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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 328 - Laughing At Me?

Chapter 328: Laughing At Me?

Old Master Lu simply hung up the phone.

Yu Pingchuan could no longer be counted on. Clearly, he would have to handle this matter himself.

He raised his eyes and looked at Lu Huaiyu.

“I’m warning you, you’d better behave yourself before Ah Li goes to university! If I find out that you bullied her…”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curved slightly.

“Don’t worry, she has always been the only one to bully me. It’s not my turn to do so.”

This young girl was extremely skillful in inflicting torture, yet he did not even have the right to chastise her.

Old Master Lu stared at him for a long time before he felt slightly relieved.

“That’s more like it.”

Lu Huaiyu, “…”

Old Master Lu put one hand behind his back and thought of something else. He pretended to ask casually, “What is Ah Li’s birthday…”

“June 26th.”

Lu Huaiyu understood his intention and gave him a direct answer.

Old Master Lu blurted out, “So late?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at him with a faint smile.

Old Master Lu felt guilty and coughed hard.

“Cough! I didn’t mean anything by it! I was just asking! Just asking!”

He started counting… There was still one, two, three…

It was still far from twenty!

Old Master Lu was annoyed by Lu Huaiyu’s gaze.

“Alright, alright, you can go out now! This is Ah Li’s first time in our home. You should stay with her a little longer.”

As he spoke, he pointed at Lu Huaiyu with a warning.

“Be careful.”

Lu Huaiyu helplessly pinched the area between his brows and chuckled.

“I know.”

Ning Li was pasting flowers on the window.

“Ah Li, come and help me take a look. Has this Chinese New Year couplet been pasted properly?”

Old Master Lu held something and called out to her at the door.

Lu Huaiyu was standing beside her.

Ning Li walked over.

“Grandpa Lu.”

Old Master Lu pasted the first verse and turned his head to ask her.

“Is this okay?”

Ning Li took two steps back.

“The left side seems a little high.”

Old Master Lu moved it a little.

“A little higher, yes, yes.”

Ning Li looked at it carefully and nodded.

“Grandpa Lu, it’s good now.”

Old Master Lu stuck the couplet and took a few steps back, praising it with a smile on his face.

“Ah Li, you have a good eye! Look at how straight this couplet is!”

Ning Li, “…”

Since her arrival here today, she seemed to have heard more compliments than she had heard in the past month…

Lu Huaiyu said with a smile, “Grandpa, so do you mean that the ones I helped you put up were not correct?”

Old Master Lu glared at him.

“How can you even compare with Ah Li?”

She did not know what to do.

Seeing that Lu Huaiyu was being criticized, Ning Li could not help but laugh.

All this time, she had always had the impression that Lu Huaiyu was always noble and proud, so witnessing this was something rare.

Lu Huaiyu gave her a quick glance. Ning Li coughed lightly and picked up a smaller couplet.

“Grandpa Lu, would you like to paste this on the inside of the door?”

“Yes, yes, Ah Li, come and paste it! I’ll help to see if it’s straight!”

Ning Li followed Old Master Lu and left.

After she finished pasting the couplet on the other side, she invited Old Master Lu back to his room to rest. Then, she took a small banner and pasted it on the tree trunk in the courtyard.

White snowflakes started to flutter down.

Ning Li looked up.

“It’s snowing again.”

It had snowed heavily yesterday so there was snow piled up in the courtyard of the Lu family. Now, the snow was falling again.

A hand gently landed on her head. She turned around to see Lu Huaiyu sweeping the snow off her head.

“Second brother…”

She had just spoken when her neck suddenly felt cold, and she shivered subconsciously.

It was so cold!

He had deliberately swept some snow onto her neck!

Ning Li looked up, her peach blossom eyes wide open.

“Second Brother!”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“Ah Li, you’ve got guts. You even dare to laugh at me.”

Ning Li instantly felt guilty and pouted.

“It was Grandpa Lu who laughed at you. I didn’t.”

“Did you really not?”

“I didn’t.”

Ning Li raised her head, putting on a righteous air.

Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li looked at her with a smile.

Ning Li suddenly bent her hand.

“Second Brother, I have something to tell you.”

Lu Huaiyu’s eyebrows lifted slightly, and he silently bowed his head.


Ning Li shoved her hand into the crook of his neck, and pressed her cold and soft hand against his neck.

Once she succeeded, she gave him a triumphant look, as her peach blossom eyes sparkled.

“Is it cold?”

Her hand felt cold but soft to the touch. Beneath the coldness of the ice and snow, a sporadic flame seemed to burn.

Feeling gleeful from her successful counterattack, Ning Li moved to retreat immediately.

Just as she turned around, Lu Huaiyu pulled her into his arms from behind.

“Why are you running?”

Ning Li decided that it was wiser to retreat and immediately said, “Second Brother, I was wrong!”

She struggled in his arms, afraid that he would hit her with another snowball.

However, Lu Huaiyu was much taller than her and he easily held her in his arms.

“Are you still smiling?” Lu Huaiyu asked.

Ning Li quickly shook her head.

“I’m not smiling anymore!”


His other hand seemed to have landed on the collar of her sweater, and it would be reaching her neck in the next second.

Ning Li obediently replied, “Really, really!”

In the next moment, he moved his palm away and held her hand down.

She immediately felt a burning heat.

Ning Li instantly stopped moving and her eyes widened slightly.

Lu Huaiyu and his chin were pressed against her shoulder, and his breath landed beside her ear.

“Your hand is so cold. Don’t you feel cold?”

Ning Li’s ears instantly turned red.

Lu Huaiyu saw that, and a smile appeared in his eyes. He squeezed her hand again before releasing her.

“Let’s go back into the house. It’s warm inside.”

Ning Li hurried away as if something was after her.

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyebrows and the smile in his eyes deepened. Then, he followed her unhurriedly.

When Ning Li returned to the house, she felt even warmer.

If she had known earlier, she would not have teased him…

This man was not willing to accept losing at all!

Her phone vibrated. She took it out and took a look. Only then did she realize that the grade group and the class group had made an announcement.

The final results were being announced today.