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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 318 - Who Do You Date

Chapter 318: Who Do You Date

Jiang Ran and Lu Huaiyu were the same age.

They had been classmates in high school. Later, Lu Huaiyu had gone to Xijing University after one year. Jiang Ran had been one year later than him, so Lu Huaiyu had left school earlier.

The two of them then attended the same school again, but their grades and majors had been different.

Later, Jiang Ran had graduated and gone abroad to Bai City.

Basically, they had indeed been classmates.

Jiang Ran herself was a very outstanding person. However, it was a pity that Lu Huaiyu and several others had been so brilliant that it made other people look dull.

Ning Li’s expression was calm.

“Is that so?”

Jiang Ran nodded.

It was more than just similar, they sounded exactly the same.

She had been able to hear it when Ning Li had opened her mouth earlier.

The tone of their voices was exactly the same, especially the highs and lows of their accents.

When Lu Huaiyu spoke English, he had a unique tone and some very subtle habits.

It was quite a coincidence that they could be so similar.

“If you have the chance to meet him, you’ll know. He’s a very interesting person.”

Jiang Ran smiled and said in a familiar tone.


The sound of a car was heard. It was the car that Ning Li had called for.

She said goodbye to Jiang Ran.


Jiang Ran waved her hand.


Ning Li got into the car and quietly looked at the scenery passing by outside the window.

Jiang Ran.

She had heard this name many times before, but today was the first time she had seen her in real life.

Just like Lu Huaiyu, she was the pride of Capital First High School and an outstanding graduate of Xijing University.

Although her background was not as good as the children of the aristocratic families in Beijing, her achievements made her outstanding.

In all these years, only three Chinese people had entered the headquarters of the Fino Laboratory.

She was the third.

The person who had been just in front of her was Lu Huaiyu.

As for the first person… Twenty years had already passed since that had happened.

Just from these facts alone, it was not difficult to see Jiang Ran’s excellence.

Before she left, Jiang Ran’s words still echoed in her ears.

— Your accent is similar to his.

She pursed her lips slightly.

Ning Li was busy for the next few days.

In the blink of an eye, the 29th of December arrived.

In the morning, Ning Li got out of bed, packed her backpack, and prepared to go to the Fino Laboratory to retrieve the results.

Just as she was about to leave, she received a message from Pei Song.

[ Today, as I was packing my luggage, I realized that the workbook that I borrowed from you is still with me. If you have time, can I send it over to you? ]

Ning Li suddenly remembered that she had already finished reading the books that Lu Huaiyu had given her.

She unzipped her backpack and placed the books on the table inside the bag, before replying to Pei Song.

[ It may not be convenient in the morning. How about 5 pm, Taihe Plaza. Is that okay? ]

Pei Song replied very quickly.

[ Okay. ]

Ning Li put her phone into her pocket and left the room.

After staying at the Fino Laboratory for almost a whole day, Ning Li finished sorting out all the data and prepared to leave.

Jiang Ran stopped her.

“Ning Li, Deputy Director Xu isn’t around today and it so happens that I’m just getting off work. Could I give you a lift?”

Ning Li declined politely.

“Thank you, but there’s no need to trouble yourself.”

“You’re welcome. Who knows, you might even be my junior in the future. By the way, where are you staying?”

Ning Li looked at the time.

“There’s really no need. I’m not going home anyway. I’m going to Taihe.”

Jiang Ran blinked, her dimple showing on her face.

“Taihe? That’s too much of a coincidence. I’m going there too. Wait for me. I’ll take you with me.”

As she spoke, she entered the changing room without waiting for Ning Li’s reply.

Ning Li could only wait outside.

After about fifteen minutes, Jiang Ran came out again.

She took off her white lab coat and changed into a light brown cashmere coat with a white scarf. Her long black hair hung loose.

She had put on light makeup, looking delicate and intellectual. When she smiled, she looked gentle and playful.

She seemed to be preparing to go on the date.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Jiang Ran had a smile on her face,

“Let’s go.”

In the car, Jiang Ran asked, “Ning Li, what are you going to Taihe Square for? Are you going shopping?”

Taihe Plaza was a very large square. It was especially very lively close to the spring festival.

