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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 317 - Your Accent Sounds Just Like Him

Chapter 317: Your Accent Sounds Just Like Him

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The next morning, Ning Li stuffed her laptop into her backpack and left the house.

She first went to the planetarium to meet with Xu Yin. Then, the two of them drove away together.

An hour later, the car stopped in front of a building.

On the wall next to the gate, there was a square nameplate.


Fino Astrophysics Laboratory.

This was one of the three largest astrophysics laboratories in the world.

The headquarters was overseas in Cypress City, and this was the only branch in China.

Xu Yin was the Deputy Director here.

Ning Li followed him in.

This was Xu Yin’s first time bringing her here, and he showed her around as they walked.

“That’s the data processing room over there. The observation data that you sent earlier were all sent there.”

He pointed at a single fully enclosed cube building behind him.

Ning Li nodded.

Soon, a blond-haired, blue-eyed Caucasian man wearing a white lab coat walked over.

He looked to be in his forties and wore glasses.

“Deputy Director Xu.”


The two of them greeted each other. Reya looked at Ning Li with a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“Is this is the person you mentioned previously?”

He spoke fluent German.

Xu Yin nodded.

Reya looked Ning Li up and down again.

“She looks so young. Is she 20 years old?”

Before Xu Yin could speak, Ning Li said,

“17 years old.”

She spoke in German as well.

Reya was stunned.

Firstly, he had not expected Ning Li to be only 17 years old. Secondly, he also had not expected her to know German.

That meant that she must have understood everything he had said earlier.

He blinked and smiled:

“I’m sorry, Deputy Director Xu did not mention that you know the German language.”

Ning Li shook her head to show that she did not mind.

Reya’s gaze fell on her black backpack, and his smile grew wider.

“Come in.”

In the data processing room, the rows of giant black computers were neatly arranged.

In the vast space, there was only the sound of the machines running and the tapping of the keyboard.

Ning Li followed the sound and looked forward.

At the side, there was a row of monitors.

A woman wearing a white lab coat was sitting there.

The light spots on the screen kept jumping, and a row of data was regularly displayed below.


Reya walked in front.

The woman then turned around.

She had a delicate and fair eastern face. She seemed to be in her early twenties and looked very young.

Ning Li narrowed her eyes slightly.

“Let me introduce you. This is the youngest researcher in our laboratory, Jiang Ran. She was transferred back from the headquarters in Bai City two days ago. This is Deputy Director Xu, whom you haven’t met before. And this is Ning Li.”

Jiang Ran stood up and greeted them with a smile.

She had a delicate and elegant appearance. When she smiled, a dimple appeared on the left side of her face. She looked more playful and sweet.

“Hello, Deputy Director Xu. Hello, Ning Li.”

When she looked at Ning Li, a hint of surprise flashed in her eyes.

“I didn’t expect that the person who wrote that thesis would be such a young little sister.”

Reya laughed.

“She’s only seventeen this year. Speaking of which, she’s even younger than you were when you first entered the headquarters in Bai City.”

Jiang Ran tucked a lock of stray hair behind her ear and laughed as well.

“So, it looks like children nowadays are getting more and more powerful.”

Ning Li hid the emotions in her eyes.


Jiang Ran said, “Since we’re all here, shall we start now?”

Ning Li nodded and took her notebook out.

Reya helped her with the operation as he said, “I just heard from Deputy Director Xu that Ning Li is about to sit for the college entrance exam soon. If she goes to Xijing University, she will be your junior.”

Jiang Ran graduated from the Computer Science Department of Xijing University and went to the headquarters of the laboratory in Bai City.

She had stayed there for a year and had only come back a few days ago.

Jiang Ran looked surprised, but also a little happy.

“Is that so?”

She sat next to Ning Li as she typed on the keyboard.

Ning Li exported the data.

Jiang Ran’s expression gradually became serious.

Xu Yin stood behind her.

Time passed slowly.

At a certain point, Reya suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”

The others stopped what they were doing.

Reya pointed at the screen.

“These two sets of data are too far apart. Is there a problem with the measurement?”

Ning Li looked at it and said, “All the data has been measured uniformly. There won’t be any mistakes.”

“But this…”

Reya was a little hesitant.

Ning Li explained, “The trend of this error should be because when the two sets of data are measured, the corresponding radio telescope is affected by a certain degree of electromagnetic radiation interference.”

Reya came to a realization.

Jiang Ran, on the other hand, looked at Ning Li in surprise.

“How do you know?”

Ning Li paused.

“I saw a paper related to this topic before, and it mentioned something like this.”

“Really? When I was in Bai City, the tutor that I followed also studied this. What a coincidence.”

Ning Li knew who she was talking about.

In fact, she had seen that paper before, and it had been exactly that person.

It had been in the books and materials that Lu Huaiyu had given her.

She nodded.

Jiang Ran did not ask for more details.

Her mentor was not the only one who had studied related fields.

She glanced at Ning Li out of the corner of her eye and found that the speed of her data processing was faster than she had expected.

Yet, she was only seventeen years old…

By the time they came out of the data processing room, it was already past one o’clock in the afternoon.

“The remaining part might take a few days to be processed.”

As Reya spoke, he said jokingly, “You can come back once the results are out. Of course, if you are worried, you can come back every day.”

Ning Li smiled.

“Thank you.”

The level of Fino Laboratory was extremely high, so she was naturally at ease.

A slightly plump foreign man walked over and asked in English,

“Reya, there seems to be a problem with the spectrograph in L laboratory. Would you like to go and take a look?”

Reya nodded.

The man looked at Ning Li again, a little surprised.

“So, you are the person who came with Deputy Director Xu… Ning Li, is it? Which university are you from?”

“Hello, I’m Ning Li.”

Ning Li politely greeted him and also replied in English, “I’m also in my third year of high school this year.”

The man was even more shocked and could not help but laugh.

“With the level of your thesis, it should be enough for you to apply directly to a university, right?”

Reya patted him.

“She can be considered partly as Deputy Director Xu’s student, so it’s not that important when she will go to university. Jiang Ran, please send Ning Li off. I’ll go and take a look at the spectrograph first.”


Xu Yin still had some other things to deal with, so he did not follow them out.

Jiang Ran led Ning Li out.

After a few steps, there were only two people left.

Jiang Ran looked at Ning Li a few times, an inquisitive expression on her face.

Ning Li noticed it and turned her head to ask,

“What’s wrong?”

Jiang Ran put his hands in the pockets of her lab coat and laughed.

“Nothing. I just feel that your English accent sounds very similar to a classmate of mine.”



The dimple on Jiang Ran’s face appeared,

“My high school and university classmate, Lu Huaiyu.”