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The Little Brat’s Sweet And Sassy

Chapter 292 - Does She Not Like You?

Chapter 292: Does She Not Like You?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yu Pingchuan dropped Ning Li off without staying long.

Since he had come back in a hurry this time, Ning Li urged him to go back and rest.

After Yu Pingchuan and Lin Yaohui left, Ning Li sat down on the sofa in the living room.

This apartment was well-decorated with four bedrooms and two halls. It was also equipped with a special drawing room and study.

Ning Li sat on the sofa in the living room and took out her phone to send a message to Lu Huaiyu.

[Second Brother, I just got to the apartment.]

At the same time, Lu Huaiyu had returned to the Lu mansion.

Old Master Lu was skulking around in the yard and peering out the gate from time to time.

When he saw Lu Huaiyu’s car, the old man was immediately energized and straightened his back.

Lu Huaiyu got down from the car.

Old Master Lu swept a glance at him, then quickly looked behind him.

As a result, Lu Huaiyu closed the car door.

Fang Qingyun then drove the car towards the garage.

Old Master Lu’s eyes widened slightly as he walked forward.

Lu Huaiyu saw his grandfather and raised his eyebrows. “Grandpa, what are you looking at?”

Old Master Lu looked around again and asked, “It’s…just you?!”

Lu Huaiyu knew what his grandfather was referring to and looked in the direction of the garage.

He had not told his grandfather that he was going to pick Ning Li up today, which meant that this old man had pried this news from Fang Qingyun.

“Yeah…besides me, who else do you think should be here?”

“My granddaughter-in-law…” Old Master Lu accidentally blurted out, unable to hold himself back.

When he saw Lu Huaiyu’s smiling face, he recovered himself and coughed hard.

“Ahem! Qingyun said that you have a friend who happens to be in the Capital… I thought you went out today to pick her up.”

Fang Qingyun had not actually wanted to tell the Old Master about this, but the old man had noticed something weird about Lu Huaiyu’s recent whereabouts.

How could he not guess it?

However, Fang Qingyun had not revealed Ning Li’s identity.

The old man had been left here alone in anxiety.

‘I thought I could finally meet her today! Who knew this fool wouldn’t get to bring her back?!’ Old Master Lu thought.

Lu Huaiyu did not deny it and said, “She has other places to go in the Capital.”

The old man did not find this acceptable and looked at his grandson up and down.

‘Why is he so calm about this?!’ Old Master Lu thought.

“You’re in the Capital and personally went to pick her up, but didn’t even manage to bring her back?!”

Lu Huaiyu paused in his footsteps.


When Old Master Lu saw Lu Huaiyu’s reaction, he knew that he had guessed correctly.

The old man flung his arms and sighed in disappointment. “Useless!”

Lu Huaiyu was speechless.

“Didn’t you have many girls who were interested in you? What’s going on with you now?!”

Old Master Lu had been incredibly excited when he heard that his grandson had personally gone to pick a girl up, thinking that Lu Huaiyu had finally gotten the hang of how to chase girls.

Who knew that he would come back alone…

“How long is your friend going to stay in the Capital? Why don’t you invite her over for a meal someday?”

Old Master Lu quickly suggested.

Lu Huaiyu said, “She’s not sure yet.”

As he said that, he looked down and saw Ning Li’s message.

Old Master Lu looked up at Lu Huaiyu.

Lu Huaiyu turned off his phone screen and said, “I’ll ask her later. You don’t need to worry about it.”

Old Master Lu said, “Hmph! I don’t have to worry? You went to pick her up but didn’t even manage to bring her back! What else can I expect of you? I think she doesn’t even like you that much…so it’s hard to say if you can even win her heart.”

Lu Huaiyu was about to enter the house when he heard these words. He stopped in his tracks.

After a while, his thin lips hooked up slightly. “Not necessarily.”

When Su Yuan and Ye Cheng arrived at Capital First High, it was already noon and most of the students had already gone.

As soon as Ye Ci saw them, all of the pent-up grievances and sadness during this period rushed to her heart. She rushed over and hugged Su Yuan. “Mom…”

Su Yuan looked at her and felt her heart break. “Lil Ci, why have you lost so much weight? Is it because you’re too tired from studying here?”

It had only been two weeks, but Ye Ci had lost so much weight and she looked so haggard.

Ye Ci shook her head. “No, I just miss you, Mom.”

Ye Cheng shouted from the side. “Sister, didn’t you miss me?”

Ye Ci smiled. “Yeah, I missed you too. I haven’t bought your gift yet, so we’ll get it later, okay?”

Ye Cheng heard this and became excited.

“Okay! Mom promised to take me to the ski resort on the way here! Sister, let’s go together!”

The boy had longed to visit the Capital. Now that he was finally here, all he could think about was having fun.

Su Yuan flicked his forehead.

“That’s all you think about! Can’t you see how hard your sister has been studying this time? She hasn’t rested properly.”

She looked at Ye Ci. “I already booked the hotel, so let’s go there first. The driver’s downstairs.”

Su Yuan then looked around. “Where’s Ning Li?”

“Sister Ning Li left in the morning.”

Ye Ci seemed to be a little surprised.

“Mom, didn’t she tell you?”

Ning Li and Su Yuan had not had much contact with each other, especially after coming to the winter camp. There had not even been a phone call or a text message between the two.

Thus, Su Yuan did not know about Ning Li’s plans.

Sure enough, the moment she heard Ye Ci say this, Su Yuan paused momentarily and frowned.

“She left? Where did she go?”

Ning Li was alone with her big suitcase. She was unfamiliar with the Capital, so where could she have gone?

“I don’t know…”

Ye Ci’s lips were slightly pursed.

In fact, she had already heard that several people had come over to pick Ning Li up in the morning.

Those girls did not recognize Gu Siyang and Yu Pingchuan, so Ye Ci did not know that they had come to pick Ning Li up.

However, Ye Ci knew that Lu Huaiyu had also come.

When Su Yuan asked about this, inexplicably, Ye Ci did not want to tell her about it.

Ye Ci had heard that Ning Li had not gone with Lu Huaiyu in the end, so she really did not know where Ning Li was at the moment.

Thus, she was not lying.

Seeing that Su Yuan looked unhappy, Ye Ci said, “Mom, you don’t need to worry. Sister Ning Li seems to have friends in the Capital who picked her up. She also came here on her own previously…”

At the mention of this, Su Yuan became even more agitated.

Su Yuan had always held a grudge since Ning Li had run away from home before.

“What kind of friends could she have in the Capital?!”


They must be unreliable.


Ye Cheng pouted and said, “That’s great! Who wants to see her anyway?”

Su Yuan said, “Forget it. Let’s go to the hotel first. We’ll talk about her later.”

After Ning Li sent the message to Lu Huaiyu, she got up and went over to open her black suitcase.