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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 306 - Good, Again

Chapter 306: Good, Again

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was no wonder that he had not been moved by all the beautiful women who tried to court him throughout all these years.

It was no wonder that he had never had a girlfriend since he was young. No one had even heard of him being close to any female.

It was no wonder that he never brought a female partner to any social events and pushed away all the girls who tried to approach him.

In his book was a sketch, a sketch that he cherished.

The famous Second Master Lu already had someone that he liked, but that someone was a boy.


When the news got out, the shock hit everyone like a thunderclap to the ground. No one had seen it coming.

The news had also broken the hearts of socialites’ everywhere.

If they were not pretty enough, they could put on makeup or even undergo plastic surgery.

If they were not sexy enough, they could go on a diet or get some body-shaping course to make them look more attractive.

If their attitude or temper were the main problems, they could even change for him.

As long as he liked it, they would be willing to change themselves for him.

However, it appeared to be that Lu Huaiyu was gay! What could they possibly do about that!?

While the girls were heartbroken, there were others who celebrated the news.

Several high-end gay bars in Jingcheng celebrated the news like it was the New Year.

It was well-known that Lu Huaiyu was the second son of the Lu family. The proud and handsome man was unmatched in all aspects.

His charms did not just attract ladies. There were men who were also interested in him.

Although his heart belonged to the boy in the sketch, no one had ever seen that boy before, at least not in public.

Therefore, many felt that they still had a chance to win his heart.

Many of the men and women tried to find out more about the boy in the sketch. They wanted to know everything about the boy who had won Lu Huaiyu’s heart.

Unfortunately, this news had come out of nowhere and no one even knew where to start looking.

The boy in the sketch had not even shown his full face, only part of his face could be seen from behind. Other than Lu Huaiyu, no one knew who the boy was.

It was a sleepless night for Xu Yini.

She held her phone as she sat in the corner of her apartment the entire night.

She lacked the courage to call Lu Huaiyu.

The tone of Lu Huaiyu’s voice at the cocktail party had scared her. She did not want to hear it a second time or even have the slightest thought about it.

After some serious consideration, she had sent him a message. However, she had just found out that he had deleted her from his contact list.

The red exclamation mark beside the message had stunned her for a long time and it had broken her. Tears ran down her cheeks.

Her meticulous makeup had been ruined and turned into a mess by her tears, but that was the least of her concerns.

The sketch…

The boy…

Lu Huaiyu liked men?

Just as the thought appeared in her head, she denied it right away.

She had known Lu Huaiyu almost longer than anyone else. If he was really gay, surely she would have seen some signs early on.

However, the way Lu Huaiyu had picked up the sketch convinced her otherwise. She felt lost.

She had never thought that there would be a person on this earth who could earn Lu Huaiyu’s love and care.

Who was the boy in the sketch?

Even though Xu Yini had studied abroad for a while, she had constantly updated herself on the latest news surrounding Lu Huaiyu.

If there really was someone special in Lu Huaiyu’s life, she would surely have known about it.

When and how had Lu Huaiyu fallen for someone of the same gender?

Rongyue Manor.

The black Bentley slowly drove into the underground parking lot.

Yi Bin carefully asked, “Second Master, do you need me to walk you up?”

“It’s okay,” Lu Huaiyu said emotionlessly as he got out of the car with his book.

“Cancel everything on my schedule for tomorrow.”

Yi Bin nodded. “Yes sir.”

Lu Huaiyu then went into the elevator.

The mansion had 33 floors and Lu Huaiyu’s unit was the penthouse.

His penthouse took up the entire floor, which meant that he was the only one who lived there.

Lu Huaiyu walked out of the elevator and stopped in front of his door.

He keyed in the password before going in.

In the entrance hallway, there were two pairs of slippers in the shoe cabinet; one black and one white.

He took a glance at them before changing into one of them.

The penthouse had been decorated in the same minimalistic design style of Yunding Fenghua.

As he walked in, his footsteps echoed in the spacious living room.

On the south side of the living room was a huge curved floor-to-ceiling window.

He collapsed onto the couch with a splitting headache.

He had already started having symptoms of his condition earlier that afternoon.

He thought he had gotten it under control when Yi Bin had brought him the book. However, things had gotten out of control after the little incident at the winery.

He flipped the book open, revealing the sketch that was nestled in between the pages.

He stared at it for a while, but his headache showed no signs of easing. In fact, he felt even worse now.

He shut his eyes, but all he could see were chaotic images.

The pungent smell of blood and ear-piercing screams tormented him.

Among the uncomfortable images was a lonely figure.

The buzzing in his ears got heavier. He started to feel as if he was being suffocated, which made it difficult to breathe.

He ripped his tie away, even pulling a button off his shirt.

He lowered his head slightly and propped one of his hands on the glass coffee table; his knuckles turning white.

His forehead was covered with sweat, his face swiftly turning pale.

It was then that the phone with his private number rang.

He opened his bloodshot eyes, staring at his phone with a deep gaze.

The caller ID showed two words—Lili.

He took a deep breath and answered it.

Ning Li’s voice came from the other side.

“Second Brother?”

After the message in the afternoon, Ning Li had not heard from him again.

After some serious thought, Ning Li had decided to call him.

Lu Huaiyu did not speak.

In reply to his silence, Ning Li called out to him again. “Second Brother, are you there?”

Lu Huaiyu gulped.

She had no idea how sweet her voice sounded to his ears, especially in his current condition.

A moment later, Lu Huaiyu said in a hoarse voice, “Lili.. Good girl, please call me Second Brother again.”