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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 310 - A Picture Together

Chapter 310: A Picture Together

They were so close that she could even feel his breath on her face as he spoke.

She could feel how hot it was.

Ning Li pursed her lips after hearing what Lu Huaiyu said.

“Second Brother, stop joking,” she said.

Lu Huaiyu raised a brow and stared at her.

After a short pause, Ning Li explained, “As I was coming in, I overheard them talking about trailing you since yesterday night. They had purposely chosen today to do this.”

“I see.” Lu Huaiyu nodded softly.

‘Is she worried about…me?’

Ning Li looked up. Her charming eyes were crystal clear and so bright that it felt as if they could leave a brand on his heart.

However, Ning Li swiftly moved away after only a brief glance.

“Does Second Brother think I’m… too impulsive?”

Lu Huaiyu straightened his body and stroked her soft hair.

“No. I’m just afraid that you might hurt your hands. Just let me handle situations like this in the future, okay?”

He then walked to the garbage dump that was off to the side and threw the bag away.

Ning Li walked closer to him and frowned slightly.

“Second Brother, I thought you were sick.”

She recalled how hot his breath was when he had spoken so close to her face.

“Are you having a fever?”

“Mhmm. I’ve taken some medicine,” Lu Huaiyu said.

“No wonder. Second Brother, have you eaten anything?”

Lu Huaiyu shook his head.

“Would you like to have breakfast with me?”

Ning Li followed Lu Huaiyu into the elevator.

After Lu Huaiyu tapped on the button to the highest floor, he suddenly thought of something and asked, “How did you get past the security?”

Chen Jing owned a unit in the place, so he naturally had access. However, Ning Li was not a resident.

As he asked his question, he turned to Ning Li.

Ning Li replied nonchalantly, “I told the security guard that I know you, so he let me in.”

“Oh? That’s all?”

Lu Huaiyu obviously did not believe that it had been that easy and smirked as he looked at her.

After a short pause, Ning Li added, “He said he wanted proof, like a picture with you or something, but I didn’t have any. So in the end, I showed him my Wechat and your voice message.”

Showing the security guard the voice message would of course have worked, but she had not done it then.

Most of the time, Lu Huaiyu communicated only through text messages, so she only had a few short voice messages.

Lu Huaiyu nodded with understanding. “I see.”

Ding! The elevator door slowly opened.

Lu Huaiyu stepped out and headed to the door to key in the password.

Ning Li waited behind him. The door felt both familiar and strange at the same time.

As the door opened, Lu Huaiyu grabbed a pair of slippers for her from the front entrance.

She glanced at the pair of pink and white slippers which were clearly not his.

She was surprised. She clearly remembered that he lived alone, so why would he have a pair of female slippers?

Lu Huaiyu had already gone inside.

“What would you like to eat?”

Ning Li had actually taken her breakfast already.

“I’m not that hungry. Why don’t you rest a while, and I’ll cook some porridge for you.”

Because of his fever, Lu Huaiyu’s head still hurt and his body felt sore and weak. His handsome face remained pale as well.

He smiled. “Okay.”

Then, he pointed towards the kitchen. “The black refrigerator in the kitchen has all the things you will need.”

Ning Li nodded and went to the kitchen.

Lu Huaiyu’s penthouse was around 300 square meters, so the kitchen was very spacious.

Two refrigerators had been installed inside the wall; one black, one silver.

She opened the black one and found a ton of ingredients.

The number of ingredients surprised her.

Lu Huaiyu lived alone and he never really cooked anything. Why was the refrigerator filled with ingredients?

She turned around only to see him standing behind her, leaning against the door with his eyes focused on her.

“Second Brother, why are you still up? You should go and rest.”

Lu Huaiyu smiled. “I don’t think I can sleep now.”

He continued to look at her without budging.

Since the man had insisted, Ning Li let him be.

She brought out the ingredients that she needed and proceeded to wash the rice.

“Second Brother, did you take your temperature?” she asked.

“38 Celcius degrees. I’ll be better after a good sleep and some medication.”

Ning Li felt that his body temperature was a little high.

“If you are still feeling unwell, you should go to the hospital later.”

Lu Huaiyu grinned. “Okay.”

Ning Li started a small fire to boil the rice.

She suddenly recalled what had happened earlier and her hands froze.

“Second Brother, did you… drink again last night?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “There was a cocktail party at LaTuie, so I had a few glasses.”

A few glasses…

LaTuie was a high-end winery, so all the wine they had there was the best of the best. Given the man’s low tolerance for alcohol, he had likely been drunk yesterday.

‘He might not remember my phone call yesterday either…’ Ning Li thought.

She was too embarrassed to ask, but it was not something that she desperately needed to know either.

Lu Huaiyu continued to stare at her.

The girl lowered her head slightly, as if pondering something.

Her long, white sleeves and black jeans went well with her ponytail. Her soft hair fell gently around her fair neck as she moved.

Her innocent look caused his heart to skip a beat and for some reason, he felt relaxed.

After Ning Li had prepared everything, she washed her hands.

“The porridge should be done in half an hour’s time.”

“Mhmm.” Lu Huaiyu sounded a little distracted as he answered.

He then walked closer.

Ning Li heard his footsteps and turned around.

Lu Huaiyu stood in front of her. He looped his hand around her waist and propped it against the table.

Ning Li could feel his strong chest pressed against her back. The sudden intimacy surprised her.

Lu Huaiyu passed her something with his other hand.

It was his phone.

He raised a brow and said with a smile, “You want a picture with me, right? Let’s take one. I was serious when I said I would repay you with my ‘body’.”