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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Block Booking

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Ning Li looked at her.

‘So generous, yet so familiar.’

In her past life, Ning Li was hospitalized for more than a month, so she had to miss Master Cheng’s birthday dinner.

After that, the family held another party for Ye Ci to celebrate her getting first place in the Huatsing Cup.

The celebratory party was supposed to be held right after the competition but since Ning Li was still in the hospital, Ye Ci asked Su Yuan and Ye Ming to delay the party. So other than celebrating her win, they could also celebrate Ning Li’s discharge from the hospital.

Ning Li was rather moved back then.

She had mistakenly thought that her new family welcomed her wholeheartedly.

However, what happened after that proved her wrong.

Back then, Ye Ci used the same excuse to lend Ning Li her dress.

Ye Ci had worn that particular dress before, but most importantly, the dress was custom-made for her.

It would not fit on another person.

While guests were mingling and cups went gaily round during the party, Cheng Xiangxiang looked at Ning Li with contempt and sneers.

“Don’t you know that the dress is custom-made? Lil Ci’s name is sewn on the belt! How can you wear it to a party?”

After that particular night, Ning Li became the joke of the entire Yunzhou.

“Did you hear? The step-child of the Ye Family didn’t even have a decent dress. She simply wore Ye Ci’s custom-made dress to the party!”

“I think she wants the dress to herself because it’s beautiful. Did she even look into the mirror though?”

“She’s just an uneducated girl from some rural area, what could she possibly know? The Ye Family has it the hardest for having to deal with the mess that is her.”

Even though Ye Ci highly recommended the dress to Ning Li, no one cared.

The way Ning Li was staring into Ye Ci’s eyes made the latter a little nervous.

“…S-Sister Ning Li? What’s wrong?”

Ning Li looked away and said calmly, “No thanks.”

Su Yuan frowned. She thought Ning Li did not understand the situation.

“Master Cheng’s birthday dinner is an official occasion, are you planning to attend in your jeans?”

“I don’t like wearing someone else’s dress,” Ning Li said.

Ye Ci’s face froze at Ning Li’s reply.

Ye Cheng almost bolted up from his chair. “My sister is trying to help you by lending you her dress! What’s with your attitude?!”

Su Yuan signaled a glance to Ye Ming, who then quickly diverted the glance to Ye Cheng.

“It’s none of your business. Sit down and have your dinner.”

Ye Cheng grunted and then grumbled, “She’s here to steal someone else’s mother, why would she care about a dress?”

The atmosphere at the dining table fell into silence.

After a while, Ye Ming said with a heavy tone, “She’s your mother’s daughter and also your elder sister. Be mindful of your words.”

Ye Cheng did not answer but the look on his face showed that he was not happy.

The tense atmosphere almost suffocated Su Yuan.

Ever since Ning Li came to her house, the days had not been peaceful for her!

Now, she could not even have dinner in peace.

Nevertheless, she suppressed her anger. “You only just came here, so we don’t have time to prepare all those for you. Even if you want to buy a new dress now, you won’t make it—”

Ning Li put down her chopsticks and stood up slowly.

“You don’t have to worry about that. I’ll settle it myself.”

Her words almost choked Su Yuan.

However, before Su Yuan could say a word, Ning Li had left the table and went upstairs.

Ye Ci puckered her lips in silence. “I don’t think Sister Ning Li has money for a new dress, so…”

Su Yuan bellowed, “Just let her be!”

Ye Cheng stuck his tongue out behind Ning Li’s back.

He really hoped Ning Li would be rejected at the entrance tomorrow.

Ning Li returned to her room and opened up a parcel that she had received.

Inside the parcel was a used silver laptop, which seemed a little heavy.

Before she came to Yunzhou, she had packed all her things and had them delivered here, but only a few were sent to the Ye Family.

She plugged the laptop in, switched it on, and opened up her mailbox.

There were two unread emails in her mailbox.

