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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 320 - Torture Me to Death

Chapter 320: Torture Me to Death

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The light of the moon flowed along the window sill, as the snow fell.

The scene seemed to have frozen in time, as if he had fallen into a beautiful dream.

Her lips were unbelievably soft, and they were burning hot. It ignited a spark within the depths of his body that could start a prairie fire.

The breath that fell on his neck was warm and sweet. When mixed with the strong smell of wine, it became a most alluring taste, easily destroying all of his rationality and crushing him.

The darkness of the night and the moonlight blended together, outlining his exquisite features.

His deep phoenix eyes seemed bottomless, as if they could easily swallow a person.

Lu Huaiyu’s entire body tensed up.

“Ning Li.”

His voice was terrifyingly deep and hoarse. When he called her name, he gritted his teeth, as if he was trying his best to suppress something,

“Do you know what you’re doing?”

Ning Li hooked her arm around his neck. Her small face was red, and the corners of her eyes were moist.

She did not answer his question, but she could feel the boiling heat emanating from his body.

His voice seemed to have finally caused her head to clear.

She timidly let go of his arm, and her soft and tender lips, which were like rose petals, finally withdrew

Lu Huaiyu grabbed her slender waist and lifted her up.

His movement was very sudden, and he had used a lot of force.

Ning Li opened her eyes slightly and called out softly.

She then felt her shoulder and back pressed against the pile of pillows.

Just as her head was about to hit the headboard, the palm of his hand cushioned the back of her head.

Then, Lu Huaiyu pressed against her body.

He leaned in close as he held her waist tightly with one hand.

She was pushed further into his palm and trapped in his arms.

Through the thin layers of their clothes, their skin was almost touching, and their breaths were touching.

There was no escape for her.

He looked down at her and stared into her eyes. His breathing was hot and heavy, as he spoke in a voice that seemed to be commanding yet also coaxing her.


Ning Li stared at him in a daze, her hands subconsciously propped up against his flat and firm chest. Her peach blossom eyes seemed to be glistening, and she was completely flushed from her face to her neck.

She could not speak. She just continued to gaze at him that way.

So clean.

So seductive.

The string of “reason” in Lu Huaiyu’s mind suddenly snapped.

His throat felt dry, and his entire body was extremely hot. It was as if there was a heatwave that rose from the depths of his body, engulfing everything.

Her very slender waist was so pliable that it curved into an incredible and subtle arc.

He clutched her waist, wishing that he could crush her to him and make her belong to him.

He leaned over and was about to kiss her when a sense of panic flashed across Ning Li’s eyes, and she raised her hand to cover her lips.

Lu Huaiyu and his slightly cold lips were pressed to the back of her hand.

He paused.

However, he could not control his impulse. He kissed the soft back of her hand, and then pecked her slender and fair fingers one by one.

His movements were very light as he continuously kissed her, treating her like a treasure that was precious to him.

Ning Li’s eyes widened slightly as she almost forgot to breathe.

However, Lu Huaiyu did not seem to notice it.

His lips then landed on her slender and delicate neck.

Her skin was as white as cream, especially in this area. Her skin was so unbelievably delicate that even with just a light touch, milk-white creases appeared on her skin.

His hot breath landed on her neck, causing her body to shiver slightly.

Suddenly, she felt a chill on her waist.

Lu Huaiyu had lifted the hem of her sweater, and his slightly calloused fingers were touching her delicate and soft waist.

His touch was rough and lingering.

Ning Li was extremely flustered. She bit her lip, as her eyes filled with tears.

She lightly sniffed, with tears in her eyes.

Lu Huaiyu’s movements came to an abrupt stop.

He buried his face in her neck, his breathing burning hot.

However, he did not move any further.

After a long time, his breathing finally calmed down.

He pulled her sweater back together again, stepped back with difficulty, and looked at her again.

Looking into her eyes, his rationality finally returned.

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

‘Lu Huaiyu, you’re really crazy.’

“I’m sorry.”

He suppressed the turmoil of emotions in his heart and raised his hand to wipe away the tears from the corner of her eyes. His voice was still hoarse, but his tone was gentle.

He said in a low voice,

“Ah Li, don’t worry. It’s all my fault.”

She was drunk, but he had not touched a single drop of alcohol.

Ever since he had taken her under his wing, he had repeatedly told himself times.

She was still young, so he had to wait a little longer.

However, he could not bear to see any possibility of her being with anyone else, and neither could he resist her, even if it was an unintentional intimacy.

That was why he had lost control just now.

However, when she cried, he could only surrender.

Ning Li shook her head.

Lu Huaiyu closed his eyes and got up. Then, he pulled the quilt that was beside him over and wrapped it around her tightly.

It was time for him to leave.

That was the thought in his heart.


His hoarse voice was gentle and restrained, with a trace of unnoticeable desire:

“Just one more hug again, okay?”

Just a hug.

Ning Li didn’t say anything, her mind was still in a daze.

He sat next to her, pulled her into his arms, and hugged her for a while.

He gently rubbed her head.

“Don’t recklessly drink again in the future, understand?”

If she did it again, he really did not know what he would do.

Ning Li was wrapped up in the quilt, with only her small head revealed. Her hair was a little disheveled, and the corners of her eyes and cheeks were red. She looked like a bedraggled little rabbit that had just cried after being bullied.

She nodded obediently.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her delicate and soft appearance, feeling powerless to do anything.

Lu Huaiyu knew that he could not stay any longer, even if he could not bear to.

He really could not stand it.

As he spoke, he stood up and helped her tidy up the bed again.

“Do you want to go and wash up?”

Ning Li nodded.

Then, he walked out and took the pair of pink and white slippers in, and placed them by the side of the bed.

Ning Li looked at the pair of shoes without moving.

“What’s wrong?

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“Do you want me to help you put them on?”

She was reluctant to change into her sleeping clothes when she was drunk, so she probably would not even put on the slippers.

As he spoke, he bent down, intending on helping her put them on.

Ning Li frowned slightly and retreated to the bed.

She did not want to put them on.

Lu Huaiyu raised his head and smiled helplessly.

“If you don’t wear it, I can carry you there. However, these shoes were bought specially for you, so they will go to waste.”

Ning Li’s eyes widened.

Lu Huaiyu had already stood up, still intending on carrying her.

Ning Li moved forward and stepped into the pair of cotton slippers, obediently putting them on.

Lu Huaiyu lead her to wash her face and brush her teeth, then brought her a new set of pajamas.

“I’m just next door. If you need anything, just look for me.”

Ning Li replied with a soft “Hmm.”

Lu Huaiyu looked at her.

Her face was still red.

He had really meant to leave, but seeing her like this, he really could not bear to part with her.

She looked quite aggrieved.

After a while, he leaned over and chuckled.

“When you grow up, you can kiss anywhere you want to, not just here, ok?

Ning Li was shocked. She looked up at him as if she did not quite understand him.

Forget it.

She was so drunk that she probably would not remember anything anyway.

Lu Huaiyu pressed the tip of his tongue against the roof of his mouth.. After a long time, he finally resigned himself to his fate and muttered softly, “Fine, just torture me to death.”