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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 299 - Giving Away

Chapter 299: Giving Away

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Speaking of Jinse Bay, your painting is still there. Would you like to go there tomorrow?” Yu Pingchuan asked.

Ning Li pondered his question for a moment. Then she said, “If I remember correctly, there’s an art exhibition at Xijing Art School going on. Aren’t you busy? Will it be appropriate for us to go there tomorrow?”

Yu Pingchuan was a tenured professor at Xijing Art School.

He shook his head, saying, “They should be able to handle the exhibition themselves. I barely handle anything anyway.”

It was just a small exhibition for the graduates. The other teachers would be able to handle the exhibition by themselves.

Ning Li was relieved as she smiled. “Great, then I’ll tag along tomorrow.”

Yu Pingchuan softly shook his head with a smile.

“I’m a regular at Jinse Bay, so there’s nothing new to me there. But you, you will be the rare visitor, so it is me who will be tagging along tomorrow.”

Ning Li blinked. “Thank you, Mr. Yu.”

Yu Pingchuan took a bite of broccoli before giving her a meaningful gaze.

“It’s nothing. But if you really want to thank me, just buy me some fruits—you know which kind of fruits I’m talking about, don’t you?”

Ning Li nodded. Yu Pingchuan was delighted.

Then, Ning Li said, “It depends.”

Yu Pingchuan was silenced. ‘I knew it!’

Early on the second day, Ning Li and Yu Pingchuan headed to Jinse Bay by car.

As she came out of the parking lot, she saw a unique dome in front of her eyes.

Yu Pingchuan pointed at it and said, “That’s the exhibition center, where the art exhibition is being held today. To the left, one street block away is the Xijing Art School.

See that red building behind it? That’s the HQ of the National Exhibition Committee.”

Ning Li followed Yu Pingchuan, listening to every word he said.

He thought it was the girl’s first visit but actually, it was not.

Ning Li had come here many times in her past life, but Yu Pingchuan did not know about that.

The car accident that had happened as she travelled back from Lincheng to Yunzhou had taken away a part of her right hand’s functionality. It had caused permanent damage to her hand.

After the accident, she had stepped away from the canvas.

When she had been discharged from the hospital, she had called Yu Pingchuan and told the man that she did not want to paint anymore.

Horrified, Yu Pingchuan had asked her why.

Ning Li already knew that the car that she had been in had been tampered with by someone, causing the car accident that had robbed her of her future.

She had been afraid that she would drag Yu Pingchuan into the mess. Due to the addition of other problems, she had decided to lie and said that she had simply lost interest.

Yu Pingchuan had thrown a big fit and lashed out at her. He had been very angry because he cared a lot about the girl’s future as an artist. The issue had caused a break in their relationship.

Yu Pingchuan then stopped talking to Ning Li.

After that, Ning Li had visited the exhibition center many times alone, to visit the art exhibition and also to see different people.

Unfortunately, none of those had anything to do with her anymore.

That was until that fateful day, when she had been granted the opportunity to restart her life.

Now, her painting was hanging there.

“If you have the time, you can come back here and have a look for yourself,” Yu Pingchuan said.

The art exhibition and the art school were not where they were going today.

Ning Li nodded. “Okay.”

Then, they turned the corner.

Yu Pingchuan said, “The door in front there is the place. Let’s—”

Lin Yaohui’s phone rang. He answered.

“Mr. Su?”

Yu Pingchuan and Ning Li turned around.

Lin Yaohui nodded as he answered the phone.

“…Okay, I understand. I’ll talk to Mr. Yu and get back to you later.”

He then hung up the phone and said helplessly, “Mr. Yu, Mr. Su learned of your return and wants you to visit the art exhibition. Today is the first day of the graduates’ art exhibition, so…”

Yu Pingchuan was stunned. “Didn’t you tell him that I have something else to do today?”

“I did, but Mr. Su said that it won’t take too much of your time. All he wants is for you to show your face there and maybe say a few words. It would be great if you could even make a few comments as well.”

Lin Yaohui intentionally lowered his voice as he spoke.

It was rare to find Yu Pingchuan in Jingcheng and Mr. Su would never let this opportunity slip.

Yu Pingchuan frowned frustratedly.

“These graduates are really troublesome. Those paintings… Fine, let’s just go have a look.”

Fortunately, it was still early, so they should still have time.

“Lili, since you are here, you should come along to have a look as well.”

Ning Li had no preference and said, “Sure.”

The small group then turned around and headed to the art exhibition center.

Lin Yaohui had already notified the other party of their arrival. When Yu Pingchuan arrived, a staff member was already there, ready to welcome him.

Yu Pingchuan had wanted to take Ning Li upstairs with him, but was afraid that she might not be interested.

He said, “Lili, go have a look around. I’ll be back when I’m done.”


Ning Li simply nodded in agreement since it seemed to be a good way to kill time as she waited.

Yu Pingchuang left with Lin Yaohui.

Ning Li wandered around the exhibition. It had been a while since she had been to one.

Xijing Art School was the best art school in the country and only the students of the prestigious school had the privilege of having an exhibition in this place.

Of course, other than painting, there were also sculptures and other art pieces, which would be released to the public for viewing in stages.

Today was the first day of the exhibition, so the atmosphere was quite lively.

The students of Xijing Art School were the best of the best and the artwork that they produced was considered to be of a high standard.

Ning Li stood in front of an oil painting.

“Ning Li?” A distant voice came from behind.

Ning Li turned around and was shocked by who she saw.

“Pei Song?”

The black Bentley sprinted along the highway.

Yi Bin looked out the window and asked, “Second Master, did you want to go to the art exhibition center?”

Lu Huaiyu said, “No.”

The painting that he liked was not being displayed there anyway.

“So, are we going to Elder Mei’s house?”

Lu Huaiyu nodded. “Mhmm.”

A moment later, Yi Bin said after some careful thought, “Sir, when I was there before, I noticed that Elder Mei was very fond of that painting. I think… he won’t be willing to part with it.”

The corners of Lu Huaiyu’s lips curved slightly, yet he remained silent.