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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 293 - Planetarium

Chapter 293: Planetarium

Besides some clothes, there was a laptop and two sealed files in Ning Li’s black suitcase.

She opened the laptop, and her slender, white fingers scratched on the control panel and tapped down another line.

Her phone vibrated.

She looked at it and saw that it was a call from George.

Ning Li answered the call. “Hello?”

George had not expected her to answer and looked at his phone suspiciously before he spoke flirtatiously, “Ning? So, I see that your phone is still working!”

Ning Li did not think much of it.

News of her winter camp ending today was information that could easily be acquired.

To the heir of G&S, this was a simple matter.

George had obviously waited until now to call her.

“If you want, my number can also be unreachable…”

George laughed. “That won’t do. I’m still waiting for your draft.”

“I’ll send it to you tonight,” Ning Li said.

“If you can’t, then…wait…what did you just say?”

George froze when he heard her words. He was unable to hide the surprise in his voice. “You finally have the time?!”

However, he soon came to his senses. “Wait a sec… Don’t tell me that you actually finished the drawing a long time ago and deliberately waited until now to give it to me?!”

This was not something that could have been completed in a day or two. Ning Li had been in intensive training for the past two weeks and had only just left school today, so it was obviously impossible that she would have had the time to do this.

That meant that she had already done it beforehand!

Ning Li did not deny it either. “Mm…”

She had quite a lot of completed drafts with her, but she did not intend to give them all out at once.

George was speechless when he heard her frank response.

‘She kept saying she didn’t have time when I asked her so many times before!’

“I’ll hang up now if there’s nothing else.”

George hurriedly said, “Wait!”

Ning Li’s lazy voice rang out, “Did you have something else to say?”

George did not know what to say.

He had received more coldness from Ning Li than he had from all his ex-girlfriends in the past two years.

George glanced suspiciously out the window.

Across the street was the G&S office building with a huge logo that was extremely conspicuous.

‘I’m still the heir of G&S, right? G&S’s profit this quarter was also very substantial… Why don’t I have much of a presence with Ning Li?’

He shrugged his shoulders and said helplessly, “Darling, it’s rare that you’re in the Capital, so if you’re willing, why don’t you participate in the coming spring and summer show?”

The last launch had been a success, but to George, his only regret was that Ning Li had not been there.

It was actually necessary to constantly communicate with the designer about fabric selection, color selection, and even the creative concept of the whole show.

The previous launch had been held in the Capital, but Ning Li had needed to return to Yunzhou for class, so his only option was to let her go.

Ning Li had also been absent at the official launch of the “Flower and Moon” collection.

However, this time, if Ning Li could stay a little longer, it would be possible for her to be there.

Ning Li thought about it for a moment.


George was stunned.

“So…you’ll come this time?”

Ning Li stared at her laptop. “Not necessarily, but I’ll try.”

Hearing the latter half of this sentence, George reluctantly agreed at last. “Okay.”

Ning Li hung up the phone.

In the afternoon, Ning Li went to the National Planetarium.

It was a Sunday, and since the primary and secondary schools had already started their winter holidays, there were quite a lot of people in the planetarium.

Many parents brought their children here, while some visitors were astronomy enthusiasts of all ages.

As Ning Li went into the lobby, a guide came over to her.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

The guide was a guy in his twenties that was tall and quite handsome.

A blue work tag was hanging around his neck.

Ning Li looked back and saw that he was a volunteer guide here.

The guy saw Ning Li’s face and froze. A flash of amazement crossed his eyes.

From time to time, the National Planetarium would recruit some volunteers from various colleges and universities in the Capital to guide visitors and explain the science in the exhibits.

This guy was clearly one of them.

Ning Li shook her head. “No, thanks.”

She then walked inside, looking as if this was not the first time she had come here before.

The guy reacted after a split second. “Oh, okay.”

He nodded a little regretfully.

The girl seemed quite familiar with this place, but he had been volunteering here for half a year and had never seen her before.

He walked back and could not help but look at Ning Li’s back.

Suddenly, he froze.

The direction that Ning Li was going in did not seem right…

He walked over to her again quickly.

“Miss? Excuse me, Miss! Wait!”

Ning Li stood in place and turned back. “What’s wrong?”

The boy smiled and pointed to the front.

“Sorry, but this is the office area. It’s not open to the public.”

Ning Li looked calm.

He continued, “Where do you want to go? You can tell me and I’ll take you there.”

From the outside, the entire planetarium was a spherical arena, but it was actually huge inside and was divided into many small sub-areas.

It did not look like this was this girl’s first visit, so why had she headed straight to the office area?

“I know.” Ning Li spoke. “I’m going there.”

The boy froze.

He looked at Ning Li carefully again.

She was very pretty, but she looked like a high school student of about 17 or 18 years in age.

The planetarium had not been recruiting any new volunteers lately.

The guy spoke with some hesitation. “You need a work pass to get in and out of here…”

Ning Li frowned slightly.

She did not have a work tag on her right now.

The guy also saw this and smiled helplessly. “I’m really sorry, but if you don’t have a work pass, we can’t let you in.”