, why is Dad angry?”

Su Yuan frowned.

How would she know?

The family had not seen each other in such a long time. Since today was New Year’s Eve, she had thought that they could have a good new year.

Who would have known…

She took her phone out in frustration, only to find two unread messages.

They were the student results from Second High School.

She clicked on the first message. It was regarding Ning Li.

Although Geng Haifan rarely contacted Su Yuan regarding Ning Li, she was still Ning Li’s biological mother, and her phone number was still listed at the school as a contact. Naturally, she would receive this message.

Looking at the line of scores, Su Yuan had mixed feelings and did not speak for a long time.

Not only had Ning Li placed first in the entire Second High, but she was also number one in all of the single subjects.

This made her feel glum.

She was not the one who had brought Ning Li up. This result had nothing to do with her.

Ning Li preferred to stay in Beijing alone than return to the Ye family with her for New Year’s Eve.

There was a deep estrangement between them that had lasted for ten years.

It was as if there was a wall between them that could not be crossed, no matter what.

Su Yuan closed the page and clicked on the second entry which lead to Ye Ci’s score.

However, when Su Yuan saw the scores and rankings clearly, she was completely stunned.

For this final exam, Ye Ci’s score had dropped by a large margin compared to the mid-term exam, and she was ranked 284 in the entire grade!

Su Yuan’s first reaction was that this result had to be some kind of mistake!

Ye Ci had always been at the top of the grade and was usually in the top 20.

Even if her score had dropped in the previous exam, surely she would not have fallen to this rank!

She walked over to the side and called Geng Haifan.

Geng Haifan quickly answered the call.

“Hello, Madam Ye?”

Su Yuan tried hard to keep her voice calm.

“Teacher Geng, I’m really sorry to disturb you on New Year’s Eve. However, there’s something I really need to check with you. What happened with Ye Ci’s grades? Is there some kind of mistake?”

Geng Haifan had long been expecting her to make this call. He sighed and said, “Madam Ye, that is indeed Ye Ci’s real score for the final exam. We have already reviewed it, even pulling out her test paper to be rechecked. It is definitely not a mistake.”

There had been no mistake in the addition of points, correcting mistakes, or any other reason. This was simply the result of how she had taken the test.

He did not say this out loud, but Su Yuan understood what he meant.

She stood there in a daze. Her mind had gone blank, and she did not know how to react.

With this ranking, she might not be able to get into any of the top-ranked universities in the country, much less Xijing University!

All these years, Ye Ci’s results had been always been very good, and she had been outstanding in all aspects. Su Yuan found it hard to accept this sudden turn of events.

Geng Haifan also knew how big of an impact this matter would have on Su Yuan, so he gave her some advice.

“Madam Ye, I feel that this time, you and Mr. Ye really need to have a good talk with Ye Ci. You can also see that this semester, Ye Ci’s results have declined greatly.

There had been a straight-line decline, especially after the competition.

Now that Ye Ci had even participated in the Winter Camp, it was not good for Geng Haifan to say anything more about it, so he could only speak indirectly.

“The senior students are under a lot of pressure, so it is inevitable that there will be times when they don’t perform well. However, regarding Ye Ci’s situation… Madam Ye, you have to pay attention to it. There is only one semester left before the college entrance exam. If she remains in this state and can’t make any adjustments in time, the situation will be very dangerous.”

Su Yuan looked up at the study on the second floor.

She finally understood why Ye Ming had called Ye Ci upstairs.

He must have already seen her results.

“I… I understand.” Su Yuan took a deep breath. “I’ll ask her father about it.”

Geng Haifan said, “That’s good.

However, the person who would receive the biggest impact from this result was definitely Ye Ci.

“You and Mr. Ye can try to communicate with her, but you must pay attention to the methods. Don’t burden the child too much. Ye Ci has been under my care for several years now. She has always been outstanding and has a solid foundation. As long as you guide her well, she will definitely be fine.”

It could be considered that Geng Haifan had given her his best advice.

Although he did not like the biased treatment that Su Yuan gave to both her daughters, he would not fall behind in what needed to be said and done.

“Okay, I understand. Thank you, Teacher Geng.”

Su Yuan hung up the phone.

Ye Cheng saw that she looked even worse than before, so he did not dare to make a fuss and ran back to his room to play games.

Su Yuan wanted to go upstairs, but she knew that Ye Ming would be unhappy if she went there now.

She thought about it and sat down on the sofa, waiting for the father and daughter to finish their conversation.

In the study room.

Ye Ming sat behind the desk and looked at Ye Ci with a gloomy face.

“Lil Ci, your final results are out. I take it that you’ve seen them already?”

Ye Ci lowered her head slightly and looked at the lines on the floor, her mind already in a mess.


She responded in a quiet voice.

“Then tell me, how did you get these results and rankings?

Ye Ming was looking at her without any expression on his face.

“Don’t tell me that you’re not in a good state of mind and that you’re not performing well. I’ve already seen all of your results. Throughout the entire third year of high school, the monthly exams, and the midterm exams, you’ve gotten worse and worse each time!”

How could this be explained just by saying “I didn’t perform well”?

Ye Ci’s entire body stiffened.

Ye Ming had always doted on her, and this was the first time he had spoken to her in such a tone.

His gaze and words felt like a knife scraping at her, making her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Her eyes reddened.

“I… I didn’t put much thought into my studies during this period of time. The physics competition took up a lot of time, so I… I didn’t expect it to turn out like this…”

Ye Ming’s brows furrowed even more tightly, and he suddenly interrupted her.

“Ning Li went to the physics competition class as well. How is it that she wasn’t affected and she even managed to get first place?”