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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 319 - Drunkenly Kissing Him

Chapter 319: Drunkenly Kissing Him

Jiang Ran and the girl were both stunned. They turned their heads and saw that Lu Huaiyu had somehow come to stand at their side.

His gaze landed on the girl’s phone.

Although his voice was usually unhurried, it was the kind of voice that brooked no objection.

The girl was momentarily stunned and subconsciously handed her phone over.

Lu Huaiyu took it and looked at the photo.

The location was the plaza downstairs.

Ning Li and Pei Song were standing face to face.

Although they were separated by a short distance, their facial features had still been captured clearly.

Amongst the busy crowd, they were indeed very eye-catching.

“They are not a couple.” Lu Huaiyu said coldly.

Jiang Ran blinked and her lips pursed in a smile

“Senior Brother Lu, how can you be so sure?”

Lu Huaiyu and his eyelids lifted slightly.

“Why wouldn’t I know if my own child is in a relationship or not?”

When he said this, Jiang Ran, as well as the people around them, were dumbfounded.

Lu Huaiyu and his family… A child?

Wasn’t he the second in line with only one elder brother above him?

Could it be a relative’s son or a nephew?

“Senior Brother Lu, are you talking about that boy?” The girl whose phone it was that had been taken away asked in a low voice. “That, I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have taken…”

“It has nothing to do with him.

Lu Huaiyu’s expression was cold.

“However, this girl belongs to my family.”

As he spoke, he took another look at the photo. It stung him to look at it, so he deleted it immediately.

Jiang Ran was very surprised.

“Senior Brother Lu, did you mean… Ning Li?”

Lu Huaiyu paused and looked over at her.

Jiang Ran coughed lightly:

“Then this… Senior Brother Lu, you probably don’t know this… I was the one who sent her here this afternoon. When she arrived, that boy was waiting for her.”

Seeing Lu Huaiyu’s cold eyes, she realized that her words had made him unhappy, so she changed the topic,

“…but, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything…”

Lu Huaiyu returned the phone to the girl and turned around to retrieve his jacket.

Sun Qingyi spotted him and said, “Eh? Lu Huaiyu, are you leaving already?”

Lu Huaiyu’s thin lips curled into a faint smile, but his eyes were cold and clear.

“The child at home is being disobedient. Please excuse me. All the expenses will be charged to my account.”

By this time, Ning Li had already arrived at the Rongyue Mansion.

She placed the book on the coffee table.

Lu Huaiyu had already put away the “The History of Time” book.

She sat on the sofa and rested for a while.

Pei Song had suggested that he accompany her, but she had turned him down. It had indeed been quite strenuous for her to bring back those New Year gifts by herself.

A cold wind blew outside the window.

She took a look and found that it had started snowing, and it seemed to be quite heavy.

The snowflakes were the size of a one-yuan coin. Within a short time, the ground floor was covered in a vast expanse of white.

It would be difficult to go home later.

She was about to inform Lu Huaiyu that she intended on leaving.

However, before she could send out the message, Lu Huaiyu called.

“Second Brother?”

She was a little surprised. Had the gathering ended so early?

“Where are you now?”

Lu Huaiyu asked straightforwardly.

Ning Li was stunned.

“I’m still at Rongyue Mansion. I was just preparing to leave…”

“Wait there, I’ll be back soon.”

The tone of his voice made it clear that his instruction was not up for discussion.

Ning Li felt that something was not right.

“Second Brother, what’s wrong?”

Lu Huaiyu went silent for a moment.

“Did you forget what I said earlier about how children… should not be involved in puppy love?”

Ning Li’s heart skipped a beat, but she remained quiet.

Lu Huaiyu pinched the bridge of his nose.

“We’ll talk about it when I get back.”

After hanging up, Ning Li sat on the sofa for some time.

The wind outside kept blowing.

It was quiet in the huge house, but Ning Li did not feel empty.

She was familiar with this place.

She had not thought that she would have had the chance to come here again after her rebirth.

The tone of Lu Huaiyu’s when he spoke on the phone was rarely cold.

He almost never talked to her like this.

Jiang Ran’s words echoed in her ears again.

‘Your accent is similar to his.’

She closed her eyes and stood up immediately. She walked to the kitchen and opened the door of the silver refrigerator.

All kinds of hidden wine were neatly arranged there.

She knew that this was Lu Huaiyu’s hidden wine cabinet.

After staring at it for a while, she picked a bottle of whiskey from inside.

Lu Huaiyu went to the top floor and pushed the door open.


He called out, but no one answered.

He walked in and saw Ning Li sitting on the sofa in the living room. There was an open bottle of whiskey on the coffee table in front of her.

The air was filled with the strong smell of alcohol.

One-third of the bottle of wine had already been drunk.

Lu Huaiyu frowned slightly and walked over.

“Have you been drinking? Didn’t I say that when I’m not around, you’re not allowed–”

His voice stopped abruptly.

Ning Li raised her head and looked over at him.

The corners of her eyes were slightly red. He did not know if she had been drinking, but there was a moist glow in them.

Lu Huaiyu’s heart softened when she looked at him.

He sighed softly. All his emotions were replaced by heartache and pity.

He put his coat aside and walked over. He squatted down in front of her and looked her in the eye. His voice was low and gentle.

“Are you drunk?”

Ning Li shook her head hesitantly.

Lu Huaiyu could not help but laugh.

“Would you like to go to sleep?”

He could not bear to ask her any more questions, now that she was in such a state.

He could see how drunk she was. How could he dare to let her go home on her own? Besides, it was snowing heavily outside.

Ning Li did not say anything.

Lu Huaiyu pinched her cheek.

“It’s snowing. You can sleep here tonight, okay?”

Ning Li seemed to be a little hesitant. She looked dazed.

In the next moment, Lu Huaiyu bent over and carried her bridal style.

Ning Li’s slender fingers instantly grabbed his shirt.

Lu Huaiyu was used to her doing this, so he held her even tighter and went straight to the master bedroom.

He put her on the bed and coaxed her in a low voice:

“Sleep well here. I’ll stay with you, okay?”

Ning Li opened her eyes and looked at him.

Lu Huaiyu could not stand her gaze.

His Adam’s apple bobbed, and his voice became a little hoarse as he moved closer.

“Be good, okay?”

“Sleep well here. I’ll stay with you.”.

“Be good.”

His voice overlapped with the scenes in her memory.

The sound of his voice struck her eardrums and landed in the deepest part of her heart.

She let go of the hand that was grabbing his shirt.

Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly.

However, in the next moment, her soft and slender hand landed on his shoulder.

‘Ning Li, you can’t like Lu Huaiyu.’

She heard the warning to herself for the 10000th time.

The lights had not been turned on in the room. Only a faint light shone in from the outside, as the white snow drifted down.

Lu Huaiyu was stunned.

“Ah Li, are you–”

Then, his voice was suddenly drowned out.

With a sudden strength in her hands, she held onto his straight shoulders. She wrapped her arms around his neck and raised her head slightly. Then, her soft and warm lips kissed his Adam’s apple.

The tips of his ears turned red.