Ning Li said, “Yes, I’m going to buy something.”

Yu Pingchuan had reminded her several times before she had finally found some time today.

Jiang Ran’s gaze fell on her backpack and she smiled.

“You’re planning on buying something, yet you brought so many books?”

Ning Li did not take them out, but it was not difficult to guess that they were all books.

“I’m taking these to be returned.”

At this point, Ning Li suddenly remembered that she had not told Lu Huaiyu about her intention yet.

She took out her phone and sent a message.

[ Second Brother, I’ve finished reading the books that you gave me. I’ll be sending them back to you later. ]

Lu Huaiyu seemed to be busy and only replied after about ten minutes.

[ I’m currently outside and have some matters to attend to. I’ll probably only be home very late. You can go straight to Rongyue Mansion. The password is the same as Yunding Fenghua. ]

The Chinese New Year was approaching, and Lu Huaiyu was now staying in the Capital. It was not unusual for him to be very busy.

She did not ask any further questions.

[ Okay. ]

An hour later, the car arrived at Taihe Plaza.

Ning Li looked out of the window and saw a familiar figure standing by the street.

It was Pei Song.

She said, “Miss Jiang, I’ll just get out here.”

Jiang Ran followed her line of sight and saw a young man.

He was tall, with a cool demeanor.

Even though he was surrounded by people who were coming and going around him, he was very eye-catching as he stood there, obviously waiting for someone.

A knowing smile appeared on Jiang Ran’s face.

“Okay, you go ahead. Have Fun.”

Ning Li thanked her and got out of the car.

Just then, Jiang Ran’s phone rang.

She picked it up.

“Hello? Sun Qingyi.”

Ning Li paused.

Jiang Ran did not notice, since she was still on the phone.

“Yes, I’m here. I’m parking the car. Has Senior Brother Lu and the others arrived?”

Sun Qingyi, did not know what to say, so he teasingly replied, “He is indeed my Senior Brother. Alright, I’ll be right –”

Ning Li pushed the door open and got out of the car.

Pei Song quickly spotted Ning Li and walked over.

He was carrying a bag in his hand.

“Did you wait here long?” Ning Li asked.

Pei Song shook his head.

“I only just arrived as well.”

He observed Ning Li and said, “Would you like to take a walk inside?”

Ning Li nodded and reached for his bag.

“I’m sorry for troubling you to make this trip here. You may hand it over to me now.”

Pei Song did not move. His gaze fell on her overly heavy backpack and said, “I happen to have some things to buy as well. Why don’t we go in together?”

By the time Lu Huaiyu arrived at the dining hall, everyone else had already arrived.

He pushed the door open and entered. Everyone in the hall looked over at him.

“Lu Er, you’re the last one to arrive today. You’ll have to treat us to this meal!”

“That’s right! You made us wait a long time!”

More than a dozen people had come to the banquet. All of them were Lu Huai’s high school classmates, and they all had a good relationship with each other.

They rarely got to see him, so of course, they had to tease him a little.

Lu Huaiyu and the corners of his lips curled into a smile, looking elegant and graceful.


He had been busy with the cooperation between Farley and LY recently, so he was indeed quite busy.

Jiang Ran looked at him in the crowd. She did not move forward, but the corners of her lips curled up, revealing her dimple.

The atmosphere at the banquet was very lively.

Some people came forward to propose a toast. However, Lu Huaiyu said that he had only just recovered from a fever, so he rejected them all.

No one forced him and started chatting instead.

Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch.

He did not know if he would be able to make it back in time…

“Speaking of which, Jiang Ran, why aren’t you in a relationship yet? Don’t tell me you’re really going to stay in the laboratory for the rest of your life?”

A girl who was drinking some wine dared to tease her.

Jiang Ran smiled. “I’m too busy. Let’s see what fate brings me.”

The girl was disappointed.

“You’re so pretty, why aren’t you more aware? When I arrived here today, I saw a couple. They looked like high school students, but the guy was handsome and the girl was beautiful. They looked like a good match!”

As she spoke, she took out her phone:

“Here, take a look! You have to learn from their example!”

Jiang Ran took a look.

Wasn’t this Ning Li and…

Before she could speak, a cold and deep voice came from the side.

“Hand me your phone.”