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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 314 - She’s So Hard to Catch Up With

Chapter 314: She’s So Hard to Catch Up With

Forty minutes later, the two of them arrived at the LY Training Base.

Ji Shu was already waiting at the entrance of the lobby.

When he saw the familiar Red Maserati, he was momentarily stunned. Then, he saw Ning Li get out of the car.

When he walked over, he indeed saw Gu Siyang.

“Sister Li, waiting for you has been like waiting for the stars and the moon. Finally, you’re here!”

As he said this, he glanced at Gu Siyang.

“You brought a driver with you?”

Gu Siyang, “…”

Ning Li said, “He’s not qualified.”

Gu Siyang, “???”

Ji Shu smiled and said, “I’ve already spoken to the team leader about you before. They also know that LY wants to sign you on, so today, they will specially let you in and allow you to enter the internal racing zone.”

Ning Li nodded.

“Let’s go and have some fun then.”

Ji Shu was stunned.

He had thought that Ning Li had only come here today to casually inspect the place. However, from what he heard, it seemed like–

“Sister Li, are you going on to the track?”

“Yes.” Ning Li spoke as she walked inside.

Since she was allowed to have some fun, of course, she couldn’t let him down.

LY’s training base was in the suburbs of Beijing, which covered a large area.

Their Sports Research and Development Department had a special track here.

All of LY’s drivers had to go through a unified training here before they were qualified to participate in the competitions at provincial-level and above.

Ji Shu brought Ning Li and Gu Siyang inside, introducing them as they walked.

A number of racing cars stopped next to the maintenance station.

A royal blue single-seater racing car roared its engine and sped past.

There were a few racers in racing uniforms in the rest area. Some were inspecting the cars, while others were measuring the data.

When they saw Ning Li, one of them whistled.

“Yo, Ji Shu, from where did you find this girl?”

When they heard this, the people beside them also looked over.

The moment they saw Ning Li’s appearance clearly, their eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

Those who could afford to play professional racing, were all from good families. Naturally, they had seen many beautiful girls before.

However, the one in front of them right now, still made their eyes light up.

It was a very pure kind of beauty. Even if she stood there with her face facing the sky, she would still look pretty.

Ji Shu glanced at the man who spoke.

“This is my Sister Li. Please watch your words.”

This was not the first time Ji Shu had mentioned this name before.

More importantly, ever since his arrival at the base, he had always behaved very arrogantly, which no one was very accepting of.

Only when he mentioned “Sister Li,” could they see a genuine admiration and respect from the bottom of his heart.

That was why everyone was well-acquainted with this name.

“Are you… Ning Li?

The man reacted for a moment.

“The one from Xiaosong Hill?”

Ning Li nodded.


“Hello! Just call me Ron!”

The guys looked at Ning Li again, their gazes different from before.

They had all seen her racing video before. As professional racers, they had certainly known more about Ning Li’s talent and ability after that race.

“I heard of you a long time ago. I didn’t expect to meet you today.”

Ron smiled and raised his chin.

“How about a race?”

Gu Siyang thought of his father’s instructions and quickly said, “Hey, isn’t this a little unfair? Ning Li just arrived and doesn’t even have a suitable car. You’ve been training with your car for a long time. How is this fair?”

He really wanted to watch Ning Li race, but Ron was the top racer in the team. Wouldn’t Ning Li be at a disadvantage if they competed like this?

Ron thought for a moment:

“Why don’t I let you–”

“There’s no need.”

Ning Li looked at Ji Song.

“Is your car loaded with LY’s latest chassis?”

“Yes. So, you’ll use my car?”


Ji Shu raised his hand and pointed at a red race car beside him.

“This is the one.”

He had come here to start his life over, and so the car reflected that as well.

Gu Siyang immediately went to pull Ning Li away.

“Hey, wait a minute! Ji Shu, you haven’t completely adapted to this car yourself, have you? Are you really going to let Ning Li drive it just like that?”

Ji Shu looked at him strangely.

“Ah, what else?”

Gu Siyang, “…”

Ning Li had already walked over and put on her helmet.

“I’ll run two laps to adjust to it first.”

Ji Shu nodded.

“My engineer is Fermi. You can just communicate directly with him.”

Ning Li got into the car and fastened her seatbelt.


“Let’s begin.”


A huge engine roar sounded!

Then, the red race car rushed towards the track!

The people behind were still in a daze.

“…Holy Sh*t, this girl is so fierce! She’s going straight on?”

“Didn’t she use to do underground racing before? How is she so able to adapt so quickly in a professional setting?”

Hearing that, Ji Shu shrugged and sneered, patting Ron on the shoulder.

“Brother, cherish this last bit of time.

“I’m afraid that you’ll cry later.”

Ning Li was extremely efficient.

After running two laps around the inner ring-shaped lane, she returned to the maintenance station.

Ji Shu sent the data measurement results from Fermi.

Ning Li quickly adjusted the angle of the airfoil and ground clearance, as well as some other small details.

The process took less than ten minutes.

At first, Ron and the others felt that what they were witnessing was just a novelty. After all, it was a rare sight to see such a beautiful girl driving a race car.

Then, when Ning Li adjusted the car at a speed beyond their imagination, they finally realized that things were not as simple as they had thought.

“Hey… Is it ok if I join in?”

One of the men raised his hand, feeling eager to win.

“Me, too!”

Since someone had taken the initiative, the others quickly followed.

Ning Li turned her head to look.


She pulled down the windshield of her helmet.

“Let’s go together.”


Vroom Vroom Vroom–

Several racing cars sped onto the track one after another!

The streak of red was like a raging flame, rushing at the front.

The cars behind it trying to catch up!

Gu Siyang took out her phone and excitedly took a photo.

“This… This is a live experience, ahhhh!”

Lu Huaiyu refreshed their WeChat Moments once again.

Gu Siyang’s movements were finally revealed.

[Excited heart! Trembling Hands!]

Below was a picture.

On the track, a number of racing cars were moving quickly.

A red race car was in the lead. One could vaguely see that there was a slender and cool in the driver’s seat.

The cars behind were in close pursuit.

At a glance, they were all the most popular young racers under LY.

It was unclear who Gu Siyang was replying to.

[Ah… Ah… Ah, she’s really hard to chase! My judgement has been proven right, hahahahaha! ]

Lu Huaiyu stared at the photo.

Even through the screen, it was not difficult to feel energy of the atmosphere.

He narrowed his eyes slightly, and after a long while, he chuckled.

“She’s quite capable.”