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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 322 - Follow Me Home

Chapter 322: Follow Me Home

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Lu Huaiyu stood up and walked over.

Ning Li became more and more nervous, as she tried hard to recall what had happened after she had blacked out last night.

Before she could make up her mind, Lu Huaiyu was already standing in front of her.

He bent over slightly, his deep phoenix-like eyes looking straight at her.

Ning Li’s face couldn’t help but heat up.

‘Could he tell…’

“Are you not feeling well?”

Lu Huaiyu raised his hand and touched her forehead,

“Your face is still so red. Do you have a fever?”

Ning Li immediately shook her head and braced herself to ask, “No, no. My… Second Brother, last night… Did I do anything I shouldn’t have done?”

Sure enough, she appeared to have forgotten everything.

Lu Huaiyu straightened up and tilted his head to look at her. His gaze lingered on her plump and moist lips for a moment before he moved away.

He thought for a moment before he raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“It was me.”

Ning Li was extremely nervous. “Wh-What?”

“Last night, you cried and begged to be allowed to sleep in my bed…”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips held a casual smile.

“I could only give up the master bedroom to you.”

Ning Li slowly widened her eyes.

How could this man say such words without changing his expression at all?

Wasn’t he the one who had carried her over himself??

She had not spoken a single word from the beginning to the end!

“I didn’t–”

She had just opened her mouth when she looked at Lu Huai and his slightly raised eyebrows. She then automatically swallowed back the rest of her words.

“I… I wouldn’t do such a thing, right?”

Ning Li’s hand was tightly pressed against the wall. She gritted her teeth, trying to prove her innocence.

“Oh, do you remember then?”

Lu Huaiyu smiled faintly.

Ning Li felt a lump in her chest, and her voice weakened a little.

“No, I don’t remember…”

She knew she had done something she felt guilty for. Hence, she was feeling very hesitant as she faced Lu Huaiyu who was sober.

Where could she find the extra energy to clear her name?

“Yes, you drank one-third of that bottle of whiskey. You got drunk and blacked out. It’s perfectly normal for you to not remember what happened.”

As Lu Huaiyu spoke, her delicate and fair earlobes turned red at a visible speed.

“I said I would send you home, but you refused. You said that it was snowing, and then you said you wanted to sleep. You entered my room and refused to leave…”

She lowered her eyes, and her thick and curly eyelashes fluttered slightly.

Lu Huaiyu watched with great interest. He admired her for a while, to the point that he felt that the young girl was about to be embarrassed and annoyed. Then, he changed the topic and gave her a way out.

“Maybe you went in once before, so you decided to claim it as your territory?”

She had completely forgotten about the incident. That was a huge loss for him.

With last night’s experience, he felt he had to get back at her a little this time.

Ning Li stared at the floor and listened to him as he seemed to be accusing her of some wrongdoing. She felt as if she was going crazy.

Lu Huaiyu…

How could he do this!?

She took a deep breath:

“I… I…”

“Anyway, that doesn’t matter. If you like my bed that much, I’ll give it to you.”

Second Master Lu came from an aristocratic family and had always been generous,

“You can sleep there whenever you come to visit in the future.”


Ning Li’s line of defense was hanging by a thread. She forced herself to hold on:

“No, there’s no need…”

“There’s no need to be polite with me.”

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

Ning Li, “…”

Was this even a matter of politeness!?

However, Lu Huaiyu did not seem to think that this was an important matter. He gently patted her head.

“Are you hungry? Let’s eat.”

He had gotten up early and prepared porridge for her.

Ning Li’s thoughts were still preoccupied about the bed, so she slowly followed him.

The food tasted bland to Ning Li.

Lu Huaiyu had just made her look bad. She had not done what he said, so how could she admit to it!?

However, she really didn’t know how to express what she was thinking.

Which was more humiliating? Getting drunk, then crying and insisting that she wanted to sleep on Lu Huaiyu’s bed, or pretending to be drunk and secretly kissing Lu Huaiyu?

Ning Li closed her eyes in despair.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her:

“No appetite?”

Ning Li put down her spoon and nodded.


Who could possibly eat under such circumstances?

Lu Huaiyu bent his fingers and lightly knocked on the table.

“Since we’re done eating, let’s talk about what happened yesterday.”

Ning Li instantly straightened her back.


Lu Huaiyu paused and looked at her carefully before asking, “Did you go to Taihe yesterday afternoon?”

So that was the question.

Ning Li heaved a sigh of relief and nodded.

“Yes, I went to buy some things.”

Lu Huaiyu casually asked, “With Pei Song?”

Ning Li raised her eyes in astonishment.

How did he know about this?

But very quickly, she remembered something.

“Did Miss Jiang tell you?”

The dining table was instantly dead silent.

The air seemed to freeze.

After a while, Lu Huaiyu and his thin lips curled into a meaningful smile.

He leaned back and slowly said, “There were fourteen people at the high school reunion. Sun Qingyi was the one who organized the gathering.

“They stayed there for half an hour and touched four dishes. They didn’t drink a single drop of alcohol.

“One of the girls happened to take a photo of you. It was deleted.”

Each sentence was clearly stated.

It was as if he was making a list.

Ning Li was instantly embarrassed.

Lu Huaiyu’s words…

“When I came home, I saw that you were already drunk.”

When he said this, Lu Huaiyu suddenly raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“Do you still remember what happened then?”

Ning Li’s throat was dry, and she said reluctantly, “I don’t remember.”

Lu Huaiyu nodded, as if he was not surprised.

He did not speak anymore and continued to just look at Ning Li, obviously waiting for her answer to his earlier question.

For some reason, Ning Li felt strange.

However, Lu Huaiyu’s gaze seemed to be intense, and the aura around him was too strong.

She sorted out her thoughts before continuing.

“He wanted to return the book that he borrowed from me previously, so we arranged to meet at Taihe Plaza.

“After that, I went to the mall to buy some things.”

Lu Huaiyu understood.

She went by herself.

She was still quite obedient.

“That’s good.”

He nodded, pondered for a moment, and then said with a smile.

“Ning Li, if you want to fall in love, wait until you grow up. Understand?”

“When you grow up, even more than that, you’ll be able to kiss anywhere you want, okay?”.

Ning Li almost did not dare to look into his eyes.

His words were so straightforward that they were almost naked. Every word carried a burning heat.

She lowered her head slightly for a while before she answered, “Yes.”


Lu Huaiyu looked outside.

“Today is New Year’s Eve. You should pack up and come home with me tonight.”

Ning Li was stunned.

“Your home?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. He could not help but laugh when he saw her wide-eyed and shocked look.

“Don’t be nervous. My parents and brother are both out of town, so my grandfather is the only one at home. Just treat it as a reunion dinner with the elderly.”

Of course, he would not leave her alone in the Capital.

Ning Li felt that she did not seem to have anything to do with the words “reunion dinner”…

She said hesitantly, “This doesn’t seem… appropriate, does it?”

In what capacity would she be going as?

Lu Huaiyu seemed to have seen through her thoughts and smiled.

“Since you’re already sleeping in my bed, isn’t it normal for us to have a meal together to celebrate the New Year?”


Ning Li, “…”

After a while, she nodded her head in resignation.