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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 325 - This Kid Is Really Something Else

Chapter 325: This Kid Is Really Something Else

Gu Siyang felt very regretful.

“Second Master Lu?”

Ning Li replied with a “Hmm”.

“Thank you for your invitation, but I really can’t go.”

Ning Li appreciated Gu Siyang’s good intentions.

Actually, Gu Siyang’s intentions were very simple.

Ning Li was alone in the Capital. As her future boss, he naturally felt obligated to bring her along for the Chinese New Year celebrations.

Unfortunately, Lu Huaiyu had been one step ahead of him.

However, the Second Master Lu was also a good person, so it was good that Ning Li would be with him.

“Alright then. Shall we meet again after the Chinese New Year? LY has changed to using Farley engines now. You must come and give it a try when you have time!”


The two of them spoke a few more words before Ning Li hung up the phone.

Fang Qingyun’s alert level had been raised to the limit. He chuckled and asked, “Ah Li, was that your friend?”

Ning Li nodded.

“It’s Gu Siyang. You should know of him.”

Young Master Gu’s name was quite well-known in the Capital now.

Fang Qingyun immediately understood.

“Oh, oh, it’s the young master from the Gu family! If I remember correctly, he was there when you were leaving the school the other day, right?”

Fang Qingyun had been in the car at that time, so naturally, he had seen Gu Siyang.

“Yes, that was him.”

Fang Qingyun became even more vigilant.

What were Gu Siyang intentions?

First, he had gone to Capital First High to compete with the Second Master to pick him up. Now, he wanted to compete to bring Ning Li home for the New Year?

Although Gu Siyang was obviously not as outstanding as the Second Master of his family, his enthusiasm did not lose out in the slightest!

Just as he was thinking about how to discreetly ask more questions, Ning Li’s phone rang again.

This time, it was Ji Shu.

“Sister Li, my parents are coming to Beijing to celebrate the New Year with me! Would you like to come over?”

Ning Li had no choice but to repeat herself.

“Please send my uncle and aunt a New Year’s greeting on my behalf, but I really can’t go over today.”

“I… I’m going to Second Brother’s house.”

“Okay, then. Bye.”

Fang Qingyun became nervous.


There was more than one!

It even sounded like the second one was very familiar with her! Even his parents knew her?

Didn’t Ning Li say that she was from Lincheng? Why did she have so many friends in the Capital?

Before he could speak, a call came from Qiao Xi.

Ning Li looked at the name on the screen. The corner of her eyes twitched, and she ended the call.

However, Qiao Xi did not give up and called again.

Just as Ning Li was about to end the call again, Lu Huaiyu asked her with a chuckle, “Why aren’t you picking up?”

Ning Li sat up straighter.

“Not someone I’m very familiar with.”

Lu Huaiyu said, “Oh.”

Ning Li sent Qiao Xi a New Year’s greeting and then quickly blocked him.

Lu Huaiyu was well aware of this little trick, but he did not expose it. He only raised his eyebrows and smiled.

Ning Li was in his car.

He wanted to see who could snatch her away from him.

Ning Li put away her phone and the car finally quieted down.

Fang Qingyun glanced at the rearview mirror a few times, feeling anxious.

There had already been several calls!

Why wasn’t Second Master panicking at all?!

The Lu family.

Old Master Lu could not hold in his excitement any longer and started strolling around the courtyard again, looking outside from time to time.

“Yo, Old Lu, who are you waiting for?”

A teasing voice came from the side.

Old Master Lu turned his head to look.

It was Zhou Guanglin.

The two of them had been friends for many years. One had been a chief while the other had been a political commissar. They had been fighting for decades, and neither of them was willing to submit to the other.

Although they were both retired now, they still lived close to each other and were always quarreling with each other.

Old Master Lu coughed lightly.

“Ah, I’m not waiting for anyone. It’s just that Huaiyu said that he was bringing a friend home. What about you? Why are you so free today? Are you going out?”

Zhou Guanglin smiled.

