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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 312 - Ning Li, You Can’t Like Lu Huaiyu

Chapter 312: Ning Li, You Can’t Like Lu Huaiyu

Lu Huaiyu was still running a fever. Although he had taken the fever medication, his body still felt quite uncomfortable.

He closed his eyes as if he was resting.

Ning Li raised her eyes and glanced at him. She could see that his face was still a little pale.

She sat quietly for a while.

After a while, Lu Huaiyu’s breathing gradually became more stable.

He seemed to have fallen asleep.

“Second Brother?”

Ning Li called out softly.

Lu Huaiyu did not respond.

Ning Li hesitated for a moment, then got up and walked towards the master bedroom.

The door was ajar.

She stood in front of the door, hesitated for a moment, before deciding to walk in.

The decorations here were almost exactly the same as what she remembered.

She walked to the wardrobe, skillfully pulled open the door on the left, and took out a blanket from inside.

Then, she returned to the living room and walked to Lu Huaiyu’s side.

He was leaning back on the sofa and his head was tilted slightly.

In his deep sleep, his eyes hid the sharpness and solemnity that was usually in its depths.

Ning Li moved very gently and covered him with the blanket.

Lu Huaiyu seemed to sense something and his beautiful eyebrows furrowed slightly.

But soon after, his eyebrows and eyes relaxed again.

Ning Li squatted down beside the sofa, somewhat cautiously.

Her gaze fell on his face.

His black hair was neat, his eyebrows were deep, and the lines from his eyebrows to the bridge of his nose were smooth and perfect.

From the first time she had seen Lu Huaiyu, she knew that this man was good-looking.

There was more than that.

His family background, origins, ability…

Every aspect was top-notch.

That was why he was aloof and unapproachable. Noble and untouchable.

Ning Li’s hand gently pressed against her heart.

She muttered silently in her heart.

‘Ning Li.

‘You can’t like Lu Huaiyu.’

Lu Huaiyu was awakened by the aroma of the food.

He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. There was no one else around.

He frowned slightly and shouted out without thinking.

“Ah Li?”

“Second Brother? You’re awake?

Ning Li’s voice came from the kitchen.

“The meal is almost ready. Come and eat.”

Lu Huaiyu pressed between his eyebrows and got up.

The soft woolen blanket slid off his body.

He lowered his eyes and was stunned.

This was… Had she brought it?

He raised his wrist and looked at the time. It was already noon.

He had actually slept for more than an hour.

However, his headache and fever had lessened quite a lot.

He walked towards the dining room and saw that there were already three dishes and a soup on the table.

“Why didn’t you call me?”

He had not been sleepy initially, but with Ning Li by his side, he had relaxed and been overcome by tiredness.

“I saw that you were sleeping soundly,” said Ning Li.

Lu Huaiyu pulled a chair over and sat down. He could not help but laugh as he looked at the dishes on the table.

“So, there are benefits to being sick.”

Ning Li sat down opposite him and shook her head.

“This is nothing. Second Brother has helped me many times before.”

Lu Huaiyu moved a little closer to Ning Li and looked at her.

Ning Li’s expression was normal.

“Your sense of taste might be affected when you have a fever, so what I made is light. Please try it, Second Brother.”

Lu Huai nodded. “Hmm.”

The porridge had been prepared earlier, so Ning Li reheated it, making it even softer.

As he ate, he asked casually,

“By the way, that blanket, did you get it from the master bedroom?”

Ning Li was using a spoon to stir the porridge in the bowl.

“Yes, I was afraid that your condition would worsen if you fell asleep like that.”

She paused for a moment, then raised her eyes.

“The master bedroom door wasn’t closed, so I went in…”

“It’s no problem.

Lu Huaiyu smiled.

“No one else lives here anyway.”

‘No one else lives here?’

Ning Li thought of the pair of pink and white slippers at the entrance and silently swallowed a mouthful of porridge.

Her phone suddenly rang.

It was Ji Shu calling.

She picked it up.


Ji Shu’s voice was still as arrogant as ever.

“Sister Li, you’ve been in Beijing for so long, and it’s been a few days since the winter camp ended When are you going to come to the base to play with me?”

He had not mentioned this matter earlier because he had taken into consideration that she was in training.

He had thought that Ning Li would definitely find some time to go after that period of time had passed.

However, even after a long time had passed, he still had not heard from her.

He really could not take it anymore, so he had called to urge her.

Ning Li said, “Send me the address then. I’ll be there in a while.”

Lu Huaiyu raised his eyes slightly.

Of course, he could hear Ji Shu’s voice.

Was she going to the LY Training Base?

Ji Shu had obviously not expected Ning Li to agree so readily. He was momentarily stunned, before he said in surprise, “Really!? Sister Li, so you’re not busy?”

“Yes.” Ning Li’s voice was light.

“I’m fine over here.” Lu Huai had been silent for a moment before he smiled.

His voice had been very soft, but Ning Li had heard it.

She could also feel that he was looking at her.

She tightened her grip on her phone, but she did not raise her head.

Ji Shu’s mind was filled with thoughts of her coming over, so he did not even think about whether there was anyone beside her. His voice was filled with excitement:

“Alright! Call me when you arrive. I’ll come to pick you up!”

An average person could not enter the LY Training Base. He would have to pick her up personally.


Ning Li hung up the phone.

It was very quiet at the dining table.

Ning Li hesitated over whether she should call Gu Siyang. After all, he had talked about this for a long time.

Since she was going today, it seemed like she should tell him.

Thinking of this, she picked up her phone.

“Are you going to LY?” Lu Huaiyu suddenly asked.

His gaze fell on her hand, and he gave her a clear and indifferent glance.

Ning Li nodded, and discreetly changed her call to a message.

“Previously… Gu Siyang mentioned it many times…”

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment, and then nodded at a moderate pace.

“Yes, you should go. Take advantage of your free time and have fun.”

Ning Li choked for a moment. She felt as if something was stirring in her heart, which made her uncomfortable.

She straightened her shoulders and pursed her lips.

“I know.”