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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 296 - Why Are You Wearing So Little?

Chapter 296: Why Are You Wearing So Little?

Lu Huaiyu’s eyes squinted a little as he stared at the line of words.

Jinse Bay.

Most of the paintings that he had previously bought had come from the Yunzhou Painting Association. This would be the first appearance outside of Yunzhou, or more precisely, the first appearance in Jincheng.

On top of that, this painting was appearing at Jinse Bay, the place where both Xijing Art School and the biggest art exhibition hall were located.

The National Exhibition Committee’s headquarters was also there.

Jinse Bay was considered the peak of all art exhibitions throughout the country. This place was the very embodiment of art itself, and it was the dream of all painters and artists to have their work displayed there.

Now, this particular painting had appeared in Jinse Bay.

After thinking for a while, Lu Huaiyu replied to the message.

[The day after tomorrow. 10 a.m.]

Ning Li stayed in the studio until 1 a.m. in the morning before she tidied up and went to bed.

It was her first night here. She had thought that she would have a hard time sleeping in a new environment. However, maybe because of the sheer amount of things that she had dealt with throughout the day, she had fallen asleep quickly.

She had a long but chaotic dream. Chaotic memory fragments had flashed in her head throughout her sleep.

When she woke up in the morning, her head felt heavy.

After quickly rubbing her eyes, she glanced at her phone beside her bed.

8:45 a.m.

There was also a message and a missed call from Lu Huaiyu, from an hour ago.

[I’ve arrived.]

The message forced Ning Li to widen her eyes in shock.

It was now almost 9 a.m.!

She had promised Lu Huaiyu yesterday that she would meet him so that he could deliver the book he mentioned.


Ning Li gasped anxiously. She leapt out of bed and rushed out of the room as she dialled Lu Huaiyu’s number.

At the same time, Lu Huaiyu was chatting with Yu Pingchuan on the upper floor.

“So, are you saying that you will be spending the New Year in Jincheng?” Yu Pingchuan said with a smile, after a quick sip of his tea.

“You can’t imagine how happy your grandfather will be when he hears this.”

Lu Zhishan was known for pampering his grandchildren.

In the past year, Lu Huaiyu had spent most of his time in Yunzhou and had barely come back to Jincheng.

Lu Zhishan was unhappy about his grandchild’s absence and it had turned him into a naggy parent.

Lu Huaiyu answered with a chuckle. “I plan to use this opportunity to spend more time with him.”

Yu Pingchuan nodded sentimentally. “That’s great. Your brother is always busy and he’s never around. You are all your grandfather has now and he’s definitely going to be clingy with you.”

Yi Bin stood beside Lu Huaiyu anxiously. His heart was pounding as he heard the conversation.

Today was one of the few times Lu Huaiyu had come back to the Lu Corporation since his return to the capital.

The meeting with the board had been scheduled for 8.30 a.m. but it was now almost 9.00 a.m.

Lu Huaiyu had said that he wanted to visit Shuiyuan Shijia when Yi Bin had picked him up earlier. Yi Bin had not been overly concerned, especially when Lu Huaiyu had gone up to the 9th floor and had not gotten an answer after knocking on the door.

He had thought that the Second Master would leave for the meeting then, but the Second Master had gone up to the 10th floor instead. At the same time, he had pushed the meeting back to 10.00 a.m.

Yi Bin knew who Yu Pingchuan was. However, the Second Master could visit the elderly anytime he wanted, so why now? Why today?

Was it because of the books?

He could have left the books to Yu Pingchuan and asked the elderly man to deliver the books to the 9th floor later.

Yi Bin glanced at his phone when he went to the washroom.

The chat group of the company was being bombarded with messages, asking him what was happening.

Everyone was already nervous when they heard that the Second Master had finally come back to the Lu Corporation after so long, and now, the man had pushed the meeting back.

All it did was leave everyone to make unnecessary guesses.

Fortunately, as Lu Huaiyu’s assistant, Yi Bin had a high EQ and knew how to act professionally.

He cleared all the messages and went back after taking a deep breath.

He put on his calm look as he walked back, void of all anxiety.

Lu Huaiyu paused for a moment before unintentionally asking, “Oh, I heard that there’s an exhibition happening at Jinse Bay tomorrow. I was wondering if you were going.”

Yu Pingchuan shook his head.

“The exhibition has been prepared by the teachers of the art school for their students. There’s nothing there that catches my attention.”

The elderly man made it clear that he was not going.

Lu Huaiyu rephrased his words and said, “I heard that there is going to be a painting—”


Lu Huaiyu’s phone buzzed.

He had a glance before standing up.

“Sir, matters at the company require my attention, I’ll be leaving now.”

Yi Bin heaved a long sigh of relief.

Yu Pingchuan stood up as well.

“I’ll see you guys out.”

Lu Huayu courteously rejected the offer.

“I apologize for visiting without giving you prior notice today. I don’t want to trouble you any further. We can see ourselves out.”

Yu Pingchuan insisted on seeing them out. He only went back once the two gentlemen disappeared behind the elevator.

Lu Huaiyu pressed the button to the 9th floor.

Yi Bin knew just what the Second Master was thinking, based on a single glance.

Ning Li had been calling Lu Huaiyu but for some reason, the man did not pick up.

Was he busy? Or had he missed the call?

Ning Li strode to the door.

An hour had already passed, so he should have left, right?

With that in mind, she reached the door and heard a set of familiar footsteps.

Ning Li widened her eyes. Lu Huaiyu was still outside!

Shocked, she looked through the peephole and saw a handsome figure.

She opened the door. “Second Brother?”

Lu Huaiyu had been just about to knock on the door before it was opened from the inside.

Ning Li stood in front of the door, looking at him in awe.

Lu Huaiyu wanted to speak but as he got a clearer look at the girl, his eyes looked more intently.

Ning Li felt anxious. She had not even changed out of her nightgown and her hair messily draped around her shoulders. The fair and delicate features of her face still looked sleepy.

She stood there with one hand on the door. The nightgown hung loosely on her body. The hem barely reached her knees, which exposed her fair long legs.

Lu Huaiyu took a step forward. His towering figure dwarfed the girl easily.

He furrowed his brows slightly and said disapprovingly, “Why are you wearing so little? What if you catch a cold?!”