One was from G&S’s design department, which was sent three days ago, and another was from Lin Fengmian, which was sent a week ago.

She clicked on the first email.

“Dear Ning. Congratulations! Your design has made it into the final round after going through multiple rounds of judging. We will be having our Autumn-Winter Collection Show in the capital a month from now, and the final round of the competition will also be held then. We hereby sincerely invite you to the event.”

G&S was an international fashion design corporation. Their business included but was not limited to exquisite jewelry, bags, coats, and more.

From the ridiculous price to the classic and modern fashion collection, every piece of their product was sought after by socialites and celebrities alike.

After Ning Li had gotten into the accident in her past life, her hands were permanently damaged and it stopped her from painting ever since.

She had to go through intense rehabilitation to be able to move her hands again, and when she got better, she switched to designing jewelry and clothes.

She had a good eye for color, hence even though she could never hold a brush anymore, she was still talented in creating.

G&S Corporation recently held an international competition to select a fashion designer to design their next product line-up. Tens of thousands of designers, including her, joined to compete just for that one spot.

She knew she would make it to the final round because she did it before in her past life.

However, it was Ye Ci who appeared in the fashion show instead of her.

All the drafts and designs that she made became Ye Ci’s work.

A quick thought later, she replied to the email and told G&S she would be there herself.

Then, she clicked on the second email.

It was a short message compared to the first one.

“Sister Li, I’m doing fine by myself here. You don’t need to worry about me. Send my regards to grandmother.”

Ning Li stared at the email for a while before she simply replied, “Okay.”

Ning Li went out early in the morning the next day.

She went to Yunzhou’s biggest mall.

The first and second floors of the mall were filled with shops that sold extravagant female apparel.

Buying a dress at the last minute was indeed a troublesome matter, but the shops would have new selections now and then, so finding a suitable one should not be that difficult.

The mall was grand and dazzling, and Ning Li in her plain T-shirt and jeans did not fit at all.

She walked into a shop.

The receptionist saw her but was not bothered.

Ning Li pointed at one of the dresses. “Hi, I would like to try this.”

The receptionist gave her a fake smile. “I’m sorry, we’re not open for business today.”

Ning Li looked at the opened glass door.

If the shop was closed, why would the doors be opened?

The receptionist just could do better with her excuse if she did not want to serve Ning Li.

“Oh? Isn’t that Ning Li?”

Just then, Cheng Xiangxiang was walking past the entrance with one of her friends.

“Ning Li? The girl from the Ye Family?”

The girl beside Cheng Xiangxiang was intrigued when she heard the name.

“What is she doing here? Dress-shopping?”

Immediately thinking of the birthday dinner, Cheng Xiangxiang covered her mouth and chuckled.

“Grandfather’s birthday dinner is tonight. I bet she came here shopping for the occasion. Look at her, she doesn’t even have a proper dress for the occasion and she has to buy it herself.”

Cheng Xiangxiang then walked into the shop with an arrogant look.

The receptionist put on a bright smile the moment Cheng Xiangxiang walked in.

“Ms. Cheng, what brings you here today?”

Cheng Xiangxiang pointed at the dress that Ning Li had pointed at earlier. “I want this one.”

The receptionist’s smile turned bitter.

“Uh… Ms. Cheng, I’m sorry, we’re not doing business today.”

Cheng Xiangxiang was stunned by the receptionist’s words.

Suddenly, Ning Li’s phone rang.

She took a glance at the caller ID before she answered the call. “Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu’s laid-back voice entered her ears.

“Are you free? Can you come to HG Building’s second floor?”

“I’m actually here… Is there anything?” Ning Li asked.

Lu Huaiyu paused before he said, “Hold on.”

Ning Li was confused by the answer.

A while later, someone came into the shop.

The receptionist immediately went up to him.

“Second Master Lu! You’re finally here! I thought you said you were coming with your lady friend to try out some clothes. Where is she?”