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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 313 - You’re Angry With Lu Huaiyu

Chapter 313: You’re Angry With Lu Huaiyu

The moment Gu Siyang received Ning Li’s message, he immediately jumped up from his bed, grabbed his car keys, and rushed out the door.

On the way out, he bumped into Gu Tingfeng, who had just returned.

Gu Tingfeng frowned.

“What are you doing!? Are you rushing to be reincarnated?”

Gu Siyang chuckled.

“Father, you’re so good to me. How could I bear to be reincarnated? My friend just asked me out to have fun!”

Gu Tingfeng could guess what he was going to do when he saw the excitement on his face.

“Are you going to LY again?”

“No one else would know their son as well as their father!”

Gu Siyang gave him a thumbs-up in awe.

Gu Tingfeng took off his coat as he walked in.

“With what little ability that you have, maybe you’ll learn something if you go. I wonder where you get so much energy from.”

Gu Siyang: “…”

It was fine if his uncle didn’t think much of his skills, but why was his father like this?

He snorted.

“Hey, you guessed wrong this time. I don’t plan on touching the car when I go there today. I’m going there to watch other people race!”

Gu Tingfeng did not care.

“Your team races and trains every day. Are you not tired of watching them yet?”

Gu Siyang spent most of his time on this.

Although Gu Tingfeng did not pay much attention to these things, he knew enough about whatever he needed to know.

“Dad, it’s different this time! This friend of mine is from Yunzhou. She’s very talented! You haven’t seen her when she drives… I’m still waiting to sign her next year!”

As Gu Siyang said this, she suddenly remembered something,

“Oh, right, you know this friend too. She’s the one who came to the capital with my uncle, Ning Li.”

Gu Tingfeng turned around and looked at him.

“It’s a girl?”

“Yes! That’s right!”

Gu Siyang felt very proud. However, when he saw Gu Tingfeng’s expression, he said doubtfully,

“…You don’t think that girls can’t race, right?”

Gu Tingfeng narrowed his eyes and frowned at him.


“I only think that people without talent like you should not be allowed to race cars.”

Gu Siyang: “…”

Gu Tingfeng could not be bothered with him any more, so he turned around and walked towards the study.

He remembered when Gu Tinglan had mentioned that little girl before. It seems she was allergic to peanuts as well…

He paused his footsteps and turned around halfway, exhorting,

“However, she’s a girl after all, so she’s delicate. Remember to take care of her.”

Gu Siyang put his fingers together and saluted.

“Alright! Don’t worry about it!”

Gu Siyang drove to the Rongyue Mansion.

He parked his flamboyant Red Maserati by the side of the road. It was very eye-catching.

As soon as he did that, he called Ning Li.

“Hello? Ning Li? I’m already at the entrance of the Rongyue Mansion. Have you come downstairs yet?”

“I’m coming now. I can see you.” Ning Li said.

Gu Siyang turned his head and saw two people walking towards the entrance of the residential area.

The one on the left was Ning Li.

The one on the right…


Wasn’t that Lu Huaiyu?

When the two of them passed by the security booth, the uncle who was drinking tea inside was stunned. A trace of shock flashed across his face.

‘Isn’t this… Isn’t this the young girl who went in earlier?

‘Is Second Master Lu personally coming out to send her off?!’

Ning Li stood still and pointed at the roadside.

“Second Brother, Gu Siyang has already arrived. You don’t need to send me off. You should go back inside.”

Lu Huai smiled faintly.

“It’s only a few steps more.”

He still insisted on accompanying Ning Li to Gu Siyang’s car.

When Gu Siyang saw the two of them come out together, he felt a little suspicious:

“…Who am I really here to pick up?”

Ning Li reminded him: “This is Second Brother’s residence.”


Ning Li got into the passenger seat, fastened her seatbelt, and turned her head to look at Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Brother, I’ll take my leave first.”


Gu Siyang was quite happy to see Lu Huaiyu.

“Second Master, about the project we talked about previously–”

“Aren’t we going to LY?

Ning Li said.

“It looks like we’ll be spending quite some time there, let’s go there soon so that we can come back early.”

Gu Siyang was brought back to reality by Ning Li’s words, and his eyes lit up.

Did Ning Li mean… that she would personally take on the field today?

At that moment, he could not care less about talking to Lu Huaiyu any more. He hurriedly bade him goodbye.

“Second Master, we’ll talk more about it another day when we have time! We’ll be leaving now!”

Lu Huaiyu put one hand in his pocket and nodded slightly.

“Be careful.”

He said this to Ning Li.

Ning Li acknowledged his words, without turning around.

Gu Siyang started the car and drove away quickly.

Lu Huaiyu did not turn away until the car had turned the corner and was completely out of sight.

When he passed by the security booth, he stopped and walked over.

“Second Master Lu.”

The security uncle had already put down the teacup that was in his hand when he saw him coming over, his expression earnest and serious.

Lu Huaiyu said, “In the future when she comes, just let her pass.”

The security uncle was shocked.

That little girl… Who was she?

Lu Huaiyu had lived here a long time, yet this was the first time he had behaved like this.

However, these were not things that he could ask.

He suppressed the unsettled feeling in his heart and quickly nodded:

“Okay, Second Master.”

Gu Siyang drove to the LY training base.

“Hey, Ji Shu knows that you’re going over, right?”

“Hmm… I guess so. But, I’m just going over today just to visit! Nothing else!”

“I know.”

As Gu Siyang said this, he tilted his head as he studied her.

“Ning Li, are you unhappy?”

Ning Li’s expression was indifferent.


Gu Siyang did not believe her. Recalling the earlier scene where Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu had come out together, he could not help but ask again.

“You and Second Master Lu… Did the two of you quarrel?”

Ning Li finally gave him a look.

“Through which eye did you see that?”

Gu Siyang raised his finger, pointed and said very honestly,

“This one and this one.”

Ning Li could not be bothered to look at him. She turned her head away.

New Year’s Eve was almost here. The streets were decorated with lanterns and streamers. It was very festive and lively.

“It’s nothing.”

“But your unhappiness is written all over your face…”

As Gu Siyang spoke, he felt the pressure around Ning Li getting lower and lower. She automatically lowered the volume until she was practically silent.


He had never seen Ning Li angry before, so he was a little flustered.

Seeing that Ning Li was not speaking, he was silent for a while. Finally, he could not help but whisper,

“Ning Li, don’t the two of you usually have a pretty good relationship…”

Not just pretty good.

Lu Huaiyu and Ning Li were really protective of each other. They couldn’t be more considerate in all aspects!

Although he had not known Lu Huaiyu long, he had heard about the Second Master of the Lu family before.

He had a proud personality and was extremely hard to please.

He had never expected that these two would have a disagreement?

Ning Li paused.

‘The two of them…’

At the moment, these words seemed to be a little out of place.

“I heard that LY has been developing a new chassis recently?”

She changed the topic.

Gu Siyang’s interest was piqued at the mention of this.

“Yeah! The latest batch has already entered the testing stage. Why, do you want to try it?”

Ning Li nodded.