“Isn’t this the Chinese New Year? My little granddaughter is back for her New Year’s holiday! She insisted on buying me things! I refused them, so now she’s angry! Now that she’s changed her clothes, I’m going to accompany her out for a walk. This girl hasn’t been back for a long, and she’s so clingy. What a nuisance!”

Old Master Lu choked on his breath.

Zhou Guanglin had two sons and a daughter. Following that, were two grandsons, two granddaughters, and his newest grandchild. This baby was extremely precious, and Zhou Guanglin kept bragging about his little cotton-padded jackets.

Old Master Lu only had one son and two grandsons. He had completely lost in this aspect.

Zhou Guanglin looked at Old Master Lu’s expression in satisfaction for a while. He looked at his clothes and said, “Hey, but Old Lu, your clothes… Aren’t they a little too grand?”

This was a nice way of saying it, but his intention was not nice. He was simply being sarcastic.

Old Master Lu slowly let out a breath and smiled.

“It’s alright.”

“After all, Huaiyu’s bringing home a girl. So I think this color is very suitable, don’t you think so?”

Zhou Guanglin’s expression changed.

“Huaiyu’s bringing a girl home?”

His own grandson, the eldest, was 27 years old. He did not even have a family of his own yet.

However, of the two Lu family members, one spent most of his time in the army without meeting any women, while the other simply kept a respectful distance from all women.

Zhou Guanglin had always felt that the Lu brothers were always going to remain single.

Even if it happened a little late, he would still win!

But now…

Lu Huaiyu was quietly bringing a girl home!?

D*mn it!

Old Master Lu had turned the tables on the situation and felt very comfortable now.

“Yeah, after all, he’s about to reach the legal age for marriage, right? Sigh, let me tell you, these children nowadays all have their own ideas. Some people can’t find the right person, yet he met her in a flash! Tell me, who can predict things like fate? Hahaha!”

Zhou Guanglin forced a smile.

“That’s true.”

“Aiya, Old Zhou, which ones in your family have not decided on their partners yet? Why don’t I help you make some introductions?”

Old Master Lu was very enthusiastic.

Zhou Guanglin couldn’t bear to stay any longer, having turned green in envy.

“When it comes to the children, just listen to them. You can’t rush them.”

Old Master Lu nodded solemnly.

“That’s right. If he has to go to collect his marriage certificate on the 22nd day, we can’t stop him, right?”


Zhou Guanglin flicked his sleeves and left.

Old Master Lu had been crushed for many years, but now, he was finally able to hold his head up high. He felt very refreshed!

What was marriage?

Surely his future great-grandchildren were just around the corner!

The Black Panamera slowly drove over.

Old Master Lu saw it and immediately picked up the jug beside him, pretending to water the flowers.

The car stopped.

Lu Huaiyu got out of the car first.

Old Master Lu then turned around.

“Huaiyu, you’re back?”

His gaze went past Lu Huaiyu and landed behind him.

Old Master Lu looked on eagerly and finally saw a young girl get out of the car.


Lu Huaiyu brought Ning Li forward.

“This is Ning Li. Ah Li, this is my grandfather.”

Ning Li stood beside Lu Huaiyu, feeling dazzled by Old Master Lu’s red Tang suit. However, she still greeted him obediently.

“Hello, Grandpa Lu.”

Old Master Lu tried his best to suppress his excitement and nodded calmly, with a calm and amiable smile.

“Good, good, good! Ah Li, right? Come in, come in! Make yourself at home!”

Ning Li, “…”

For a rare moment, Lu Huaiyu also fell silent.

Old Master Lu gave Ning Li an appraising look.

Oh, she’s so beautiful and so obedient! So–


Wait a minute.

Ning Li?

Why was this name so familiar?

Was this…the child he had helped in Yunzhou before?

If he remembered correctly, the girl was still very young, right?!

Old Master Lu looked at Lu Huaiyu in disbelief.

Huaiyu, you are such a bad boy!