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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 309 - I Shall Repay You With My Body

Chapter 309: I Shall Repay You With My Body

Ning Li tiptoed as she got closer.

The closer she got, the clearer the voice became.

It was the stocky man with the buzz head.

“I’ve said what I wanted to say, so it’s up to you to decide now. What do you think?”

Around the corner, Ning Li spotted a tall figure.

It was Lu Huaiyu. He was dressed very thinly, with one hand in his pocket and the other hand holding a bag.

Even though Ning Li could only see his back, she could already feel the man’s nonchalant air.

“Mhmm,” Lu Huaiyu said emotionlessly.

“Are you done? Please leave if you are.”

Ning Li was slightly stunned when she heard his voice.

His hoarse voice was a sign that he was sick.

The three men who had come in earlier were in his way, his response clearly not satisfying them.

The stocky man with the buzz cut took a puff of his cigarette.

“Lu Huaiyu, we came all the way here and that’s all you have to say?”

Jing was beside the man, looking reluctant. He tightened his lips and tried to pull the man back.

“Brother, why don’t we…”

“No! This can’t end just like this!”

The man tossed his cigarette on the ground.

“You have to make this clear today! Us Chens are not weaklings for you to bully!”

His brother had held a crush on Lu Huaiyu for 4 years and the boy had barely spoken to the man, afraid that the man would be disgusted by him.

Now that the news about Lu Huaiyu being gay was out, why shouldn’t his brother get the chance to pursue happiness?

If not because of the extra glass of liquor that Lu Huaiyu had imbibed last night at the winery, the man might not have even known about this.

Therefore, he had encouraged his brother to come forward with his confession, but that was all they were getting from the man?

Jing was anxious. He looked at Lu Huaiyu, afraid that the man would be angry.

“I-I’m okay, but it looks like he’s not feeling well. Why don’t we come back another day…”

Lu Huaiyu looked over at Jing.

“There’s no need to come back. Have I not made myself clear enough?”

Jing felt terrible. He dared not even look into Lu Huaiyu’s eyes.

The stocky man lost his patience and stepped forward.

He was determined to reason with Lu Huaiyu and he was determined to get some clarification for his brother today.

Lu Huaiyu frowned, a flash of annoyance appearing in his eyes.

He had not been bothered when Cheng Xiyue had warned him about the rumours earlier. He had not expected the public to act this fast, even catching him early in the morning at his own penthouse.

Right before the stocky man could speak, someone stepped out from behind Lu Huaiyu and blocked him.

“What are you trying to do?”

Ning Li’s intervention stunned everyone. Even Lu Huaiyu, who was rarely startled, was surprised at her appearance.


Ning Li glanced at him with furrowed brows.

Lu Huaiyu’s pale face and hoarse voice were signs that he was very ill.

Ning Li recalled the conversation that she had overheard earlier.

The three men had stalked Lu Huaiyu since yesterday night, specifically picking a time when he would be alone and hungover.

Lu Huaiyu was not a drinker. Adding that to his current condition, the men had taken advantage of him.

“Please wait for me, Second Brother,” she said.

She then turned to the men, staring them down.

“May I have a word?”

The small group of men were stunned.

The stocky man frowned. “Where did you come from, little girl?”

“My Second Brother is not feeling well. If you have something to say, you can tell it to me first.”

Lu Huaiyu was slightly stunned before he realized what had happened and frowned.

Annoyed, the stocky man raised his hand to try and push Ning Li away.


Before he could utter a word, Ning Li stepped forward to grab his wrist. She swiftly turned around and tossed him over her shoulder.

The man had been caught off guard from Ning Li’s throw and before he knew it, he had been slammed to the ground with a heavy thud.


The other two were shocked by Ning Li’s aggressive reaction.

They had not expected such a beautiful and slender girl to be this violent.

On top of that, she seemed very skilled.

“Since you’re unwilling to have a proper discussion, we can do this here as well. It’s your choice,” Ning Li said.

The stocky man tried to argue but Ning Li twisted his arm to the back, causing him to swallow his words back with a gasp.

The tall man reacted to the situation. He stepped forward and tried to help his brother.

“What’s wrong with you?! Let go of him!”

He tried to remove Ning Li from his brother, but Ning Li dodged his grab by moving her body.

She landed a kick to his abdomen.

The man’s face turned pale as he staggered backwards painfully.

Ning Li then looked at Jing.

Jing wanted to say something, but his eyes suddenly met Lu Huaiyu’s gaze.

The man stood there, looking at the girl with his lips curved up slightly. Even his eyes looked like they were smiling.

Jing was stunned. As far as he remembered, Lu Huaiyu had always been the icy prince, someone unattainable. Never had he thought that Lu Huaiyu would be able to smile at someone so softly.

It felt like the early spring melting the snow away, or budding blossoms swaying in the wind. He suddenly felt more approachable.

Jing then looked at Ning Li and realized something.

The stocky man had finally caught his breath.

“What?! Where did you…you!”

“Brother, let’s go,” Jing said.

The stocky man and the tall man were both stunned.

Ning Li looked at Jing. ‘Thank goodness he knows his place.’

She released her hold on the man on the ground, straightened up, and clapped the dust off her hands.

“I won’t see you off then.”

The stocky man did not want to leave after being so humiliated, but when he met Ning Li’s gaze, his body shivered involuntarily.

‘T-This girl could really fight’

Jing blushed as he helped his brothers up.

“W-We’re sorry. I won’t come here to disturb you again.”

He then nervously dragged his brothers away.

The tall man wanted to say something, but Jing’s expression stopped him. There was nothing else he could do but follow his brother away.

The guy took one last glance at Ning Li and Lu Huaiyu, pondering what had just happened.

Jing had only come to confess his feelings for Lu Huaiyu, yet they had been beaten up by a girl without knowing why!

It was not a good feeling.

“Hey! You’re really…”

Lu Huaiyu immediately turned to stare intensely in his direction.

The tall man gulped and swallowed his words back.

Only when the three men had left, Lu Huaiyu turned around to Ning Li, staring at the girl with a raised eyebrow and a meaningful gaze.

Ning Li recovered herself and finally realized what she had just done.

She had slammed someone to the ground in front of Lu Huaiyu!

Her impulse had taken over and caused her to do something rash.

She cleared her throat awkwardly as her feeling of embarrassment started to overwhelm her.

She decided to put on a brave face and went to tap the dust off Lu Huaiyu’s shoulder, acting as if what had just happened was normal.

“You’re welcome.”

Lu Huaiyu turned his hand inwards, hiding the love letter that he had just received. He leaned over slightly and said with a light chuckle, “Thank you. I shall repay your kindness with my body.”