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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 327 - Supporting Her

Chapter 327: Supporting Her

From what she could remember, there had always been a small quarrel at home every three days and a big quarrel every five days.

During the Chinese New Year, Su Yuan and Ning Haizhou always made a big fuss.

While other families were happy and reunited, but her family only had quarreling and screaming, as well as the ear-piercing sound of countless things being broken and thrown.

She had been too young at that time, and crying and begging had been useless. Later, she stopped trying to dissuade them and resorted to closing her room door tightly. She hid under the quilt and covered her ears, hoping to isolate those sounds.

Later on, Su Yuan had left and Ning Haizhou had been involved in an accident. The situation had worsened.

The accident victim’s family would come and make a scene from time to time, especially on New Year’s Eve.

They would scold, scream, and smash things.

She did not have any expectations for this festival. In fact, she had been afraid of it and loathed its arrival for a long time.

Coming to visit the Lu family today, she felt… very different.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her quietly.

Some things did not need to be said. He knew very well how she had lived in the past.

The young girl’s face was calm, and the corners of her lips curled up slightly, as if she did not care about the past at all.

However, some things had happened, and the scars that had been left behind still existed.

They could not be forgotten, and they could not be erased.

He walked over and took a book from the bookshelf.

“Have you read this book?”

Ning Li looked at it and nodded.


Lu Huaiyu paused, smiled, and said calmly, “There is no Chinese translation of this book in the country. Have you read it?”

The study room instantly fell into silence.

Lu Huaiyu was holding the original German book.

Ning Li did not say anything, but she slowly tightened the palms of her hands.

“Actually, there’s one more thing I didn’t have the time to ask you this morning.”

Lu Huaiyu propped one hand next to her ear and bent down slightly.

Ning Li subconsciously took half a step back and found her back pressed against the bookshelf.

He stared into her clear, peach-blossom eyes, with a faint smile.

“Jiang Ran said that she was the one who sent you to Taihe Plaza yesterday.”

“Ah Li, don’t you have anything to say to me about this?”

At the same time, Old Master Lu was alternating between the thoughts of “Having a shameless grandson means having a great granddaughter-in-law” and “Giving up this shameless grandson, can you still keep this granddaughter-in-law?”.

Thinking about how he had said that he planned to get a certificate and have a great-grandson in front of Zhou Guanglin earlier, Old Master Lu was extremely regretful.

Lu Huaiyu and this person had an unpredictable future!

Ah Li was only in her senior year of high school. How long would he have to wait?!

Of course, Fang Qingyun’s words also played a significant role.

It was fine to lose a grandson, but the loss of a granddaughter-in-law would be difficult to replace!

This precious opportunity for their Lu family was here now!


Old Master Lu was full of resentment.

It was one thing for Lu Huaiyu himself to behave shamelessly, but now Old Master Lu would also be implicated along with him!

Fang Qingyun had already given up trying to persuade him because he felt that he had done quite well.

If not for his efforts, it was hard to say if the Second Master would have been able to get out of trouble this time!

That’s okay, that’s okay.

That’s enough.

Old Master Lu then thought of something else.

“By the way, that kid went to fetch someone last time, but he didn’t receive that person. Who was the one who picked Ah Li up?”

Fang Qingyun said, “Oh, it was Yu Pingchuan, Elder Yu.”


Old Master Lu was surprised.

“He knows Ah Li too?”

“It looks like it. Moreover, it seems like Teacher Yu takes care of her very well and is very close to her. In order to pick her up, Teacher Yu had especially returned to the Capital from Yunzhou. Throughout her visit here, Ah Li has been living in the house below Teacher Yu.”

Old Master Lu fell into deep thought.

Yu Pingchuan looked gentle, but he was actually a very noble person deep down.

Seeing that he was so devoted to Ning Li, it was obvious that he really liked her.

“Oh right, he is the chairman of the Yunzhou Art Association. He has also been there a lot…”

Old Master Lu Thought for a while before suspiciously asking, “If that’s the case, then did Yu Pingchuan have any objections to Ah Li coming here with Huaiyu for the Chinese New Year dinner today?”

“This… I’m not too sure, but I think Ah Li should have told him about it, right?”

Old Master Lu nodded.

“Alright, that’s it for now. Go get the two of them to post the Chinese New Year couplets.”

In the study room, it was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop.

Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li waited patiently for Ning Li’s answer.

Ning Li pursed her lips.

Actually, this matter could not be hidden from Lu Huaiyu.

He was someone who had entered the Fino Laboratory’s headquarters in Bai City. It would be too easy for him to get some insider information.


She had just opened her mouth when the door to the study opened, accompanied by grandfather Lu’s joyful voice:

“Ah Li, come and paste the Chinese New Year couplets…”

Lu Huaiyu immediately stood up and distanced himself from Ning Li. He turned around to look.


Old Master Lu stood at the door. Seeing this scene, his temples throbbed and he almost cursed out loud at Lu Huaiyu.

So this kid brought people into the study just for this reason!?


“Ah Li, come and help stick the window flowers. Huaiyu, come with me to stick one on the door.”

Lu Huaiyu rubbed the space between his eyebrows helplessly.

This misunderstanding…

He looked at Ning Li.

“I’ll go first, but I’ll find you later.”

Ning Li knew that she would not be able to avoid this matter eventually, but she was still slightly relieved.


In the room, Old Master Lu and Lu Huaiyu were having a confrontation.

Lu Huaiyu was the first to speak.

“Grandfather, it’s not what you think.”

Old Master Lu sneered.

“What do you think I’m thinking?”


Lu Huaiyu did not say anything.

Originally, he would have had the confidence to refute, but after what had happened last night, he really…

“Do you think I don’t know what you’re thinking?”Old Master Lu scoffed. “Did you think that you could do whatever you want without anyone looking out for that girl?”

“Stand right here! I’ll call Yu Pingchuan right now!”

Although he did not know how Ning Li knew Yu Pingchuan, looking at the circumstances, it was not difficult to see that the two of them had a good relationship.

He could not control his grandson, but Yu Pingchuan was Ning Li’s close elder. Surely he would be able to handle him?!

As Old Master Lu spoke, he dialed Yu Pingchuan’s number.

The call was answered very quickly.

“Hello? Old Master Lu?”

“Pingchuan, Ah Li is at my house. You did know that, right?”

Old Master Lu went straight to the point and brought it all out in the open.

“I know. Wasn’t Huaiyu the one who took her away?” Yu Pingchuan chuckled.

Old Master Lu gave Lu Huaiyu a warning look.

“Yes, there’s no other matter. I was only thinking that perhaps Ah Li was meant to accompany you on this Chinese New Year’s Eve, but Huaiyu took her away instead. On your side–”

“Oh, is that all? It’s fine, it’s fine! Huaiyu has always been good to Ah Li. In fact, I’m very relieved that Ah Li went with him! Hahaha!”

Yu Pingchuan’s hearty laughter echoed throughout the quiet room.

Lu Huaiyu had one hand in his pocket, as he raised his eyebrows slightly and smiled.

Old Master Lu, “…”

This person could not be relied upon as well!

He could still laugh, even when the person under his care was about to be taken away by someone else!