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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 308 - Of Course She Knew

Chapter 308: Of Course She Knew

The voice belonged to a young man in his 20s.

He was tall and slim, with brown short hair and handsome, clean-cut looks. He appeared to be from a privileged background.

Beside the young man were two other men; one was tall and thin, the other was stocky with a buzz cut .

The tall, thin man nodded at his words.

“I’m sure. After he left LaTuie yesterday, he did not go back to the Lu family mansion but came here instead. He still hasn’t shown himself, so I’m sure he’s still inside!”

The handsome young man glanced at the manor, as if hesitating slightly.

“I don’t think… it’s appropriate for us to do this. I think we should just go.”

He wanted to turn around, but the stocky man with the buzz cut held him back.

“Come on, Jing! We’re already here, what are you afraid of? Have you forgotten what you said before we came here?”

The young man, Jing, looked conflicted.

“But I still think…”

“I heard he had a few drinks yesterday and he’s living alone here. Think about it, Jing! If you miss this opportunity, you won’t get it again! I know you will regret it if you walk away now, and we won’t do this with you anymore!”

The stocky man with the buzz cut took a pack of cigarettes out and put one in his mouth before handing his friends one each.

Jing shook his head, but the tall and thin one took one.

“He’s right, you know. If you think you are not up for it, then we’ll go back, but this will be it. There won’t be a next time.”

The buffed man scoffed. “He hasn’t come back to Jingcheng for a long time. You are not the only one who misses him.”

The words boosted Jing’s confidence and he finally made up his mind.

“Okay, let’s do it then.”

The three men then walked inside.

Ning Li frowned.

‘Are they here for Lu Huaiyu? They didn’t look friendly and they seemed tipsy, or drunk…’

Before she could head over, her phone rang.

It was Xu Yin.

She walked to the side and answered her phone. “Hello, Mr. Xu?”

“Lili! You booked the lab for tomorrow, right?” Xu Yin’s voice was as kind as always.

Ning Li nodded. “Yeah.”

“I’ll be tagging along.”

Surprised, Ning Li answered, “Sure.”

Ning Li discussed the lab appointment that had been planned for tomorrow with Xu Yin through the phone before hanging up.

When she turned around, the three men had already gone.

The thought of Lu Huaiyu’s voice last night and the reply that she had gotten earlier made her worry, so she quickly entered the residential manor.

Located in the best location in the city, those who lived in Rongyue Manor had to be either rich or influential due to the pricing.

Naturally, that meant that the security in the area also had to be top-notch.

Ning Li was stopped at the entrance by the security guard.

“Who are you looking for?”

“Lu Huaiyu,” Ning Li said.

The security sized her up with a sceptical gaze before a sudden realization hit him.

‘Was this another one of the Second Master’s fangirls? Hmph, she was definitely not the first one.’

Many people knew Lu Huaiyu owned a unit in Rongyue Manor. Often, his fangirls would wait for him in front of the gate or even try to sneak into the manor.

Fortunately, during the past year that he had been away, his fangirls had rarely shown up. That had lessened the burden on the security guards greatly.

The security guard had not expected that one of the Second Master’s fangirls would make an appearance on the very first day that he had come back.

The security guard thought, ‘She’s definitely young and beautiful, but how dare she come here to disturb the Second Master?’

He waved his hand and said, “Go home, girl. The Second Master dislikes people that he doesn’t know, coming directly to his door.”

Surprised, Ning Li said after a pause, “I’m not just another fangirl, I know him personally.”

The security guard sized her up from top to bottom before laughing.

The girl’s face was unfamiliar. At least, the security guard had never seen her before. However, judging from her look, she was not from a wealthy background either.

“You know him? But, does he know you?”

Ning Li was speechless. “But, I just saw several men go in just now!”

The security scoffed.

“The young master from the Chen family? His uncle lives here. Of course he can go in.”

No wonder…

“How about this? You give him a call and if he vouches for you, we’ll let you in.”

Ning Li nodded and called Lu Huaiyu, but no one answered.

She was slightly stunned. He had just replied to her message a moment earlier, but now he could not be reached?

As though he already knew this would happen, the security waved his hand.

“Ok, that’s it, girl. You should leave now.”

“Maybe he didn’t pick up because he’s unwell…”

“You’re a persistent one, I see.” The security guard scoffed.

“How about this? If you say you know him, show me proof, a picture or whatever.”

It was obvious that the security guard wanted to make things difficult for Ning Li.

Lu Huaiyu disliked taking pictures. Even the newspaper could barely get a proper picture of him in their headlines, let alone any private pictures.

‘Proof…’ Ning Li pursed her lips.

Just as the security guard was about to turn away, she said, “I know his address.”

Surprised, the security guard turned back towards her.

Ning Li clenched her fists slightly and said, “Building 6, 33rd floor.”

The security guard’s jaw dropped.

‘Normal fangirls could not possibly know the exact address of his unit. Who was this girl?’

After settling her registration, Ning Li managed to get in.

At this time of the day, not many people were walking around the neighbourhood.

She followed the route that she remembered, as the disbelieving voice of the security guard echoed in her ears.

“You really know it?”

Of course she knew.

The further she walked, chaotic images started to appear in her head.

The last time she had come, Lu Huaiyu had carried her in.

She had been on the brink of death that day, and she had felt so dizzy. She had barely been able to stay conscious, hence the blurry memories.

The only thing she remembered was his heartbeat in her ears, beating strongly.

She had also felt the grip of his hand around her waist, strongly holding her up.

“Lu Huaiyu.”

A slightly tipsy and arrogant voice could be heard from around the corner.