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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 297 - Who Wants to Be a Child

Chapter 297: Who Wants to Be a Child

Ning Li looked down at her nightgown after Lu Huaiyu pointed it out.

She blushed after realizing just how thinly dressed she was.

Jincheng was a cold city but the room’s heater had been turned up to the maximum. The warmth had made her forget that she only had a thin nightgown on.

When she had woken up and realized that she had missed Lu Huaiyu’s call and message, she had gotten nervous. The only thought in her mind at the time had been to explain the situation to him. Thus, she had forgotten that she was not properly dressed.

Lu Huaiyu grabbed her wrist and turned to Yi Bin who was behind him.

“Wait here.”

Yi Bin looked away, concealing the shock in his eyes.

“Yes, sir.”

Only then did Ning Li realize that someone else was with Lu Huaiyu.

‘Right, he’s supposed to be going to a meeting at Lu Corporation’s HQ today…’

With that in mind, she swiftly sized up Lu Huaiyu from top to bottom.

The man was wearing a fitted black suit with a white shirt inside, paired with a black tie.

The outfit gave him a cold and ascetic bearing .

Lu Huaiyu shut the door.

Ning Li said, “Second Brother, I’ll go and get changed.”

Only then did Lu Huaiyu let go of her hand.

Ning Li headed quickly to her room.

She moved fast, which made the hem of her loose nightgown sway, complementing her fair long legs and slender figure.

Lu Huaiyu swiftly looked away after a glance at her. He did not follow her into the room.

Outside the room, Yi Bin was questioning his life as he stared at the shut door.

‘What did I just see? What did I just hear?’

‘The Second Master, who was known for his chaste character and cold bearing, coaxing a girl like that?!’

Yi Bin had not gotten a clear look at the girl because Lu Huaiyu’s towering figure had blocked him. However, he had heard the girl calling Lu Huaiyu ‘Second Brother’.

It was well known that the Second Master only had an elder brother and no younger siblings.

‘So, who is this girl…’

Yi Bin quickly combed through all the details that he had.

‘Second Master came over early in the morning because he had wanted to give the girl the books.’

‘He waited for an hour just because he did not want to wake the girl up.’

‘After he met the girl, the Second Master did not say a word about his wait. Instead, the first thing that he said to the girl was that she wore too little.’

This was not Yi Bin’s first day on the job.

All the socialites in Jincheng fawned over Lu Huaiyu and constantly came up with all kinds of methods just to win his attention. However, Lu Huaiyu never spared a glance at any of them.

His cold attitude had even spawned rumours that he might be gay, but now…

Yi Bin took a deep breath and gave himself a stern warning in his head.

‘I am the Second Master’s assistant and I should act like a professional! I should not be shocked over this. This is just… just…’

His shaking hands tapped on the group chat on his phone, which Lu Huaiyu was not a part of.

The other people in the group chat were still pushing him for an update on Lu Huaiyu.

[Assistant Yi, when will Mr. Lu be coming back?]

[Assistant Yi, can you please tell us where you are now?]

[Assistant Yi, how’s Mr. Lu feeling today? Please, at least give us a hint!]

[Assistant Yi, is the meeting still going on at 10? Are there any new instructions from Mr. Lu?]

Yi Bin shook his head over the questions. He read through the questions with contempt.

‘Naive. Too naive. Childish, too childish. What time will the Second Master reach the office? Where are we now? Is the meeting still going on? None of that matters! The Second Master might have a girlfriend now! In fact, it looks like he is madly in love with the girl! This is huge!’

Yi Bin turned off his phone and took a deep breath.

The Second Master had been away from Jincheng for a year now, which had caused his workload to be greatly reduced.

Yi Bin had not expected that on the first day of the Second Master’s return, his boss would provide him with such a huge challenge.

The Second Master had kept this a secret the whole time. As his assistant, Yi Bin knew he had to observe the situation carefully.

With a heavy heart, he put his phone into his pocket.

‘Sigh. I really do have a lot on my plate.’

Ning Li got dressed as fast as possible before she came back out.

Lu Huaiyu was standing in the living room.

He turned to the girl when he heard the door opening.

Ning Li had changed into slim-fit pants and a white turtleneck, her smooth hair was still loosely falling over her shoulders.

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes paused at her long slender legs for a moment.

“Second Brother.” Ning Li said as she reluctantly walked over.

“I’m sorry. I slept late yesterday and forgot to set my alarm, so I missed your call earlier.”

Lu Huaiyu had already had a hunch about what had happened earlier.

His eyes subtly moved away from her legs to her face.

Her face was showing a rare sense of anxiety.

He smiled. “It’s okay. I didn’t wait long. I went up to visit Mr. Yu just now.”

“Oh…” Ning Li felt better but the guilt in her heart remained.

“I’m sorry, I must have slept a little too soundly. I didn’t even hear the doorbell…”

“I didn’t press the doorbell,” Lu Huaiyu said.

“What?” Ning Li was slightly stunned.

Lu Huaiyu looked at her. He instinctively raised his hand over her head and stroked her hair as his lips curved up slightly.

“Staying in bed is a little girl’s privilege.”

If he had wanted to, he could have found a way to let himself in, but it had been unnecessary and he had not wanted to do so.

Ning Li pursed her lips.

Lu Huaiyu then handed her the bag that he had in his hand.

“The books are inside here. You can have a look at them when you are free.”

Ning Li took the bag. There were a few books in the bag, which made it rather heavy.

“Thank you, Second Brother.” She then frowned.

“Second Brother, did I keep you from your morning meeting?”

Lu Huaiyu looked at his watch.

“It’s fine. The meeting is at 10. I still can make it.”

Lu Huaiyu then put his hands in his pockets. “I ordered breakfast for you. Please remember to eat it.”

Ning Li nodded. “Let me see you out—”

“It’s fine. You can go back to sleep if you want.”

Lu Huaiyu then grinned. “Did you know that a child grows taller as they sleep?”

Ning Li felt as if something had stabbed her in the heart.

She blurted out, “Second Brother, I’m 169 cm tall!”